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Big Brother 17- Betrayals, Lies, and A Song?


  • Big Brother 17- Betrayals, Lies, and A Song?

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    Big Brother 17 Audrey Middleton hasn't handled her game as she might have hoped for when she first entered the Big Brother house. She hit the ground running, but she just couldn't keep the pace and found herself instead, in bed for what will most certainly be her last few days inside the Big Brother 17 house. What's it all about? Keep reading or click "see more" below to find out from Audrey herself. Watch all the drama on the Live Feeds! Try them one week for Free and then they are only $5.99 per month. It's just not Big Brother without the Live Feeds, you're sure to enjoy watching all the ins and outs that you miss by only watching the television episodes. Plus, signing up for the live feeds by clicking on our banners and links is a great way to help support all that we do here all summer long.

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    7/21 - 9:45 PM BBT
    Cams 3 & 4

    Audrey munching on an apple

    Then ... she gets up .. paces... takes deep breaths... wraps a blanket around herself.. paces... deep breaths....

    Then she's down on her knees... deep breathing...

    Then finally down on the ground...

    9:58 PM BBT the camera view changes... until 10:59 PM BBT, where we find Audrey buzzing to get into the Diary Room and then enters.

    Moving us forward to today 7/22/15

    4:42 PM BBT - Jackie/Audrey

    Jackie in the bathroom putting on make up
    Audrey come out of the potty ...

    Jackie ( in a very soft voice ) - Hey Audrey, how you doing?
    Audrey ( quietly ) says - I'm okay.

    Silence for a moment or two then...

    Audrey- Is everybody asleep?
    Jackie- Yeah, crazy.. I've been asleep all day, I needed it.

    Audrey- What's the general consensus?
    Jackie- Everyone's worried about you. We all love you and everyone wants speak with you.... not speak with you .. like.. we all want to make sure you leave here happy... like beautiful the way you came in.. like strong... powerful. No one's out to get you .. no one wants to do anything... no one wants to confront, no one wants to fight, nothing. Like, we just want to make sure you are okay and like.. have a good time... like before you leave... like it's kinda sad that it had to be this way.


    Jackie - are you okay ... like psychically ... like emotionally ... like health wise?
    Audrey says something that's inaudible ...
    Jackie- well yeah ...

    Audrey - so how did it all boil down? Like did James go and tell everybody?

    Jackie nodding yes then says - and then everything came out ...
    Audrey - like what?
    Jackie- just stuff like.. we were already questioning if they were going to do what they wanted to do.. so ...

    Audrey - so, there was already a bad door plan?

    Jackie- yeah .. because Vanessa was already trying to use the veto.. then that happened and that just kinda confirmed it.

    Audrey - okay.. that makes sense.

    Jackie- cuz' I don't know what happened between you two.. but it was kinda already going on .. and then that happened.. unfortunately ... and I don't know what was going on between you and Vanessa that morning... but that kinda sealed the deal ...
    Audrey- I told them what Vanessa told me and then they went and told Vanessa, and then Vanessa got mad at me

    Jackie- right.

    Audrey -and I think that the 4 of them... Austin, Vanessa, Clay and Shelli were just looking for a reason, that they wanted to justify putting me up, just like they did Jeff.

    Jackie- yeah.

    Audrey- and I totally fell for it.

    Jackie- well... I promise that everything is okay and if want to talk to any of them... no game talk... no nothing.. they just want to make sure you are okay...

    Audrey shaking her head no ....
    Jackie- make sure that you walk outta here.. strong, beautiful, hate to see you like this.
    Audrey - well I appreciate you telling me the truth.

    Audrey stands up and hugs Jackie...

    Jackie- it's okay, it's gonna be good, they are gonna love you out there. I promise. You played one hell of a game, girl. We all think so .. I promise.

    Audrey turns and walks away ..

    Audrey heads back to the Have Not Room ( Johnny Mac passes by but doesn't say anything to her ) ...

