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Big Brother 15 Spoiler - You Wiped Your What?

Big Brother 15 Spoiler - You Wiped Your What? Jeremy McGuire Apologizes To Elissa Reilly Slater

Big Brother 15 Jeremy McGurie told to apologize to Elissa Reilly Slader for his act of vandalism. Yes, wiping your backside with someone’s hat is an act of vandalism inside the Big Brother 15 house, and Jeremy did just that! What is it about hats this season? First, we hate #hatgate with Aaryn Gries accusing Candice Stewart of sitting on her hat and crushing and now this!.Hide your hats and then keep reading ( or Click Read More ) below to find out what happened inside the Big Brother 15 house with yet, another hat. One more and it’s a hat trick! Tonight’s the Live Eviction, why not try the Live Feeds FREE and get ready to watch all the crazy drama play out after the show ends. See what they can’t show you on TV, and this season, that’s a lot! There’s no risk just click on the banner below and get signed up. You can FlashBack to watch what you missed and watch the drama play out live inside the Big Brother 15 house anytime!

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6:55 PM BBT
Cam 3
In front of David and Aaryn, Jeremy takes Elissa’s hat and....

After being called to the Diary Room, several times...

11:11 PM BBT
Cam 1 and 2
Jeremy apologizing to Elissa

Jeremy- I got in trouble earlier & I have to apologize. It’s a situation, you got the best of me earlier & this house is making me crazy, and I got immature and I tapped your hat with my butt. They are dry-cleaning your hat now, and they said that if you don’t want that hat, they will take it out of my pension ( his stipend ) and buy you a new one.
Elissa- my hat?
Jeremy- yeah, your North Carolina hat
Elissa- oh...
Jeremy- it was immature and stupid, I feel horrible about it, ashamed kinda, it’s not me, I don’t know what to say, there’s nothing I can say, I vandalized something of yours, and whether it was personal to you or not, I was definitely wrong.

Jeremy says that Elissa is not her sister (Rachel) and he should not think of her (Elissa) like that
Elissa says that he should be careful and not want to appear later in 3 months as a man who would bully a woman - she's very proud of her sister - she suggests that he be careful and not say degrading things about her...

Elissa - My husband and child are watching... my husband can't do anything and it hurt her that he said she was a bad wife ... the hat is the last of my worries right now.... but you have the rest of your life after the show. Elissa tells him that she is proud of her sister.... but " I am not her." She explains that Rachel has to live with what people said about her in the house.

Jeremy - I've seen 12, I saw her have to take it . Jeremy continues to apology telling Elissa that he hopes they can get past it. I regret what happened , I regret what I did - I messed up ... if I can make it up ....its early if you give me the opportunity...
Elissa says it's scary - he's a big guy... scary to think if he would be coming after her.

Elissa saying that she appreciates him coming to her – and that her sister works for CBS and that she has the utmost respect for CBS and the show. She adds “it's a family show - it's not VH1.”

Elissa tells Jeremy that his mom may be watching this... that he needs to think before he speaks.... that even if his mom "hates that girl" (her) she would not want to see him do things that would hurt him later. She says that this game is over in 3 months and that will be it... that he needs to think of the future out of the house.
Jeremy - I agree - this house is a pressure cooker - I felt like a piece of meat... it does not make it right what I've done and said....

Elissa brings up that she's young, that she's a mother, that Helen is a mother too... that she (Elissa) has a totally different lifestyle....(than Rachel)..... and would appreciate his perspective...
Jeremy - I didn't look at it like that- I didn't have perspective - all I can do is show you I'm taking it all in - and will be better... that if he feels upset he will be a better man and walk away....that I was WRONG and I apologize.
Elissa says she accepts his apology.
Jeremy says she is a bigger woman, for accepting his apology - he didn't think she would.

This is only a portion of the conversation, it’s definitely a FLASHBACK WORTHY moment. ~ 11:11 PM BBT Cam 1/2

In other Big Brother news that doesn’t have to do with a hat...

Nick Uhas and Spencer Clawson, two members of the alliance “the Moving Company” met up and decided they would tell Jeremy to throw a random vote to get out Elissa, so that the votes would be more balanced.

We’ll see tonight how the votes actually play out, but unless something totally crazy happens, David Girton will be the first houseguest evicted from the Big Brother 15 house.

Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman and perhaps Jessie Kowalski, who is also a nominee, ( and David himself ) are the only houseguests who are unaware of the almost certain possibility of David Girton’s eviction. Candice Stewart, who was saved from eviction, by HoH and PoV winner McCrae Olson, will learn sometime today, where the others hope her vote will go. Helen Kim has already told Candice, that there is “a plan”, but that she could not reveal “the plan” just yet. Spencer Clawson who tells everyone “that he can control Candice” is set to tell her “the plan”. Again, we’ll find out tonight, where the votes end up and where they don’t.

Who will be the next HoH? We’ll find out tonight and the drama will begin all over again and you can be sure there will be DRAMA!

2:18 AM BBT Cam 1

Judd and Andy say that they think that Jeremy will end up getting expelled this season. They think that he will flip out tomorrow when David is evicted ( they have no idea that he knows how the vote is going down ). They also think that GinaMarie will definitely flip out after the vote.

Perhaps the live feeds after the votes, will look something like this...

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Check out: one of our fav places... Sirlinksalot Big Brother 15

Thanks to Moderator Kitty for helping with the Jeremy apology update and as always ~ Thanks for reading - Lexie

Posted on Wednesday, July 03 @ 06:25:07 EDT by admin
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