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Live Feed Updates-July 19-Day 32

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    Jackie to James- she ****ed up talking to you and me .. we were the wrong 2 people...
    James- I think me and you are good for at least one week.. I'd be very shocked if one of us gets put up.

    Jackie- if I win HOH.. I'm for sure putting Liz up .. easiest thing to do ..
    James- I'd like to put up Vanessa too... or Austin ...


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      Austin - Jeff was slimy with the ****ing girls and he would not leave Liz alone. I wanted to break his neck

      Austin tells Julia that he thinks that Jeff will try to get Liz drunk at the wrap party and take her back to his hotel room and if he can't get her to go, he'll take Jackie or another former BB houseguest...


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        James tells Jason that he hopes next week, Steve will go home.
        Jason - that would be my goal... and Austin would be my backup


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          ( so the BB clock on the feeds is wonky ... time on BB clock 1:52 AM )

          Audrey is in bed with Vanessa
          Jason nearby "folding his clothes" ... ( really watching/listening )
          Meg in the bed beside them ...

          Vanessa to James- I feel like you can help with this.. she ( Audrey ) is having a panic attack.. and she doesn't want to .. I feel like on a human level, you'd be good to help talk rationally to her ..
          James- yeah ... umm... let me see what I got in my rational box
          Vanessa- you have a good box.

          ( Audrey is the big lump under the covers beside Vanessa, we can only see the very tip of her head )

          James- umm Audrey .. how ya doing?


          James- well okay ... you ( Vanessa ) kinda put me on the spot here

          Vanessa- that' okay I know you can do it .. you've helped me so much ...

          James- Audrey, I know this is hard, I know you got this.. you gotta remember this is just a game... everyone loves you on a personal level here

          Jason - your families going to be proud of you ...

          James- it's nothing personal and you shouldn't take it that way

          Vanessa tells her that everyone said in the room upstairs that it's not personal...

          James says everyone would like to hang out with her ... on a personal level ...

          James- you made a good start, I know it was tough coming out here, your back was up against a wall, your story got out, no one here judged you, you made a huge step, And, you are definitely going in the right direction. And, America's gonna love you Audrey. And, that's point blank about that .. don't take it so hard.. I know that's easier said than done.


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            Vanessa- I really believe Audrey, that your mission in life is to inspire people .. I believe that and however bad you think that things are going to be for you on the outside ... I don't believe it's going to be that bad.. and even if it is... as bad as you imagine.. I believe that your destiny is to over come that and inspire people.

            Vanessa- and I know that whatever it is that this world throws your way ... you're going to overcome it because your strength of character and because of your willingness to be authentic and true to yourself .. and be an accepting, loving, overall person.

            Vanessa- and in this moment you need to remember that your purpose in this world, is way beyond Big Brother.

            James- yeah .. and the thing is .. we love your personally... when you are just being Audrey, you are funny, you are fun to be around, you're hilarious and I like that ...


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              Meg- we are living in a parking lot in a box.. I mean no one should be taking their live seriously ..

              Jason - in a month, no one will remember our names.. except for Jason ( himself ) and Steve ( because they are super fans )

              James- and Audrey, I think you are hot, I already told you that. Like, I flirt with you a good bit, even though you turn me down a lot. So, just hang in there, every thing will be okay, you'll go back outside with your family and whenever we self evict or get evicted we all have good things to go back home to..


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                Vanessa to Audrey- you can't be under there..that's not good for you . I can feel you freakin' .. that' no bueno ...


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                    eventually they turn off the lights...but she's still there...

                    Vanessa tells her that she has to come out from under the covers.. it's not good for her... that she's only going to get more depressed....

                    They continue to try to talk to Audrey ...


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                      Audrey does eventually get up and go to the Have Not Room, where she's suppose to sleep ...

                      James tells the others that she told him that he problem right now isn't "game" it's "chemical"

                      quick to FISH

                      ( I have to go ..pushing it to make it to work on time, now as it is .. hoped that to catch us up a wee bit )


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