    Jackie heads up to the HOH room and tells Clay and Shelli about her conversation with Audrey.. as they continue to talk about Audrey ...

    5:01 PM BBT

    Audrey makes her way out of the Have Not Room and heads upstairs to the HOH room...

    Audrey to Shelli- can I speak with you alone?

    Shelli- sure.
    They leave...

    Jackie to Clay - oh ****.
    Clay - I have no words for her.
    Jackie- I'm so scared for her.. and she ( Audrey ) knows we're up here talking about her, she knows everything. I'm scared of her.

    5:03 PM BBT - Shelli and Audrey

    Audrey (crying) says - So, before I go... there's a few things that I want to be able to address with you. Umm.. I think one thing that's been kinda boggling in my mind, is that I thought you were my friend.
    Shelli- I am your friend.
    Audrey- and ummm it doesn't feel that way because is seemed like.. now I've learning only later, after the fact, that there was an agenda a long time ago.
    Shelli- that's untrue Audrey.

    Audrey - and I feel like.. I feel like someone .. I feel like I've been the most emotionally vulnerable to you... and it almost feels like you've put strings on those emotions, and spun them to make me feel bad for things.
    Shelli- Audrey, you have got this all wrong. Who has made you think that? What have people told you? This is so absolutely wrong.
    If you think for any minute that I started this week as HOH this week... with the plan to backdoor you, Audrey you will see.

    Audrey asks if Vanessa was the one that told her that she said that a move would have to be made on Clay soon.
    Shelli defends Vanessa, telling Audrey that she'd never heard a bad thing come of Vanessa's mouth about her ( Audrey ) until the blow up...

    Audrey- Why did she need a reason to justify using the veto?

    Shelli- You gave us reason to justify using the veto. It wasn't Vanessa. Everything... this is where it's dangerous, because I want to tell you everything that's happened this week... but
    I know what you came and did after we had our conversation ... I know how quickly you were able to turn this game on me so fast... and the plans to get me out ... so I'm very scared to tell you what has happened... because I don't know what you will go and tell people.

    Audrey - after we had the conversation upstairs, it was made very clear to me that you knew what you were going to do and I heard Vanessa in the bathroom, before I said anything to anybody.. she ( Vanessa ) said to Austin "I'm going to do what has to be done". And, so the first person I spoke to was James. Then, I spoke to Jackie and those were the only 2 people I spoke to. I told them about "Sleeper Cell" and how you completely flipped your back on me, I'm going up. I tried to see if there was a way that either of them would save me over Johnny Mac or Jason, depending on who went down, and James said the only way he would save me said was if it up against Johnny Mac, and what's her name .. dark hair...

    Shelli - Jackie.

    Audrey - yes, she said she liked both of them. so I said "well there's nothing that I can do now," and that's when I went and got on meds immediately.

    Audrey tells Shelli that she saw Vanessa covering her tracks with Jackie and James
    Shelli tells Audrey that she was giving her a chance to talk to her, that she wanted her to talk to her, because she's HOH and even if Vanessa did use the PoV, it was up to her who she put up and she could have put up someone different. But, she ( Audrey ) gave her no choice, because she was telling everyone about Sleeper Cell and telling everyone that you ( Audrey ) were going to win HOH next week and take me out.

    They continue to talk ... with Audrey pushing Shelli for names of who said what...

    Shelli does reveal that John is the one that told her that he and she had a Final 2 deal.
    Audrey denies it, saying that half the time, she forgets his name.
    Shelli tells her again about how she heard that she was coming after her.
    Audrey denies, but continues to push Shelli for names of who said what to her.
    Shelli tells her that she's scared to tell her anything, because anything she says, she ( Audrey ) just denies, says she didn't do it.
    Audrey tells her that she did admit 2 things, that she talked to James and Jackie.

    Audrey - I feel like I just got screwed out of a chance at at least $50,000 and you got screwed out of a chance at $500,000.

