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Big Brother 15 Spoiler Bubble Baths, Dirty Deals, & Sex

Big Brother 15 Spoiler Bubble Baths, Dirty Deals, and Sex inside the Big Brother 15 House - And, It's Just Week One!

Big Brother 15 HOH McCrae Olson has his hands full with this new Big Brother 15 cast. There are a lot of strong personalities in this bunch and those personalities need to be fed and cared for constantly. Yesterday, the Power of Veto Competition played out, after the first Big Brother MVP was awarded and the third nominee went on the block. And, while it might look that there is a clear cut plan to some of the houseguests, who were breathing a sigh of relief after the PoV Competition, things are never that easy inside the Big Brother house. Who is the target this week? Will the Power of Veto be used to save one of the three nominees? Is there a backdoor plan in the works? Which of the girls took the first Big Brother bubble bath and which showmance consummated their loyalty to each other with more than just a kiss? Keep reading ( or click Read More below ) to find out. It might just been week one inside the Big Brother 15 house, but these houseguests are playing down and dirty. Try the Live Feeds for FREE and watch all the drama play out. Click on the banner below and get signed up today, you can try the Live Feeds for FREE for two days with no risk!

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Take a sneak peek at some of the inside the Big Brother 15 House ....

If you missed out on who won the Power of Veto Click Here to read more of that article!

Just after the Power of Veto Competition

Helen tries to comfort Elissa

Helen to Elissa- is your head in the game or not?
Elissa- I know that everyone was planning on backdooring me, it's just hard not having someone to talk to, it sucks for everyone to be a target, and I'm not even on the block yet, it suck, I just didn't think that the first week, everyone would be so aggressively trying to get me up
Helen- you just need to lay low... I really want to trust you, I really do, you just need to lay low, everyone is just so paranoid... but there are 3 strong people on the block, so why change it, but I don't know what McCrae wants to do .. just lay low.. talk about slop... don't talk about the game... nothing good comes from talking about the game...we are probably going to go down in flames doing this .. but who knows

9:35 PM BBT ( 6/27 ) Cam 2
HoH Room

Nick - The Moving Company does this .. don’t use it because you don’t want to stir of the house..make a back deal with Elissa

( remember the “Moving Company Alliance” consists of ... Nick, Howard, Spencer, Jeremy, and McCrae and possibly Judd? )

McCrae- you don’t think we can swing the votes if I put her up anyway?
Nick- not sure we have the votes
McCrae- I want to put her up no matter what, take down Candice, and put Elissa up, tell Candice that she has to vote the way I want her to
Nick- think about this, get rid of David, we have 2 weak players left in the house
McCrae – I wan to keep her ( Elissa ) for sure .. he ( David ) needs to go this week for sure, but I want to appease the house by putting her up.
Nick – ok ... I see...
McCrae- we need to send David home 100%
Nick- yes.. and if we mess this up, we’re fucked.
McCrae- but if I don’t put her ( Elissa ) up, no one in the house will trust me anymore... and everyone thinks I am a competition threat, and then I go up next week

Nick agrees but they are interrupted... by Amanda...once she’s gone..

Nick – and that bitch needs to go next
McCrae- for sure, she scares me
Nick – yeah.. she’s smart and she’s everywhere.. all over the house... first David and then next Amanda

10:25 PM Spencer and Howard get a little strategy talk while playing chess

12:23 PM BBT
HoH room
Cam 2
McCrae and Judd counting votes..

Judd- we would be pussies if we got rid of Elissa instead of David...

Judd tells McCrae to talk to Nick and he will keep talking to Spencer...
McCrae- let's not jump it yet, I haven't used it ( POV ) yet.. but once I do and she ( Elissa ) is up .. then we can plan it...
Judd- do you think Amanda will vote with us
McCrae- I think she would this week, if it's what we want

Talk turns to how Jeremy keeps saying he's gonna win HOH every other week..
McCrae- he is just begging for a back door ...
Judd- yeah
McCrae- I don't think he understands ho play this game.

And.. we have our first Bubble Bath of the Big Brother 15 season ...

Jeremy joins them...

Amanda hangs out and crowns herself “Queen of Big Brother Narnia”

GinaMarie joins in the fun....

And, Aaryn gives Jessie a “helpful hand” ... ( she’s fine )

( see... )

Later there was a little bit of this....

and a little bit of that...

Cam 4
12:47 AM BBT

Aaryn telling David there’s no way he’s going home. He ( McCrae ) told me just an hour ago that “we are getting rid of her”..
David – ok
Aaryn - and Candice wouldn’t stay here over you anyway ..

( won’t they be shocked when McCrae uses the his PoV on Candice )

2:31 AM BBT
Cam 1

Nick and Howard have a quick strategy meeting. Nick tells Howard it’s important that they catch Jeremy up, everyone else is caught up aside from him

3:15 AM BBT
Cam 3
Amanda & McCrae

Amanda telling him that they have the votes, and the paranoia in the house has settled down
McCrae- who is the next target? Candice?
Amanda- yeah
McCrae - I told Elissa that I told you, about the MVP thing, you can’t tell anyone
Amanda- I won’t .. and it doesn’t matter, no matter what she tries to do, she’s going home... I don't think she wants to be here. I don't think she'll fight to stay..... If you don't get rid of Elissa..
McCrae- but if we could get out David
Amanda- no, no ..
McCrae – why not keep someone here that already hates it here ... Why not get rid of someone who wants to fight?
Amanda - Elissa needs to go. She'll f*** us up. So, stop... we are creating harmony in the house... and you know she's a strong competitor. and David will be easy to get out of the house, later.
McCrae - Still, it's something to think about...

Moving forward.... 3:29 AM BBT

Amanda- are you worried about Elissa coming up here to talk to you?
McCrae - I'm gonna tell her ( Elissa ) she's the master of her own fate at this point, I personally feel like she could get the votes...
Amanda- how?
McCrae- I was counting them out and it seems like it would be easy ...but I'm using the veto no matter what.. I'm gonna tell her, "you are gonna be going up, but you can stay in this house easily."
Amanda – Don't say that ...
McCrae- why?
Amanda- do you want her to stay? You seem like you want her to stay? Why did she tell you she had MVP and not me?
McCrae - Because she probably doesn't trust you...
Amanda - You really are sleeping at the exact opposite end of the bed... are you scared of me?
McCrae – yeah ... I don't know what you're gonna do to me.... I don't want you to hurt me.
Amanda – oh whatever... get over here and stop being like that.
McCrae - I'm old school.
Amanda - You're a good boy.... You're a good little 23 year old pizza boy... you need to trust me... is there anything you haven’t told me?
McCrae- no
Amanda- are you sure?
McCrae- yeah.

And, while McCrae and Judd worry that Jeremy doesn’t know how to play this game...

Jeremy has other plays he’s making...

3:30 AM BBT
Cam 1
Kaitlin and Jeremy make out ... They kiss for a bit, remember the camera...

Jeremy – I think it’s turned off Kaitlin – it’s not turned off ...

*they giggle*

Try the Live Feeds FREE and use FlashBack to catch up on anything that you missed....

CBS Interactive Inc.

Kaitlin to the camera- I told myself I was not gonna do this...

Jeremy- this was not part of my plan, but I’m not gonna say I’m mad that it happened...

By 3:51 AM BBT ....They are back under the covers kissing .... and more...

The drama continues on the Live Feeds....

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Check out: one of our fav places... Sirlinksalot Big Brother 15

As always ~ Thanks for reading - Lexie

Posted on Friday, June 28 @ 11:23:47 EDT by admin
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