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Big Brother 15 Ė She Just Threw All Of Us Under The Bus

Big Brother 15 Ė She Just Threw All of Us Under The Bus

Big Brother 15 house was still trembling late into the night, in the wake of the rogue move by Elissa Reilly Slater. She rocked the house with her attempt to gather some answers to a question she had about Howard Overby and Spencer Clawson. Did the chaos she created change her position in the house or with her alliance members? Keep reading or click ďread moreĒ below to take a sneak peek at how things played out after the dust settled. The Live Feeds give you instance access to whatís happening inside the Big Brother 15 house. You can try the Live Feeds for FREE for two days with no risk! Just click on the link or banner below and get started.

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Just after the drama between Elissa, Aaryn and Kaitlin, watched by Howard, Spencer, Andy, Jessie, Helen, Judd and GinaMarie ended...

Tuesday 7/23
8:40 PM BBT

Spencer to Elissa- can we talk alone?

Elissa- I canít stand one more minute in this house with Aaryn. did you see how she just attacked me? They are trying to get me to vote to keep her,because thatís one more vote for their side. How dumb is Kaitlin to bring that up in front of everyone.. obviously Aaryn is doing this to Kaitlin, itís not me.. Iím not on the block.

8:41 PM BBT

Helen- why is she doing this?
Andy Ė she is going nuts today ...

Andy tells Helen about how crazy Elissa was acting outside with him and McCrae today and how she was yelling at him saying she knew he was making fun of her.

Helen - now it's ruined.. everything...
Andy- this is why Elissa is a terrible alliance member, she wants Aaryn out and she is pushing everyone for what she wants..
Helen- I know .. omg ...
Andy- I told Jessie, she was in the shower and she was like WHAT ???

8:46 PM BBT

Amanda- about time someone came up here, whatís going on?
Helen- Elissa has gone nutty...she has to go home.

She tells them about Aaryn coming to her... and how she went to the bedroom, asked to speak to Elissa, and she said no, she came back, and how she said .. itís my vote and I can vote anyway I want and if sheís not aligned with Howard and Spencer I want her to go ...

Helen goes on to say that Elissa blamed it on Aaryn... she is talking a hundred miles a minute... retelling it all to McCrae/Amanda...

She tells them that Howard and Spencer played it off ...saying they were glad that it's all out and they aren't trying to make an alliance with the people that are on the block..

Helen- Elissa has gone mad!
McCrae- yep mad!
Helen- Kaitlin is still going home...but she's gone mad!

Amanda- yeah it doesn't matter... we have you, me, McCrae, Andy and Jessie .. that's enough ..

McCrae says he told her too, that this had to stay quiet ...
Helen- something is wrong with her...

8:53 PM BBT
Jessie comes in

Helen- what the fuck Jessie
Jessie- what the fuck.. what she just did was totally wrong.

They all agree that Spencer and Howard are lying ... and that Kaitlin is going home anyway ..

Helen Ė what is wrong with her?
Jessie-itís because she has a personal vendetta with Aaryn...

Andy- that is a bad alliance member right there... when the other 5 are onboard and she does that...
Helen- now sheís tipped off Kaitlin

Amanda- doesnít matter we have the votes..
Jessie- but now Kaitlin is down there smiling and thinking that Aarynís been thrown under the bus
Amanda- let her.
Jessie- what happens now if we vote out Kaitlin
Amanda Ė we have Aaryn on our side
Jessie- and not Elissa...?
Amanda- yes
Helen- poor Aaryn
Andy- I felt bad for Aaryn, Elissa was being a complete asshole...
Amanda - I said that I wasnít going to defend Aaryn.. but Aaryn really hasnít said anything bad about Elissa for weeks... and Elissa talks about her everyday!

Meanwhile... Elissa and Judd outside

Elissa- this is not about me, this is about Kaitlin and you guys asked me to vote Kaitlin out, because of the alliance and that is a lie. Aaryn needs to go home.
Judd- they are going to be gunning for me next week
Elissa Ė ok Judd, that has nothing to do with it
Judd- I just want to know that you for sure, have my back, because I have yours
Elissa- you guys told me about the alliance and you let Aaryn sit there and attack me, and you guys didnít say anything, you guys just let me look like the bad person for asking a question, when you guys ask me to vote against Kaitlin.
Judd- who is ďyou guysĒ? Me and Helen?
Elissa- yeah and Amanda and McCrae ...
Judd- well they werenít in there, but the thing is, when someone says something to you, you just shouldnít confront them without saying something
Elissa Ė I didnít confront her without saying anything, Amanda had already asked people.
Judd- I donít tell people things that you ask me, nothing that would hurt your game
Elissa- I just asked Kaitlin a question and I donít appreciate how Aaryn talks to people.