    Shelli- how so?

    Audrey- Because you chose the wrong person to trust (Vanessa).
    Shelli- it's not things coming from her ( Vanessa's) mouth Audrey.
    Audrey- yeah but how many real conversations have you had with people like Johnny Mac or Jackie? She's been working with Jeff, on the other side, with people that were saying "let's put up Audrey". And, yes I'm stupid, when I left upstairs, I went to them and exposed Sleeper Cell, because I thought I was done, I knew you were going to put me on the block and that I was done.
    Shelli - well.. I mean honestly, anything you said, you exploited Sleeper Cell, you exploited that Clay and me knew that Jeff was going up on the block, you've pretty much exploited everything you know about me, so I'm not too worried what you said at that point, I was told that you had been saying things before. And, I was told before not after, even before BoB, even before I was HOH this week. For me, it was the constant shadow of doubt.

    Audrey - The two things I admitted to were a reaction to being stoned to death in that room up there ( HOH ) and Vanessa brilliantly putting on a performance and lying.
    Shelli- well I guess you are right, just watch the show and see, there's nothing I can do. I want you to know how hard this week has been for me to put you in this position. I never wanted to be the person to do this. And, like I said, I've just literally been pushed against the wall, what else was I suppose to do?
    Audrey- you guys call me paranoid... but i
    t's blissful ignorance around her (Vanessa). You guys are being way too naive with that girl. I'm the only one...I would have protected you and I would have protected Clay, and I would have remained the target.
    Shelli - but didn't Vanessa put her game on the line for you?
    Audrey - well yeah ... but she put me through hell, through every single ceremony.

    Audrey continues to push Shelli for names and when conversations took place...

    Shelli- Audrey, don't do this to me... I'm still in the house and I've already thrown one name to you, I'm not going to keep doing this. I can't. I'm sorry.

    Audrey - I'm not going to go confront those people. I have so much Ativan in my system that I'm literally numb.

    Shelli- I just don't think I should be doing it. I do really fear that you will think that this shows that I'm not your friend, and that's just not true
    Audrey- I just want to prove that you are my friend.
    Shelli- and the only way I can prove to you that I am your friend, is by throwing names to you ?? And messing up my time here?
    Audrey- I just want to know the truth.
    Shelli- that's not fair Audrey. That's not you being a friend to me.. do you not get that??
    Audrey- Shelli, I've been a friend to you. I've told you SO much and every single thing I tell you, it gets twisted against me.. because you hear something from someone else that you you respect more.
    Shelli - that I respect more? That's not right .. you are just putting words in my mouth now ...

    Audrey- I'm looking you in the eye...

    Audrey - I swear to you the only person that I've been close to in this game has been you. I've told you a million times that I was in debt with you.
    I would have never ever ****ing betrayed you. And, I took accountability for what I did, I got extremely upset after the disagreement up stairs. I told you I spoke with James and Jackie, and I told you specifically what I said.


    Then Audrey drives the point home that Shelli can't trust Jackie.
    Shelli defends the "Jeff fight" ... saying that it wasn't staged and true things came out of it and tells her that she's not going to throw every one under the bus, she's not going to tell her every conversation or talk game with her, because she just can't do that to her game.

    Shelli - What I want you to get from this conversation is that ...
    I love you, I care for you, I'm extremely, extremely hurt that I have had to put you in this place, I'm hurt that I had to do this, it's been very difficult. I'm going to miss you and I'm going to want to continue this friendship outside of here. I hope that you leave with your head held high. I hope that you get to go out there and change the world with your story. That is what I want to get out of this talk. Because the game talk should be mute at this point. There's nothing that can be solved at this point.

    Audrey continues to try to pull information from her, bringing up the first week, when she ( Shelli ) was upset, thinking she might go on the block.
    Shelli - you are bringing it back to game again.

