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Big Brother 15 Spoiler Blind Side Coming!

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10:57 BBT
Cam 3

Spencer confronts Helen in the H/N room. He tells her that he confided in her a big thing and she ran right to Amanda and told her the whole thing. Helen jumps up and says she didn't. Amanda came to her and said I heard you want to put me up as the replacement nominee.

Spencer says I swear to you, I swear to God, I want to work with you. He tells her that Amanda has come between their trust. I swear to you, Elissa is going home tonight and Amanda is going to swear that me and Howard flipped.

Helen - let me tell you something. If the votes go the way they are supposed to go, we don't even need you and Howard.

Andy continues to work the votes to evict Nick

Pinky swear between Andy and Candice that she will vote to evict Nick

1:06 PM BBT

Andy to Jessie- Spencer and Howard cannot be trusted. But, everything relies on us, if Spencer and Howard flip, we are still good.
Jessie- I feel like we donít need his vote.
Andy Ė I know
Jessie- well Spencer went and told Jeremy that
Andy- ok.. thatís perfect, that way we know that he canít be trusted
Andy- no matter what... vote Nick out ..
Jessie agrees


Spencer Ė I think if we jump ship and we both jump together, then we will be better for our game.. who do you trust the most . Helen or Jeremy ...?
Howard stays quiet...
Spencer Ė Jeremy went right to Amanda.. and I trust Helen and I trust Andy and I trust Judd...
Spencer- this game means too much to me dude.... and if I can heal the wounds with McCrae and Amanda and move forward with a solid 7.. .then we wonít go on the block and we can vote them out every single week...

Nick comes in.....

Nick - so we're good?
Spencer -good
Howard- I want you to stop worrying about today.
Nick- I've just put everything into you guys.. everything ..
Spencer- I think things are really shaping up...everything is good

1:29 PM BBT

Spencer to Howard- what are you thinking .. be honest?
Howard- Iíve thought about it ...

Spencer continues to tell Howard that he wants to be in the game, wants to be a good player, and when it was just the two of them and Jeremy, they ( he and Howard ) told each other that they would trust each other over Jeremy.
Spencer says that Jeremy is running his mouth and all the trouble in the house that he ( Spencer ) is having is because of that.
Spencer continues to try to convince Howard that he doesnít want them to be ď on the losing end of the MC breaking upĒ

Just a bit later.. after Spencer talked with McCrae..

Howard- McCrae was cool?
Spencer- McCrae is cool. He's afraid we're going to throw him under the bus. I told him no no no
Spencer- You're down?
Howard- Yeah
Spencer If it (MVP) only lasts two more weeks, we get rid of Aaryn and Jeremy...boom!

2:27 PM BBT
Spencer checks back with McCrae one more time

Spencer- I think keeping the MVP is smart and and it's a huge weapon in our arsenal to get us farther.
McCrae- yeah but if you two vote her out, we still have the votes... Iíll just lie..
Spencer- I think we all should vote him ( Nick ) out.
McCrae- I think that I am just getting set up by the Moving Co.
Spencer- no no no .. thatís not what I am trying to do...
McCrae- so you guys are going to vote?
Spencer- we are going to vote out Nick. I am telling you that weíre voting Nick out and as the Moving Co. dissolves ... I hope that me, you, Amanda and Howard can work together..
McCrae- Iím still going to throw Nick a vote
Spencer- why?
McCrae- in case you guys are setting me up
Spencer- no no, I'll bring Amanda in and tell her..
McCrae- Iíll trust you guys after the vote tonight, because I will know where the votes lie...
Spencer- would you like me to bring in Howard?
McCrae tells him again that he will trust them after the vote. And if they vote Nick out, then he will know and yes, then they can move forward and work together.

3:02 PM BBT

Howard to Spencer- I'm not scared, but I would like us to be protected from both sides. But I like the move, from a trust standpoint

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As always ~ Thanks for reading - Lexie

Posted on Thursday, July 11 @ 18:00:51 EDT by admin
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