Judd- I got a big target on my back now
Elissa- why is it all about you? When no one knows that you did anything, you guys let it look like it was all me, when all I did was ask Kaitlin a question
Judd- now Spencer and Howard are going to be coming after me. I am going home next week.
Elissa - *laughs* - says - You guys are all just ridiculous!
Judd- how am I ridiculous?
Elissa - because itís just hilarious.. itís such a joke
Judd- Iím a joke??

Elissa- Youíre not..... BUT you guys know you are the ones that told me that.. about the Alliance and how we need to vote Kaitlin out and not Aaryn. And, I didnít even say anything about Aaryn. She (Kaitlin) is the one that said it was Aaryn
Judd- yeah well I just assumed that as friends, anything I said to you would be in confidence
Elissa- it is in confidence, I didnít say who said it, but I have the right to know that itís true..
Judd- so you think I lie?
Elissa *laughs* Judd, you know you guys are the ones that told me to vote out Kaitlin and about the alliance.

Judd- I put my back on the line to keep you here
Elissa - Whatever... itís not even the point ... this isnít even about me. I am not the one that made up the lie. I donít want to hear about it or talk about it anymore.. I wanted to know and I asked Kaitlin a question and I donít think itís true
Judd Ė you donít?
Elissa- no, I donít think she would have brought everyone in there if it was

Judd- well I donít know what to say, Iím afraid anything I say, will get brought up in front of the house
Elissa- you should of got up and walked out ... itís not my fault that she called the entire house... so whatever.. I think itís funny and ridiculous .. that you guys told me and everyone sat there while Aaryn was attacking me. I just asked Kaitlin a simple question and somehow it gets turned on me.
Judd- in this game, you should just trust someone ... and not go around talking to people without ...
Elissa- no Judd, you talk to people in this house all the time

Elissa gets up and starts to walk away and then says- you guys are all just liars

At that point .. Kaitlin comes out, says sheís sorry to Elissa ( Judd leaves )

Elissa Ė you should have just made something up, you are on the block and you just send your boyfriend home last week, and if you are not going to fight for yourself, all that was a complete waste of time
Kaitlin-not my boyfriend, but yes I did, and I donít want to talk about it anymore, just wanted to say Iím sorry.

Elissa- but I do want to talk about it and I was the one that got attacked.. and itís just not fair...that they asked me to vote against you and..
Kaitlin- who asked you to vote against me?
Elissa- Iím not saying..
Kaitlin Ė then everyone has been lying to me..

Elissa- yes, everyone has been lying to us, because they just want us for a vote, until they pick us off.
Kaitlin- well I really donít think people want Aaryn to stay I donít think thatís changing
Elissa shrugs and walks away.

8:58 PM BBT
Judd enters the HoH room

Judd- Elissa is throwing me under the bus.. she needs to go ..she was just out there saying " You all are liars" I feel stupid about the tweets I did today.
Amanda- but we still have the votes ( to evict Kaitlin )
Judd- I told her that whenever you are in an alliance with someone, what is said to you, is said in confidence. And, I didnít know that you were going to bring it up in front of everyone...and she said that I had the chance to clear the air, but I just sat there.

Judd- she was like THIS IS MY vote..
McCrae- this is fucked up ...
Amanda- there's just no logic to it...
Amanda- and we still want the votes to be confused.. so we donít have to say .. but we ALL are voting Kaitlin out .
Jessie ĖIím so pissed how she threw Judd under the bus.
Amanda- she is fucking crazy

Andy- I really felt bad for Aaryn.. and how Aaryn would be like, you ( Elissa ) brought my name into this, and she ( Elissa ) would be like ď I donít even think about you AarynĒ ...

Jessie- anyone would be stupid to tell her anything any more.. she is a shitty BB player
McCrae- absolutely ...
Andyówell we needed her at first ..
Jessie- she really is the Most LEAST valuable player...

Andy- if she ( Elissa ) got HoH next week.. what would she do?
McCrae- who knows.. me and you..
Andy- yeah ..
He tells Jessie about how crazy she was acting this morning, saying that McCrae and Andy, were making fun of her religion.

