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Big Brother 15 Spoiler New HoH Has Alliances Scrambling

Big Brother 15 Spoiler New HoH Has Alliances Scrambling

Big Brother 15 is full of drama! These Big Brother houseguests came in playing hard, maybe not so smart, but hard and paranoid and David Girton’s eviction last night has only stirred the paranoia in the house to a new level. The new Head of Household, along with the question of who will America pick to be the new BBMVP, has alliances scrambling for cover. The backstabbing and betrayals inside the Big Brother house are coming faster than you can choose a camera to watch on the live feeds. Keep reading or click “read more” below to take a sneak peek inside what happened last night after the eviction and new Head of Household was crowned. Try the Live Feeds FREE and see what they can't show you on TV, and this season, that’s a lot! There’s no risk just click on the banner below and get signed up.

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In case you missed last night's vote count, HoH Endurance Competiton results and who the Have Not's are for the week ....Click Here to read more of the article!

As soon as the HoH Competition is over. The questions about the votes begin....

Helen to Howard- Candice asked me why Spencer told her to evict Elissa?
Howard- I thought the plan was that she was to vote to evict David.
Helen- right
Howard- I don’t know ...but let me talk to him, don’t blow up, keep denying.. just let me ask him.. don’t flip out ..
Helen- ok

Want a 48 Hour Free Trial to the BB Live Feeds? Check it out, see what you can't on TV, watch from any device and you'll definitely want to sign-up for the rest of the season!

Helen- back to the have not room
Elissa – I’m so sorry
Helen- that’s ok.. we’ll have fun
Elissa- at least we have the votes..
Helen to Elissa- don’t let her have any joy putting us as Have Not...
Howard- don’t let it get to you ..
Helen- we got through one week, we can get through another
Elissa- oh. my. gosh.
Helen – we just gotta like.. stay low
Howard- be cool, we’ll get MVP and the Veto and we still have the numbers so don’t worry about it ...

7:47 PM BBT

Aaryn comes through the living room saying that the votes don’t add up to what everyone is saying...
Candice- I know that me and Spencer voted for Elissa to leave...
Jeremy- it doesn’t matter, the votes are secret, we’ll never know
Candice tries to count votes...
Jeremy- it is what it is.. and we are on Week 2.. not Week 1.. so let's move on

Andy admits to Aaryn that he voted to evict David.

Andy – he was the coolest guy.. I hated voting him out ..

Aaryn crying saying “now after my HoH, I am obviously going home” ..

Andy tells her that this might be the best thing for her, that showmance put big targets on people’s back...
Andy – but you have to understand that Elissa is not gunning for me...
Aaryn – I know it’s for your game.. but at the same time..
Andy- get your shit together and get yourself in the game..
Aaryn- I hate being fake and I hate complaining about it..
Andy- I felt terrible about it, but I didn’t feel safe, and I heard rumblings and he was gunning for Helen and Elissa, and my name is always associated with those 2...
Aaryn- it just sucks having her here because she will win MVP every week and she hates me more than anyone
Andy- she might, but maybe not.. I can’t believe she’s charming in the DR, everything she says pisses me off...

Andy telling Aaryn that he "could" have reached the ball in the jar during the HOH comp but....

Andy- FUCK that I WASN'T gonna give that bitch power in this house... I knew that she wasn’t gonna give me the power.

Candice spills the whole “secret person” thing to Aaryn...

She tells her that Spencer told her to go after Elissa and then she went to the other person, told them what Spencer had told her, and that person was surprised, because they thought it was going the other way. And, that she’s sure that she and Spencer were 2 of the votes to evict Elissa.. so someone that she wouldn’t think would, is lying to her.

Candice - I think for sure it was GM, Kaitlin and Jeremy that voted to evict Elissa and the other 2 were me and Spencer. She swears on her father that she voted to evict Elissa.
Aaryn- I really do believe you. BUT... if it was you, me, Spencer, Kaitlin and Jeremy then it means the other vote wasn't GM .. do you really think that Spencer voted to evict Elissa?
Candice says she really does believe that, why would he tell her that otherwise, they have been close, she does believe that he voted for Elissa to go.

