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Liz vs Julia - Their subtle differences

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  • Liz vs Julia - Their subtle differences

    I think I have found a sure fire way to tell the difference between Liz and Julia.

    Recaping what is already out there from various sources –

    The Hair Part – Liz parts on the right, Julia on the left.
    The mole – Julia has a mole on her left cheek, Liz has no mole.
    Liz is right-handed, Julia is left-handed.

    Now, here is what I have observed about them, and you don’t even have to be watching the monitor/TV.

    When talking to people, especially 1-on-1 convo’s, Liz does 2 things that Julia does not do.

    First, when the HG is talking, she constantly says, “I knoooooooow, I knoooooooooow” many times.

    Second, she will repeat the last word or 2 of the HG’s sentence.

    Has anyone else found any tells between the 2?

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