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Interview with Marvin Latimer - Stirring it up!
    I recently had the pleasure to catch up with  Big Brother 5's Marvin Latimer. In true Marvin style, he held nothing back during my interview with him. I can honestly say, it's one of the most colorful interviews that I've ever done!  He shoots straight from the hip and answers many of the questions that we've all been wondering about since the show ended. Read on to find out what Marvin thinks about Diane, Karen, Jase's new look, and so much more!

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Updated 8/19/04
Lexie- Hey Marvin- Thanks for taking the time out for this interview- let's just jump right in with both feet!  - - There's been a lot of drama on our message boards about you kissing Diane. On television, they only showed the kiss that you and Diane shared in the hallway/bathroom when Cowboy was nearby. But, on the live feeds, we were able to capture a screen shot of you and Diane sharing another intimate moment, the big question is - How many times did you really kiss Diane in the house? Was it all strategy on your part - or did you have feelings for her?
Marvin - 4 times total but who's counting right. I really do like Diane alot and think about her often. Would love to call her right now but rich boy Drew has her so that's life in the big city.
Lexie - How did you really feel about Karen? At times, it seemed like you and she got along well, then other times it seemed like you couldn't stand her. What's the story with that?
Marvin- Both. Karen is really cool chick but her ass gets on your nerves after about 17 hrs . I would love to bang her 4 times however. Sorry Larry but your ol lady is Hottttttt!!!!
Lexie- I read in another interview that you did, where you explained that you are a ladies man- but you were told that you had better tone it down a bit- who told you that? Or did you just feel that this group was receiving it badly?
Marvin- OOh. Jase & Scott told me. They saved my ass the 1st week. I was off the chain and happy as hell and I thought the women would be cool like on the real world but their asses were scared as shit of me so I had to dial back. I wanted to come off as  the wild joker so I wouldn't seem a threat as an intelligent college grad and business owner.
Lexie- How about Lori and Holly - - when you nominated them for eviction- did their actions of "telling the DR on you" have anything to do with putting them on the block? Or were you just ready to get one of them out the door?
Marvin-  Both. Lori took the cash and I knew she would be very powerful in the end because the chicks wanted to be her and the guys wanted to bang her. It took a lot of balls to vote off the badest bitch on the planet.  Holly had Jase & Scott transfixed so I had to get rid of her ass to get their focus back in the game. That saved me another week making a big stink about her.
Lexie- You mentioned many times on the Live Feeds, that if you had been the first one sent to the Jury house for sequester, that you would forfeit the money and go home. Were you serious?
Marvin- not really. I had to make the people in the house that they would never see me again If I was voted off. But if I would have left only for family emergency. It was mostly strategy.

Lexie- After your eviction, when you arrived at the sequester house - What was it like to be there  with Will and the twins?
Marvin-  Will was cool but the twins just keep to themselves and are very close. I mostly drank  & fished all day.
Lexie- Speaking of the Sequester House - What were your sleeping arrangements? What did you do with your days? Were you really not allowed to talk about "the game" except only at certain times? How were your conversations monitored? Did you have to have a microphone on at all times?
Marvin -  I had my own ocean front pad which was awesome. My pad was fatter than Star Jones. Star I still love you baby.... I will send you a pix when I get a chance to scan it it. I also have a few shots from the pre-cast party with the HG's.
Lexie- Thanks - I'd love to post those!
Marvin- Most days I fished and drank Corona & modelo.... Good living by my standards.  We were not allowed to talk about the game which was very easy because I was really burnt out. A couple people had to be warned about talking about it who shall remain nameless.............KAREN  KAREN  KAREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lexie- <laughs>
Marvin- You had a producer in your face when 2 or more HG's were together to monitor conversation about the game but most hg's didn't want to  talk about it anyway.
No mic's unless we were taping a reveal shot when a HG got evicted or we were watching a tape.

Lexie- What were your thoughts when  you first found out that Drew had evicted Diane? Were you shocked when she walked into the sequester house?
Marvin- I was pretty damn shocked but I knew he was playing her ass. She was so sprung she still voted for him. Now that's sprung.
Lexie- Did you know that after Drew evicted Diane that he was worried that you and Diane might be "together" in the sequester house?   
Marvin- Yeah I knew it . I knew I was gone so I wanted to get into his head. I know that you worry about stuff you can't see 2x more than the stuff you see. I got in his head pretty big. His ass would close his eyes and see me & Diane or should I say me On Diane(HaHa)
Lexie- What was your first meal after you were released from the Sequester House?
Marvin- At the hotel with my under cover LAPD officers I had.......... BBQ Ribs, French Fries  & Fried Calamari. No Alcohol was allowed however.
Lexie- I've had a lot of questions from our members regarding Adrian and Natalie. Although, I imagine that you are a no regret kind of guy,  many people want to know if you regret the whole " religious debate with Adria and Natalie over Jesus playing a role in your nomination and if you regret making the point of the '"black man and the gay guy" when you and Will were on the block?   Did you really feel that way or was that just totally game play on your part in order to call Adria/Natalie out and take the target off yourself and put it on them?