    Audrey- yes I am. I have to be stuck here for another 24 hours and it's not fair for someone to say "this is you fate" and for you not to be able to investigate why. So, when I do have my moment to speak, out of respect for you, I'm not going to address the people that you brought up, but I want to know why before I go, I don't want to find out afterwards.

    Shelli- then why don't you have conversations with people in the house, why do you want me to do this, to incriminate myself? I've already said too much at this point. That's extremely unfair to me.

    Audrey- okay so.. Jackie spoke to you, Johnny Mac spoke to you .. said I offered him a Final 2, which I didn't. And, then you said someone spoke to you before the Battle of the Block.

    Shelli- Audrey, I'm so sorry but I am not going to do this.
    Audrey- Is it cause you don't want to say Clay's name?
    Shelli- Excuse me?

    Audrey- well I mean I don't know.. I just know that you wouldn't want to say Clay's name..
    Shelli -you don't talk to Clay, you don't go to Clay and say "Shelli said this" .. so you know it's not Clay.
    Audrey- well I can't think of anyone else I talked to that day... the only 2 people I talked to was Clay and Vanessa, because I was so upset and then you at 4 in the morning...
    Shelli - well.. I'd been hearing things all week. My main concern is that I just want to check on you on a personal level and forget the game.
    Audrey - it feels like **** when you are constantly being incriminated for multiple weeks but no one will let you defend yourself.

    At this point, for whatever reason ( perhaps something on another camera) we get thrown to FISH, when we come back, Audrey is laughing. But, Shelli is frustrated...
    Audrey to Shelli- just remember that I'm on Ativan right now and that just sounds silly...

    Shelli - We're not going to reach a conclusion. I'm not going to tell you everything everyone has told me. It's not fair for you to ask of me right now.

    Audrey- just look in my eyes.. I swear on my life.. I never said that we need to split Clay and Shelli up so that I can have her to myself, that's laughable, is that a fear that you have? I've never said those things. I feel like you've twisted my words out of fear.

    Shelli continues to tell her that she wanted to talk to her as a friend, as someone that is worried about her, but she's not going to continue to sit there and try to remember every single conversation or name so she can go exploit it to the house.

    Audrey tells her again that it doesn't make sense that she's saying she heard something before the Battle of the Block, because those conversations didn't take place until after.

    Audrey- but it's okay. I've spoken with the psychologist several times and she's made me understand some things and make it where I could come in here, if I wanted to and have this conversation. But, it's going the exact way that ..
    Shelli- so what you wanted from this convo, is have me sit down and tell you every single conversation that I've had?

    Audrey- no, I wanted to find out if you were my friend..or if you were playing the game?

    Shelli- Audrey, of course I am your friend. How have I shown you any different?
    Audrey- like when you say things to Jeff like "you are the male Audrey"... that's not what friend do. That's hurtful.
    Shelli- you're right, that is hurtful, but I didn't mean it in a derogatory term
    Audrey- then what's more hurtful, is that first you told me you said it, then you told me that you only called him a hypocrite, and then you took it back and said you didn't say it.
    Shelli- no I didn't .. you're putting words in my mouth. Are you kidding? I said I didn't say it to his face.
    Audrey - you did .. you said that ...
    Shelli- no I didn't.. I said...
    Audrey- and then the therapist that's seen everything.. validates a lot of stuff from you.

    Shelli- I don't even need to hear what the therapist said happened. I will tell you exactly what I said... I told you I called him the male Audrey and I told him that I did find him hypocritical, because he was playing t
    he exact game as you, but calling you out for it. I didn't say it directly to Jeff, that he was the male Audrey, I did say directly to him that he was a hypocrite.

    At the 5:59 PM BBT mark, Audrey continues to try to draw info out of Shelli and she continues to give info in small portions to her.

    Audrey - I have a consistent pattern in my life where it always seems everything turns against me. It sucks that people feel the need to capitalize off of me, who is so weak. I'm one person and why so many people try to ... that's why I'm on Ativan, cause mentally it's so overwhelming that so many people can do this for $500,000. And, not care how it effects someone.