And, with every chance he gets... Jeremy tells Aaryn...

Jeremy- you’ve got to put up Helen and Elissa

9:07 – Cam 3 Helen/Candice

Helen- I wonder if we are doing Spencer and Jeremy’s dirty work? I wonder if Spencer is working with Jeremy, but they are using the house?
Candice- I don’t know if Jeremy is that smart... but Nick is.

Candice- I wonder if it's a boy's super group?
Helen- yeah I wonder too
Candice- I bet it is a boy's super group, and so the girls need to make one too.
Helen- yeah, but why did we get Dave out?
Candice- because of the showmance? Or maybe they wanted to keep Elissa, she is the girls main target, and then we are not focusing on the boy's super group. I am convinced that it's Spencer and Nick. And maybe GM is in it, because she's like a dude anyway, but then again she's a firecracker, so maybe they wouldn't tell her anyway ..

They are sure that GinaMarie voted to evict Elissa
Not sure about Nick

Candice- I think it may be Jeremy, Nick and Spencer.... and maybe they just used me.

Candice- and maybe Howie could be in it too.. I don't want to think that about Howie, but he could be.. there is something going on .... because there are people that didn't vote to keep Dave, there is something fishy, and they could of fucked up by telling me, because now we can figure it out. I think it was Jeremy and Nick ( that voted to evict David ) ... but maybe Spencer...

They can't understand why Spencer would tell her to vote for Elissa to go ...

Candice- this shit is gonna blow up
Helen- this shit is gonna blow up ...

Candice- and the thing is .. he said it out in person.. he said I voted to evict Elissa.. right Candice? Didn't I tell you to evict Elissa? and I was yeah right... but I know for a fact that he didn't want me to talk to anyone after he told me to vote Elissa out .. I wanted to talk to Judd and Andy and he cock blocked both those convos... there's something that we are missing and if I had a fucking pencil I could figure that shit out .. I'm gonna use objects...

Helen- here I have jewelry .. let's use jewelry ..

Candice- it’s either Nick or Jeremy
Helen- I don’t think that Jeremy voted David out.
Candice- but why did Spencer tell me?
Helen- that is what I don’t know

9:50 PM BBT
Cam 1

Nick tells GinaMarie that he voted to evict David. He asks her not to tell anyone. She promises that she won’t.

Aaryn get’s her HoH room

Aaryn's letter is from her step-sister Tanya...


Jeremy –Helen and Elissa put them up ... I’m telling you that is exactly what I would do .
Aaryn- ok that is what we will do ... unless we change our mind, or you change your mind and you tell me..

Aaryn tells them that she thinks that McCrae knew what was going on ...

12:32 AM BBT
HOH room

Andy joins Aaryn/Kaitlin/Jeremy/Jessie/Nick/GinaMarie

* Just before he came in ... Aaryn talked about him being honest with her about his vote to evict David. She also said, that if he wouldn't have voted to evict David, had he not known the numbers were there, so he must know who else voted.

Kaitlin asks Andy about it ...

Andy says that he had heard rumblings about David coming after him, that David was more of a threat to him than Elissa was. He said he overheard Elissa and Helen talking and it made him think that the votes were leaning towards David's eviction . Jeremy tells him that he needs to vote with them this week.

Aaryn- thank goodness Reptar is back.

Talk turns to the MVP

Aaryn saying that she really doesn't think that Elissa will get it again .. that America has had time to watch the show, they didn't before, no way she will get it again.

Aaryn - the producers won't give Elissa MVP because "the producers are getting sick of her too, how could they not be?"

