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Live Feed Updates-July 18-Day 31

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 18-Day 31

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    Short recap of the last hour or so. Audrey went up to talk to Shelli about Shelli's "slip". Jason then went up to talk to Shelli and Clay. He told them he would be loyal to them, he has nobody else, he is a guppy in a pond of sharks. He told them he is targeting Austin and Steve.

    He left and then Audrey came back up. They asked her to leave so that Clay could have some time with Shelli. Then James came up to tell them he heard that Austin told Jackie she was a pawn. They talk about Austin having his little side showmance with Jackie.

    James talking about he made week deals with everyone, except Steve because Steve wanted a two week deal.

    Shelli was finally called to the DR (She has been staying awake because she knew they were going to call her).


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      The back door Audrey talk continues between Clay and Shelli ... and now they have involved Vanessa.... who is HOT!

      Vanessa- I loathe her ....I will call her out so badly. I have so much


      • #4
        Vanessa- maybe she is like clinically paranoid.
        Clay- She's America's Player... she'll do anything to stay here week to week


        • #5
          Vanessa- I'm boiling inside! .... something's going to explode and it's going to involve massive amounts of emotion.... she took advantage of my heart.

          Shelli- You don't want to explode two weeks in a row and look like a loose cannon


          • #6
            Shelli was called to the DR ...

            Clay continues to talk to Vanessa ..


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              Vanessa- She is threatened about the three of us working together

              Clay tells Vanessa that James is coming to them now all the time, telling them information ...

              Clay - I feel good about James now.


              • #8
                Vanessa- Who do you think it would be better for Audrey to go against Johnny Mac or Jason?
                Clay- Johnny Mac

                Vanessa- I think Jason
                Clay -
                She has more leverage to campaign if she is against Jason


                • #9
                  Vanessa to Clay- but we have the votes .... It would be me, Austin, Liz, James, Meg and would be the tiebreaker


                  • #10
                    Clay tells Vanessa that Shelli is paranoid that if she puts Audrey up.. she will stay.. there will be some twist and she will stay.

                    He also mentions that Shelli doesn't want Audrey to have 3/4 days to campaign


                    • #11
                      Vanessa- Audrey is so stupid... she had a group of people, who were not coming after her.

                      Clay- she's driving herself in sane ..

                      Vanessa- she's said so much about you ...

                      Clay - oh I know ... and she's America's Player and she will do anything and everything to stay ...


                      • #12
                        Vanessa- do you have the same feelings as Shelli about not being able to trust Austin?

                        Clay- I know he would never do anything bad intentionally... but at the end of the day... I don't think he's at our level, for trust and loyalty .. just like he told Jackie that she was a pawn.. he did that to cover his own ass... like I said.. I love him as a person, want him to stay here, but if someone took him out, wouldn't feel bad.

                        Vanessa reminds him that they will have 2 more votes on their side with Julia and Liz when they are both in the game...

                        She adds "but I do have my concerns ( about Austin ) as well

                        Clay- he's getting too emotionally involved and it's not going to be good for him.. if he left his week I wouldn't mind it.. would it be best for our game.. probably not... but I just don't think he's on our level for loyalty and trust .


                        • #13
                          Vanessa- I can't tell you how much I want Audrey gone now .. her vote isn't worth anything... either she's America's Player or she's just doing **** to mess up our **** ... either way .. she's not good for our game..

                          Clay- Shelli is game for getting her out... but she's so scared that if she puts her up.. she won't go home.. and I don't want to feel like we are pressuring her ( Shelli ) ... she knows she has to go home.. but she knows that the cards have to fall perfectly ...

                          Vanessa- but if she is up ..she is gone.. every person in this ****ing house can't stand her...

                          Clay - I know but...

                          Vanessa- she has so many fake alliances.. if she wants to throw alliances out.. she will make herself look bad...

                          Clay - I know ... but you just never know what she could do or say ... and if she is America's Player.. you never know what twist there might be to keep her in the game..

                          time check ... 10:51 AM BBT


                          • #14
                            Clay - I want to go off on her too... but that's not smart.. what good would come of it... right now is WAY too early... outside of this house. I am the last person to put on a fake smile.. I am the type that will go to you and say what are you talking about... I don't like you ...

                            Austin comes in ....


                            • #15
                              Vanessa tells Austin that she told Shelli that she will do anything she wants, if she plays in the POV and wins it.. and she feels like he ( Austin ) would do the same...

                              Austin- oh yeah.


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