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Live Feed Updates-July 17-Day 30

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 17-Day 30

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    HoH conversations continue.

    Austin and Vanessa are telling Liz what to do on camera 1&2
    Shelli and Clay are talking to Johnny Mac.


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      Vanessa to Clay/Shelli- Liz is thinking of putting up Jackie & Becky and keeping James as a backdoor option


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        3:45 AM BBT

        James tells Austin that Jackie said that he ( Austin) told her that he would try to keep her safe and she ( Jackie ) was like (about Austin) "what are you my daddy?

        Austin- I was trying to help her out ..

        James- well that's what I thought...

        Austin- She asked me to help her. Whatever.

        James- I'm just letting you know man... just be careful that's all I'm saying.

        Austin- thanks man.

        James goes to talk to Shelli...

        Austin tells Vanessa that Jackie is telling everyone that I'm not trustworthy and that I'm trying to make an alliance with her...

        Vanessa- well she's dumb...

        Austin- she's so dumb.. so glad that James came up here and told me

        Vanessa- loyalty

        Austin- yeah.

        Liz there too now...

        They tell her

        Liz - good.


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          Clay to James- who shook your hand and told you they would vote to keep you
          James- Becky and Steve

          He tells them that only Johnny Mac and Jackie were the ones not voting to keep him.. everyone else said they would..


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            James to Shelli/Clay- Just know I have your backs.. if I hear anything.. I'm coming to tell you. And,you have my votes .. and I would never put you guys up if I won HOH.

            Shelli- well same feelings back... I think you deserve a week off

            Clay - yeah same.


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              ( lol @ Audrey listening at the door )


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                Meeting of the minds...

                Vanessa doing most of the talking...

                Shelli tells Austin, Clay, Liz and Vanessa that she is not sure about nominating Steve anymore after her talk with him


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                    Clay - in this group is there someone that we all can agree that should be the target?
                    Vanessa- Jason, I don't like Jason. I think that's how most feel ..


                    James and Audrey talk in the SR...


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                      Shelli- I'm not going to tell you who told me this ... but best option ... put up someone I really want to go .. and then put up a pawn.. so the pawn would throw it.. I would stay in power.. other option .. I put up Audrey next to a strong player.. have someone else throw it... I'm no longer HOH ... but Audrey is safe ...

                      Austin- who would go up with Audrey ?

                      Shelli- Becky. .. She could help Audrey win it... but we'd have to have someone on the other side throw it.

                      Vanessa- Jackie/Jason..

                      Shelli- we would have Jackie and Becky be fully aware of the plan.

                      Austin- I think that's good.

                      Shelli- Audrey had said something to James about this.. but she will probably flip ... but she will then know that I we are making her safe for another week.. and I have no blood on my hands and I get to play in HOH next week.

                      Austin- I like it.


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                        Liz- so I would put up Jason and Jackie?

                        Shelli- nodding

                        Vanessa - you fine with that?

                        Shelli- we do have it in our hands who we are trying to save with Audrey .. Becky or Jackie?

                        Liz- save Becky.

                        Vanessa says no chance of Becky throwing a comp.. ever.

                        Shelli- here's the other thing... we would have Jason/Jackie on the block... best case one of us wins it ( POV ) ... but if Jason wins.. who goes up?

                        Shelli- Jackie will realize that can happen..... but we could tell her that if any of us won ( POV ) we would use it on her ... and James would go up next to Jason ...

                        Shelli- who is someone that would guarantee that Jason would go home?

                        Everyone says - Meg.


                        • #13
                          Audrey - this is very aggressive ... just want to say that... things could go wrong..

                          Shelli- just that Jason wins veto...

                          Austin- will Jackie really throw it ? She lies... she's as bad a Jeff.

                          Shelli- about what?

                          Austin- she's down there throwing my name around...

                          Shelli- you're just saying this now?

                          Austin- didn't want to talk about it... he tells them what James told him about Jackie...


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                            But.. with that they all agree that Becky would never throw a competition...


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                              Vanessa- it's a lot to try to control....


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