Aaryn shouting out to America, saying she is an "All American Girl" and she loves America, and to vote for her

Cam 1

Andy to Spencer- they are taking the bait so far. I am going to distance myself from you guys this week, I will get info for them.. I played so dumb, I told them that no one in the house talked to me, that I overheard Elissa/Helen and they sounded like it was turning that way, and that I voted that way, because I thought David was coming after me, more than Elissa.

Amanda there now ...

Amanda- who brought up my name?
Andy- I don’t remember, but Jessie walked out of the room and they were like, “don’t trust her” ..

Andy tells them that he doesn’t know how they want to play their game... but he thinks that the truth might benefit them..

Amanda says she’s gonna keep lying about her vote...

Andy- their target is Elissa...

Andy to Spencer- they all underestimated you and Amanda, they said they needed to keep you guys around... I can keep this up as long as no one blows my cover
Spencer- just keep working them.. because you, Howard and Helen, I want to go far with ...
Spencer- Elissa said if she won MVP, she’s going to go after GinaMarie, which is perfect..
Andy- yeah ...

1:52 PM BBT
HoH room

Kaitlin- I am 100% positive that Nick voted for David
Aaryn – me too..
They say that he “looks guilty”

Kaitlin- this is F***ed up and we can’t tell GinaMarie anything because she will relay it..
Aaryn- I know
Kaitlin- this is F***ed up.. F***ed up ..

Amanda- I am telling you the fucking truth.. there is no reason I would vote for David to go.. do you understand that?

( they do not believe her, but think that they might need her vote, if Elissa happens to get MVP and puts Kaitlin up, so they will play nice with Amanda “for now” )

2:20 AM BBT Jessie goes down to get Judd so that Aaryn/Kaitlin can confront him about his vote.

Nick- just want you guys to know that I am not talking game with anyone..
Kaitlin- everyone already knows you are with us
Nick- exactly, but right now it’s all he said/ she said .. and you don’t know who else that person is talking to ... it’s all hearsay at this point... and I’m not sure that everyone knows that ..
Kaitlin- Amanda just came up here and said it was apparent that you are with us... and she threw you under the bus...

Judd there now ..

Kaitlin to Judd - who told you to change your mind?
Judd- who brought it up?
Kaitlin- because I thought we had an understanding?
Judd- we did .. and if you or him ( Jeremy ) were up I wouldn’t of voted that way .. but
Kaitlin- who talked to you and changed your mind?

Judd- I talked to Candice...
Kaitlin- and she told you she was voting for David..

Judd stays silent..

Kaitlin to Aaryn- Candice is the one that told him...
Aaryn- she just stood there and told me that she was a stand up person and she would not lie.
Kaitlin- she told me her Mamma was watching and she wouldn’t lie...

Judd- she’s the one that brought it up....I’ve never talked game to her before today..

He continues saying that he voted, can’t blame anyone...

Aaryn- you are the reason he’s gone
Judd- me alone?
Aaryn- I put my trust in you, it tears my heart out, I don’t want to talk about this anymore, but dude.. and Dave loved you.. we had you.. we were never coming after you EVER...
Judd- after I heard the votes, I knew I had messed up ..I really didn’t think he was going .. I only thought there would be like 3 against him

Aaryn to Judd- just know that you are not safe from the MVP vote, because they are not gonna give it to her anymore..
Judd- I know, they’ve had time to see things
Aaryn- and now they see that she is crazy and there’s no way that they will give it to her ..

Judd – from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry.
Kaitlin- yeah now that we know ...
Judd – I really do apologize .. hope Dave doesn’t hate me...
Aaryn- we thought we had your vote
Kaitlin- do you know if Spencer is lying to us?
Judd- dunno ...
Aaryn- and had you gotten to the F2.. then you would have had all our votes.. but now ..
Judd- I’m just not as strategic as you guys
Kaitlin- that is why we would have had your back. You are on our radar now.

Judd tells Aaryn that he will prove himself to her.

And, while all that is going on in the HoH room, Jeremy sneaks a meeting in the Storage Room with Spencer....