Marvin-  No I was shooting from the hip then. No games intended. I thought wait a damn mn. .... You just happen to put up a brotha & a gay dude. Shit.. I can see 1 or the other but both of us. Come on now. And Jesus told you to do  it. Get the hell outta here. Girl yo ass is crazy as a box of bats. She thought both of us would kiss ass and the one that kissed the most  ass would be saved. I told her my integrity isn't worth any amount of money. Bitch!!!!!!
Lexie- And while we're talking about the twins, your favorite saying seemed to be "it's nothing personal" or "it's business" when you were  nominating someone ( Lori and Karen for instance)  or voting to evict  ( Natalie and Adria for instance)   but  on the live feeds we were able to see that you seemed to have very definite feelings toward those nominations/votes Which is the "true" Marvin? Did we see the "real Marvin" inside the house or did we see a persona that was a part of your strategy?

Marvin-  Personally I would love to be with Lori for the rest of my life because she is so cool but that was just business getting her out.  Adria had to go because she could win a man friendly comp or female friendly and had won HOH & 2 Vetoes. I knew I couldn't trust her because she had just put my ass on the block after I stood up for her in front of Jase so her ass had to left.But on a personal level , Adria is way cooler when Nat is not in the picture. We were very tight before the twin twist.

Lexie- Regarding your statement about Cowboy being a racist did you do that just to stir him up ( knowing that the "jury questions" were asked a couple of days ahead of time) or is that the way you truly felt about him at the time? If so, why? I must admit that I transcribed the live feeds 18/20 hours per day and I never got had the feeling that Cowboy was racist- is there something that we didn't see about him? Can you share that with us?

Marvin- I did it to stir him up because Cowboy was answering each question the same way.. "We are all friends.. I love everybody.. And I was just being myself was my strategy. We were getting pissed that his ass was side steppin questions Like George Bush and we were not able to ask follow up questions. So I said to myself... In the BB house  You are guilty until you prove yourself innocent and I eliminated all the other variables of why I protected Cowboy but her never really had my back and never really went after someone like Karen. I said is it a black thing or what. I figured that way I phrased the question would make him think under pressure and I would see what type of mettle he had.  I still haven't seen any shows because I'm so burnt out but I was told that they edited out what I said after the question in the DR in Mexico. I said Cowboy answered the question to my satisfaction and Cowboy & I are cooler than central air.Cowboy didn't like me because I said he was Jed Clampet & rich from in Father in Laws oil wells. However, Jase said the same things I said and Cowboy never got pissed at Jase. So who knows what gives. Game over and Cowboy and I are cool. I have a pix of me kissing cowboy on the cheek to prove this. Cowboy and I are cool as far as I'm concerned. All the guys talked about going to a football game together but now is not the time. Too much tension right now. I get the cowboy question everywhere I go. Please let the fans know Cowboy and I are cool but in the house you must prove everything. Anyway Jase and I joked about race all the time. Jase said they couldn't vote me off the 1st week because the NAACP would boycott. Of course I jumped on that.  Hell  Yes!!!!!!!!

Lexie- Do you think that you will keep in touch with any of your fellow House mates? If so, which ones? Any get together planned in the near future?
Marvin- I will try to keep in touch with Big Will, Mike,Jase Scott Cowboy, Diane & Lori.Larry is very jealous and probably hates my ass by now for trying to bang his ol'lady Karen
Lexie- I know that you just got back into town, have you had the chance to watch any tapes of the show?

Marvin- Haven't seen an episode yet. Maybe you can come over & watch it with me since I'm the only guy in town to not see the damn things. Shit!!!!!  I didn't know my ass was some kinda star or something. I'm just a dude that's speaks his mind and will not tolerate injustice and will not compromise integrity. maybe if I would , I would be richer but I remember thinking  " I won't win this money here and compromise my ideals but if I stay true to myself and keep God 1st, maybe things will work out somewhere else
Lexie- I'd actually love to be there with you and see your reaction when you finally get the chance to sit down and watch the episodes. I'd like to find out which house guest surprised you the most and to see what you think of the editing - if you felt that CBS  portrayed you as you thought they would. I'll have to catch back up with you later on that one. Watching the live feeds would totally put a spin on things for you- have you ever thought of reading the live feed transcripts or did you have some one tape some of those for you to watch?