Andy- she just threw all of us under the bus


Elissa- I just think she has poor character .. she says racial slurs to you and Candice.. itís not that I hate her.. I just donít even think about her.
Howard- and thatís not disrespectful you said it to her face.
Elissa- they knew who told me that to vote against Kaitlin and keep her here.. and I actually thought about it.. but every time sheís in a room with me, is is attacking me and talking about me.. I mean I donít hate you (Aaryn ) .. I donít even think about you..
Howard- donít worry about it... if they all ( GM/Aaryn/Kaitlin) are suppose to go next, then donít worry about it.
Elissa- so thereís no way that you put me up as the MVP nomination?
Howard- no, I'm not MVP and if I was, I wouldnít put you up, have nothing against you .. and you, Spencer and Candice are the ones that I would tell if I was MVP
Elissa- Iím not going to talk to any of them, they are just disrespectful to you and to Candice .. and to me... they are talking about my religion and my family, they have been talking about my family since Day 1.
Howard tells her not to worry about it.. he doesnít like the back and forth ...
Candice comes in.. hugs Elissa ...
Howard leaves...
Elissa- Iím just not going to talk to them anymore.. I canít trust them

12:11 AM BBT Andy/Spencer/Howard

Andy - Elissa went nuts today.... and I've just been sitting back and shutting my fucking mouth.
Spencer - Dude, we trust you. We made some fake side alliances.
* remember, Spencer and Howard asked Andy to be in a F4 alliance ( Howard/Spencer/Andy/Helen ) *one of the fake ones he mentioned above*

Kaitlin joins them

Kaitlin- Helen is telling me that I might go home, because Elissa made Aaryn look like a victim, and now everyone wants to get back at Elissa and that is just fucked up, because I havenít caused as much drama in this house as Aaryn has.
Spencer Ėwho told you that ..
Kaitlin- Helen made a reference to it and so did McCrae and Judd ...
Spencer- I donít know what is going on ..

Andy explains how crazy Elissa acted this morning with him and McCrae.

Andy - We were talking about religion. Then she started about you and Ginamarie and people who were on the block.. and she was loud. So I shushed her ( he puts his finger to his lips ) And she's like, I'm not Stupid! I will not allow people to treat me like this and laugh at my religion. She went NUTS! I was like, Elissa, all I was doing was telling you to be quiet because you were talking about people who were right behind you. But, she wouldn't listen to me at all. She was mad at me and McCrae the rest of the day. I found her again and tried to tell her... I was like, Elissa I'm so sorry I would never knock your religion, but she wouldn't listen to me.

Spencer - She was really weird in the room and I think Helen was a little blown away by how that exploded.
Andy - that's the thing about Elissa once she gets her mind on something, there's nothing you can do to change it..

Kaitlin- she was trying to get me to lie for her right there in that room, she had her big eyes on me, she is a crazy liar, she mentally blocks things out that she does, she convinces herself that she's not lying, I think she's bad at this game.
Spencer- I think she's a lunatic .. and she gets a lot of credit for being..
Kaitlin- Rachel's sister
Spencer- people rallied to keep her here ... and then she calls all of us liars...

Candice joins Howard and Kaitlin in the CockPit now ..
Andy/Spencer moved to the hammock.
Candice telling Kaitlin that she just has to stay calm

Kaitlin to Candice/Howard- this is fucked up, and Helen told me that she would protect me, and now she's saying I might go home.
Candice- Helen is only one person. Do I think she has your best interest? Yes, but she is only one vote, and things change from week to week.
Kaitlin- this is fucked up.. do you really think Aaryn is safe?
Candice- at this point I really don't know .. but when I find out, I will tell you
K- I thought everyone was on the same page, that's even what you told me
Howard- I don't think nothing has changed, I think it's just to get her ( Elissa ) out next week

Kaitlin- if you ( Candice ) and you Howard ) will vote Aaryn out and Elissa will.. then Helen is with Elissa so she will.. and Andy ... and Spencer.. so that's.... 6 .. and I'll be safe right?
Candice- yes
Kaitlin- and Jessie would probably vote with the house right?
Howard - it wouldn't matter anyway

Howard- if you won HOH who would you put up?
Kaitlin - I don't know.. I would have to do what house wanted.. I wouldn't want to put GM up ..
Candice- they are gonna want you to put me and Howard up ..
Kaitlin- I wonít lie.. I heard that .. not you ( Candice) but Howard as a back door...
Howard- laughs says thatís been going on for 2 weeks and I ainít been up ...
Kaitlin to Howard- who would you put up?
Howard- not you, Candice or Spencer...
Kaitlin- at that point I would want to put up Amanda and McCrae ...
Howard- mmm hmmm

1:30 AM BBT
Cam 3

Helen - First of all, how are you doing?
Elissa- actually, I'm fine I just wanted to talk to Kaitlin, because I was so upset with Howard and Spencer.. and it was driving me crazy, I wasnít necessarily out to hear, you know hear what Kaitlin had to say, I just wanted to get them out in the open.
Helen - You wanted to get Howard and Spencer out.. I know . I want them too.. but we have to be strategic about it...
Elissa Ė Iíve just never seen... I mean I know they were in the Moving Company and lied about it, and Howard voted to get me out.