Cam 3

Jeremy – they are scared about Nick.. but I told them that they didn’t know anything.. I told them who to put up ... I told them Helen/Elissa ..

They talk about MVP. who to put up....

Spencer- I am thinking GinaMarie...
Jeremy- I do too...

Jeremy- I haven’t had a chance to talk to Nick yet, but he’s screwing himself...
Spencer tells Jeremy that he is going to stick to his story.. he will never admit to his vote.
Spencer- if you want Elissa out, Helen would be a good one to put up against her ..
Jeremy- I do .. I do want Helen out ...
Spencer – ok ... and I feel like I am safe this week..
Jeremy—yeah ...

Spencer tells him that he would like him to help build the trust back for him.. say something like I really do trust Spencer..
Jeremy tells him that they aren’t even as upset about him as much as they are at Judd.
He tells him that Judd is up there right now ..
Spencer- don’t throw Nick under the bus, but vouch for me.. build that trust... we all have some control over people in this house and you have the most control right now because of who is up there...

Spencer- I am Moving Co. all the way .. Jeremy- yeah, I have no doubts

Jeremy- McCrae scares the shit out of me..
Spencer - me too. . wouldn’t mind if Amanda goes out soon...

3:03 AM BBT

Jeremy to GinaMarie- I don’t want to scare you at all, but I am afraid if Elissa gets MVP, she might come after you.

( info he just got from Spencer )

GinaMarie- I know .. because everyone else is kissing her ass, but I’m not.
Jeremy- you’re not gonna go anywhere... just wanted you to be aware..
GinaMarie- yeah... and I think everyone likes me, obviously

Well... maybe not everyone....

4:07 AM Cam 2

GinaMarie is trying desperately to get Nick to like her. She’s told him that she has an eating disorder, she’s told him that she’s glad she met him, she’s told him most everything except that she loves him, I’m thinking that is coming soon. She even took her tongue ring out for him, after asking him if he thought she should and he said it was up to her, but that wasn’t a good enough answer for her, so he said yes.

If you’re into it, you can FlashBack to watch it all. Here’s just a bit towards the end of their conversation...

GinaMarie - I feel like this show has changed my life. ( I know what you’re thinking )
GinaMarie - I think if the day comes that I would ever kiss you, I know it’s gonna be good.. it’s gonna be awesome.. I don’t know how you feel..
Nick- I am excited for you to think it’s gonna be awesome
GinaMarie – wow ..thanks Nick
Nick says he’s shy about those kind of things .. he says “ I’m slow as molasses.. straight up.”
GinaMarie - but you do want to kiss me one day right?
Nick- how long until we get out .. oh yeah like 76 days..
GinaM- that’s a yes?
Nick - 76 days...
GinaMarie laughs and laughs... Nick reminds her that they have to remain looking unattached... wouldn’t want to get put up on the block together. Gotta keep their heads in the game.

And, if all that isn’t enough... as you can see, game wise.. this house is in a tailspin... in WEEK 2!!

Andy is spying on Jeremy and Aaryn to report intel back to Spencer. And, Spencer's playing Andy, gathering his intel to report to Nick and Jeremy.

Spencer is also playing Helen and Candice. Jeremy is using the info that he gets from Spencer, to keep his ladies Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie close. No one is trusting Nick, other than GinaMarie, which puts her on the outs with Kaitlin and Aaryn. Kaitlin is a paronia mess, because she’s sure that Elissa will get MVP. Aaryn is sure that there’s no way America will give it to Elissa again. They will, despite Jeremy’s advice, end up confronting Candice about her vote, since Judd used her and threw her under the bus. And, that’s just part of the story.

For now, it looks like HoH Aaryn will nominate Helen and Elissa for eviction, but who knows with this crazy house... .

The drama continues on the Live Feeds...

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As always ~ Thanks for reading - Lexie

Posted on Thursday, July 04 @ 08:27:50 EDT by admin
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