Marvin- I Would never read live feed scripts but will maybe the tapes later when I get my mind back. The house screws your head up so much, it's pretty hard to think after the house. The shrink said I would be normal again but I told her ass I wasn't normal before this all started!!!!!!!!
Lexie- <laughs> speaking of not normal - I've been told that you have said that you didn't sign a " ceramic pig" that is up for auction on EBay? Did you sign it or is that signature a fake?

Marvin - It looks like my signature. I'm pretty pissed about that entire thing because I just thought we were signing  the pigs for some kids who were fans of the show. I had no idea people were making cash off of that or I never would have signed it. I was led to believe it was for charity or something which I love to do. I never refuse an autograph but to think it is for 1 thing then find out it's for another didn't sit well with me.
Lexie- I'm sorry to hear that - perhaps the "seller" will read this and give some of the profit to a charity of your choice!
Lexie- There's been a lot of controversy about what Jase was eluding to - when he spoke on the Finale Show about you and Will. What was he talking about?

Marvin- Jase was trying to make beef between Will and I but just pissed that his ass was home watching TV and we were in the house. Game over and Jase , Will & I are cool. I guess. Jase should do well because he was actor before the show and I think he's getting something out of this. Will should do well also. I'm having to hustle for all I get. Go figure.But that's way it was in the house which is just a microcosm of  present day western civilization anyway.  Jase was trying to make a scene to get press. It was all bullshit I think.
Lexie- Any gossip you'd like to share with us that happened at the wrap party? Was Karen as tipsy as everyone claims? Did you ask Jase what Holly did to his eyebrows?  What's your take on those two?
Marvin - I didn't get to see Karen but if her ass just smelled a wine cap she would be through any damn way so I would believe that.  I think Jase eyebrows got hit with a light saber or some shit. That dude had on more makeup than Tammy Faye Baker. I said shit. Jase looks better than Holly. Aint that some shit!!!!!!  Holly was cool as shit at the house calls deal though. I always did my grandma voice for her to make her laugh. I'd talk like an old woman and ask her for some ass. It was pretty funny.  As far as gossip.  Shit.. With that much drama you don't need no gossip.  Diane might come here for a visit is the only thing I got for you but that's no big deal even though my mom hates her ass.... along with most people who breathe air.
Lexie- interesting moment that would be!
Lexie- Has anyone from the Young and the Restless contacted you since the show has been over?
Marvin- No and their asses owe me some money too!! The casting agent for Y&R told me to send a reel of my stuff for them after our show wrapped for a possible recurring role there. Getting an agent right now and getting the reel together so wish me luck. Phyllis from the show promised a kissing scene if I came back and the other actors were really cool so I'd love to go back for a bit part.
Lexie- Speaking of that, I've heard that you'd like to get your own show on CBS - what kind of show do you have in mind?  I know that on the live feeds you spoke of having something in the wings - Any leads on making that happen?
Marvin - One of the producers from the show talked about developing a cooking/guest type show for me which would be my dream job. I get to cook and hit on hot chicks.   Shit  a brotha would be on that like stink on shit.!!!!!!!!!  I might be in the running for some other stuff I can't talk about so pray for the brother from the dirty south.
Lexie - <laughs> Will do!

Lexie- If you were asked for suggestions on things to change for the upcoming Big Brother 6- what is the #1 thing you would suggest?  And, any suggestions for the next set of House guest that enter the Big Brother House? Anything that you wished you had of done or done differently that might help the future BB players out?
Marvin- The PB&J diet is just too difficult for men or women who workout and have muscle mass that needs to be fed. I would limit that to maybe 4 days.  Have an hour per week to listen to music for sanity.
Lexie- I guess that about wraps it up for us Marvin, I'm sure there are a dozen more questions that will pop in my head that I would have wished I would have asked you.
How about a follow up interview once you've had the time to settle back into your life or if you happen to get that TV show that we talked about. We want to keep up "what Marvin wants" ... and what Marvin is up to!
When you get a chance, please stop by the message boards at to give a shout out to all the Marvin fans there. They asked me to thank you for keeping them entertained ( especially on the live feeds) it became a wee bit boring once you were out of the house!

Marvin - Thanks for asking. Just drop me a line. Glad to thank the fans who supported the show and voted for me.

Lexie- I'll do that and Thanks again to you.

Stay with us as we will continue to bring you all the news and information about the Big Brother 5 house guests as they settle back into their lives again.

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Posted on Thursday, September 30 @ 08:26:52 EDT by admin
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