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Live Feed Updates-July 19-Day 32

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 19-Day 32

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    Audrey, Jackie, Steve, James, and Meg are up in the kitchen. James and Audrey have been pranking people by having James get in a trash bad and lay under the table in the Store room. Audrey brings somebody in and James grabs them while they are looking at the groceries.

    They're all sitting around and chatting. Jackie is eating slop.

    Jason comes out of DR. Audrey asks him to go in to store room. She is asking him about his attitude. He says that he's just trying to enjoy his time and he's resigned to going home if he's still on the block with John. Then she asks him about the gravy and when he moves to that end of the table, James grabs him. Jason starts hitting him with the banana. Everybody starts laughing when they come out.

    Jason, Audrey, James, Steve, and Jackie go outside and are talking about it. Meg goes to the bathroom and then goes to bed.


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      Everyone has gone to bed except Jason and Steve who are out on the backyard couches.

      Steve is trying to clear the air with Jason because they haven't talked game since Day left. Steve was close to Day, but he mistread. Steve apologizes to him. He doesn't always catch the social clues. Jason accepts his apology and says he doesn't hold it against him. He says that the fatal flaw in the house this year is that everyone talks to everyone. Steve asks him if he voted for Jeff last week. Jason says he happily evicted Jeff because Jeff threw him under the bus. He is on the block this week because of Jeff. He didn't buy Jeff's stuff. Other people did and were playing Jeff's game, but he saw through Jeff.

      They talk some Survivor, and Rachel Reilly. Talking about not playing for revenge. The two of them are playing for the game, not the tv exposure, etc.. Jason says he at least wanted to make jury because what kind of superfan can't make jury. They talk about some if it being luck.. Jason feels better about his luck now just because he got in the house.

      Jason recognizes that he has started talking about himself in the third person and it's annoying him.


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        They're talking about fans vs who is just there for a check/recruit.

        Clay, Becky, John, Audrey, Jackie and Jeff were recruits.

        Shelli, Vanessa, Day, James were fans and applied. Steve and Jason are superfans.


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          6:38 BBT

          All HGs finally in bed sleeping.

          Steve was the last to go to bed. Both before and after he was talking to Jason around 6 he has been pacing in the backyard and talking to himself. He is going to talk to Vanessa about using the veto. He wants John and Jason safe. He would like Meg to up or possibly Audrey, but he wants to be the one to get Audrey out because he thinks the person that gets her out will be well liked.


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            Noon BBT

            Austin is in the backyard working out. Clay is outside discussing different exercises. Clay is going to work on shoulders; Austin working on his calves.

            Purple room - no activity; everyone is still sleeping but lights are on.

            No other activity in the house.


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              FISH - they are waking the house up.

              BB just called Becky into the DR & called Audrey out for not having on her microphone as she heads to the bathroom.

              Austin shouted out to the "Beefcakes" and we went right back to FISH.


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                Audrey has joined Austin & Clay outside - they talk about James' trash can prank. Jason was really mad. Steven tackled him; they were really surprised how Steve reacted; it was totally unexpected.


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                  Liz just go up from the Comic Room with her microphone in her hand and walked out - the cameras did not follow her. (suspect she is headed to SR to replace batteries)


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                    12:45pm BBT
                    Austin went for a brief swim. Audrey is laying on the couch outside while Clay is racking the pool table balls. Lazy Sunday in the house today.


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                      1:00pm BBT

                      Clay - he likes to give Shelli space (tells Austin).

                      Then convo starts.....

                      Audrey -I just want to know straight up what's going on.(says to Clay & Audstin) why is everybody so....
                      Clay - you think too far ahead
                      Audrey - hey, I've had my back up against the wall since week 1; everyone has some one in here; I think everyone is taken.
                      Austin - I could think that way too; my back is always up against the wall.
                      Audrey - I'm not paranoid this week.
                      Clay - B...S...t!!!!!
                      Audrey - no, not after that talk; I'm going to get on the same medication that everyone else is on.
                      Austin - that talk was a day ago.
                      Audrey - a day is like 7 days in this house.


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                        Clay & Audrey going round and round while Austin is listening in.

                        Audrey - people question me
                        Clay - I questioned Shelli. But now it's to a point that we established that trust.
                        Audrey - I don't doubt Shelli
                        Clay - but you do
                        Audrey - no I don't; she's don't something for me that she didn't have to do; she's gone out of her way.
                        Clay- you thought she was setting up something bad about you with Jason; that means that you don't trust her. You have some doubt.
                        Audrey - that's not what I said.
                        Clay - that's exactly what you said.
                        Audrey - that's the way people infer things. The difference is I didn't act crazy and try to turn the house or band wagon with people who have ulterior motives or something. I kept it to myself. I was hurt about it and then I got over it. What am I suppose to do when people I'm not over it.
                        Clay - because it's your actions that speak.
                        Audrey - what actions have I done since?
                        Clay - it's been one day; it's not like it's been a week.
                        Austin - it can be in your head, but you can't express that.
                        Audrey - I warned everyone about Jeff when I figured it out. I have taken accountability for the things that I did do.
                        s not credible (something someone said). You want me not to be so defensive all the time.
                        Clay - that's because you think everyone's against you.
                        Audrey - I didn't say that.
                        Clay - but your actions show it.
                        Audrey - you're telling me what I think.
                        Clay - in this house words don't mean anything, it's what they do.
                        Audrey- you're basing that off one day.
                        Clay - no I'm basing it off your whole game. A lot of what you say as been skewed, or we already know; or that not it's not correct, but it's not credible.
                        Audrey - how is that not credible. Remember when someone said I said something and they got pissed at me.

                        I'm done for now......


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                          1:50pm BBT

                          Cam 1/2
                          Clay arguing back and forth in typical Audrey fashion in the Backyard.

                          Cam 3/4
                          Vanessa, Shelli, and Liz/Julia (not sure which one is in the house) in HOH Room - talking about DNA......


                          • #14

                            Liz left HOH room & Clay just walked. Clay says he almost blew his stack with Audrey. He is relating what happened in the backyard & says Austin witnessed everything.

                            Shelli - does she know she's the backdoor plan?
                            Clay - no; she's just playing victim, and how she's only helped their game.

                            He says that Audrey wanted Clay to promise that Shelli would not be putting her on the block; and now she's denying that she said that.

                            Audrey knocks on the door & Vanessa runs into the bathroom to hide. Audrey wants to talk to Shelli with her a mediator of their fight. Clay is asking her to leave but she doesn't want too. Finally she steps out and says she will wait outside the door so Shelli can hear her side.

                            Vanessa comes out of the HOH bathroom the BB tells Audrey to replace her batteries.

                            Close one - Vanessa will stay in the bedroom when Audrey comes back & she won't know that Vanessa has been up there the whole time.

                            Then Audrey comes back. Clay lets her in for the conversation.

                            Shelli told her that Vanessa was in the bathroom when she came in earlier.

                            Audrey is playing the victim and fighting back tears.


                            • #15
                              2:15pm BBT

                              Cam 1/2
                              Kitchen with Austin, Liz, and Meg - general chit chat.

                              Cam 3/4
                              HOH - Audrey & Clay continue to argue with Shelli & Vanessa mediating. Audrey is trying to back-peddle somewhat and claiming that she is "misunderstood".


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