Helen- theyíve just never done anything to gain our trust and I know you and I want to trust Howard more, because he's so prayerful, and itís hard to think that someone would use his religion in this game... but you don't know what people are like. And, this is why I think heís not the man, that I thought he was originally. The fact that he doesn't give a crap about Candice.. He's using her.. sheís falling for him and that makes me feel bad for Candice.... and I want to tell her but she probably wouldnít believe me... and if he can do that do her?
Elissa - He can do that to us.
Helen Ė Thatís when I started to really lose faith in him... That's what did it for me..And, she will do anything to keep him in the game, because sheís so in love with him
Elissa Ė yep
Helen- and the way he is treating her.. and he's telling other HGs how he doesn't care about her and heís making all these alliances around her. I even said to her, I said ďdo you think Howard would make an alliance without youĒ and she said ďno way, I would know about itĒ and I said what if I told you that heís made a bunch? And , she was like ďI donít believe any of itĒ .. nothing I tell her will change anything... As a friend, I want to tell her, but she wont believe me anyway, and it'll just tear our friendship apart.

Andy/Kaitlin Hammock

Kaitlin- if I get HoH, Iím putting Amanda and McCrae up, and Howard said the same thing..Andy doesnít reply
Kaitlin- this is fucked up Andy

1:38 AM BBT
Amanda and Elissa

Elissa - It's not like I want to believe Kaitlin... I know they are trouble makers... It's just that I want to know.. I've never seen them.. It's just hard to believe they look me in the face and lie. to me.. and like Spencer follows me around ... so why try to make a connection with me to screw me over?

Amanda That's what they do. Howard and Spencer made an alliance with me and McCrae and then they made one with Andy and Helen. They are really great liars. I said to Howard, can you tell Candice to stop saying my name, and he talks in circles and metaphors, and I'm like what are you saying. And, he was like, why don't you tell Elissa to tell her that, and I told him that he's the closest to Howard, why can't he do it? And, Candice is saying this whole thing tonight was my fault
Elissa- do you think Howard is pushing her?
Amanda- yeah 100%
Elissa Ė yeah people are crazy.. she is to you.. just like Aaryn is to me, like I donít even think about her. And, itís annoying and Kaitlin was acting like Miss Innocent, she started it, and then Aaryn made it all about her.


Helen- the only way to get Candice back in this game it to get Howard out
Elissa- yeah
Helen- and if we get Howard out, we weaken Spencer.
Elissa- mm hmm
Helen- now you talked to Kaitlin, and you realize that Aaryn came to me, because she feels like she canít talk to you

Elissa- she just yelled at me in front of a whole group of people. And, thatís the kind of conversations she has with me, we will talk and then 20 minutes later, she will go back and make it something different.
Helen- well I wanted to say that I was sorry for not saying anything, or sticking up for you, but I was totally confused by the 3 of you and I didnít want to call out Judd and I appreciate you not doing that either.
Elissa - yeah ..

Helen- my question to you, is you donít think Judd is lying do you?
Elissa- I donít think so ...but I just donít see Spencer and Howard going out of their way to lie to me... I didnít want it to turn into that, I couldnít even look at Howard... Helen- he does it to Candice, he will do it to you and me. He is lying to all of us. And, you and I, besides Candice are probably the last ones to see it, thatís why everyone in the house, wants him out. And, they are not going to admit that they are in a secret alliance.
Elissa- I know ..

Helen- Kaitlin told me that you told her that everyone in the house, wants her out, did you tell her that?
Elissa- no, I said to Kaitlin, are you working with Spencer and Howard, and she said no, and I will call them out in front of everyone, that was her first response. She didnít ask who told me, who it was that said it, she didnít ask me any other questions, she just told me that she would call them out in front of the whole house and I said, well you should or youíre going to go home. Thatís ALL I said. She suggested that she would call them out. I wasnít doing it against anyone, I wanted to do it for myself, I canít stand people like Howard and Spencer, that just want to pull you aside, to lie to you, itís very offensive.
Helen- we got to do some damage control, donít want the house coming after you.

Elissa- I just think I have the right to ask a question. And, I thought that Kaitlinís attitude was dumb and so was Aarynís if she thinks she canít talk to me, why would she attack me and yell at me in front of the whole house
Helen- well we will have to do some damage control, because people are really upset with you right now
Elissa- I donít know why people would be upset with me, I think I have the right to ask a question.

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