    Shelli -see that's my main concern for you Audrey .. I told you the other day..
    Audrey- I could do it all summer ...
    Shelli - I don't know..
    Audrey- I felt so good that day, until Clay was trying to take me on a big Guilt Trip outside and then we went upstairs and I had just found out that you guys had talked to Vanessa, and then I was like "wow, I'm alone" ... like I really didn't think you and Clay were going to do that to me.

    Shelli tells her that she's been thinking of all the fun things they've done and she doesn't want her to think that she doesn't adore her. She does and she wants her to leave knowing that.

    Audrey ( starts to cry again ) - whispers something about tomorrow night ( being on something? ) ... then says - I'm only a human being.. you learn a lot, I had an intense panic attack, it was the most disgusting, embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me, I know this is my fault, the people that you want to trust you, won't .. they won't do it.. and they are just better liars. And, yes, it's been confirmed to me that when I go out there, I won't get boo'ed or anything like that.

    Audrey - ... but's like one of the biggest betrayals of the summer...
    Shelli- what ? Me putting you up?
    Audrey- me, you and Clay

    Shelli- Audrey... it's not.. I can't .. wow... you're going to turn this and say I'm giving you the biggest betrayal of the summer?
    Audrey - what I'm saying is that.. I've been reaffirmed that there have been a lot of people rooting that see everything on the outside, they watch how every single person is influenced, and it is going .. to .. be one of the biggest..
    Shelli- Audrey, if you go in the DR and you talk to people and they tell you what happened, you can go in there right now and ask them what I've been put through.

    Audrey - I've got an idea, that's why I'm talking to you. And, I just want to know, I have to a
    speech.... cause I'm not doing press day. Because it affected me too much.. I'm too hurt.. I guess they are putting together special questions with Julie.

    Shelli- so you are telling me that you are going out there and paint me as the biggest betrayal of the summer? That's what you are telling me?
    Audrey no, you're not hearing what I'm telling you.
    Shelli- that that's how they are spinning this?
    Audrey- no one is spinning it. And, like you said, I will see everything that you've been through ...

    At that point, we are thrown to FISH for just a couple of minutes and once back, their conversation is over, with Audrey heading back to the Have Not Room... after she walks past Austin and Johnny Mac in the kitchen, she turns back and and kinda lunges at Johnny Mac, sending Austin running.

    6:17 PM BBT - Shelli crying and telling Clay about her conversation with Audrey

    Shelli - She is trying to say everyone would have rooted for me, you and her...and now this is the biggest betrayal... and she's so good at making me think that Vanessa is someone that we shouldn't be trusting... and for her to make me feel like everybody is making all of this up...and I'm going to come out and feel stupid and hated. What??

    Clay- you have not betrayed her.. don't doubt your decision, she is emotionally unstable right now. Even if this all was a lie, the best thing for her is to go home.

    6:35 PM BBT Audrey asks James why he betrayed her. She tells him that she was only trying to help him, did he think she was trying to hurt him?

    Then we find Audrey with her ear pressed to the wall in the Have Not the others go without her...

    Later there's this... 9:19 PM BBT Cams 3 & 4

    Audrey- "sings" - - " Tell me this isn't my life. Vanessa and James, please stop telling lies"

    She says okay, I'll do it again, but let me make sure no one is outside the door, she looks and begins again ...

    Audrey-Wait a minute, I wake up in the Have Not room....

    Audrey ( still singing ) - - , and ask myself, is this real, is the freaking real?

    Audrey singing - - I feel Shelli put a knife into my back, Is this real, is this really real? Someone please tell me how this is my life, Vanessa and James stopped telling lies"

    And the camera moves us away... and well that's that...

    But wait.. there's actually more...

    9:40 PM BBT

    Audrey comes out as "the other twin" ...

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