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Live Feed Updates-July 20-Day 33

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 20-Day 33

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    4:25 BBT

    Steve is the only one awake. He is waiting for laundry and trying to figure out which cameras are following him as he walks around the yard talking to himself. None of them are, they're just changing which camera is on him and panning out to follow him. Which makes him wonder what the hell is going on. He went inside to see if something was going on.


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      Looks like everyone is sleeping and that is not surprising as I think many must have been awake for a while just processing what happened and the information that was shared.


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        9:19 AM BBT


        (Probably waking up the houseguests. Today is POV Ceremony day!)

        I just realized the time should be 9:48 but on the feeds it says 9:20 so don't know if it's not actually "Live" or if they just have the clock set wrong.

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          10:03 AM BBT
          Back for just a minute. Looks like everyone is gathering in the Living Room. Liz had one of those mouth microphones on (that hang on your ear). Maybe time for POV Ceremony?

          Back to FISH!

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            10:10 AM BBT

            We had another flash. Looks like all or most of the houseguests are in the backyard. Sounded like they were talking about playing some game/competition. Not sure.

            Back to FISH!


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              10:20 AM BBT

              Cams 1 & 2
              Clay in the Kitchen fixing breakfast.

              Cams 3 & 4
              Shelli in the HOH Room Gets called to the DR. Cameras follow her.


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                10:22 AM BBT
                Cams 1 & 2
                Jason & John in the backyard talking (both dressed in all white like Liz was). John says Veto, Veto Meeting. Talks about knowing what he's going to say at the meeting.
                Jason talking about Audrey having a panic attack last night. Said she centered it around Vanessa's bed. Just her (Audrey) playing game.

                Cams 3 &4
                Liz, Jackie, Vanessa, Becky & James all in the bathroom area doing hair, makeup, etc...


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                  The times are off, but Jason and John are in the backyard and Jason is telling John that Audrey is crying to Vanessa right now. She says she could be crying to anyone but she knows that Van has the power to keep her off the block so she is playing game. She cries about everything, and she will only have real tears when she is gone. He also says that she is the star of the show and TPTB might think it will be boring without her.

                  John asks who is coming down and Jason says he asked that he be taken down because she can't say anything bad about John. Jason says he knows he was the target this week and he is fearful that some might take the opportunity to take him out.

                  Jason says Audrey has no ammo against John. John says that if Van doesn't use the POV she will make a target of herself next week. They talk about her overplaying her hand and that she didn't need to. Jason says that she was telling everyone that John was part of the 5 person alliance and Jason says we knew that wasn't true because John wasn't up at 3 in the morning talking game.

                  John says when Jeff left she didn't need to talk at all this week, but she had to run up and talk to them.


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                    10:30 AM BBT
                    Jason & John still talking. Saying that Vanessa will probably use the POV. Thinks she will use it on John. That Jason was put up as a target/backup plan.


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                      11:35-sih BBT



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                        We are back but I don't think they have had the POV Ceremony. For the most part, people have been chi chatting but Jason commented that he didn't want to go inside because he didn't want to lose his place on the sofa. He does go in and starts talking to Shelli, Jackie and Meg. Someone asks him about what Audrey said to him last night/early morning and he whispers that she Audrey said her "issues" were chemical. Jason tells them that there is now way BB would have let her on the show if she had some sort of chemical imbalance because they put you through so many (psych) tests.

                        BB takes that convo away from me.

                        Then the cam lets me have that convo again and Shelli leaves and Jason, Meg, & Jackie are a bit concerned about Audrey and keep saying that she is going to be ok.

                        Lots of FISH!

                        James says that Audrey has been in the diary room for a good 30-40 minutes.

                        Fish! (again) (I don't think BB wants us to know what is going down with Audrey for some reason)

                        Back to everyone chit chatting.


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                          12:38 PM BBT

                          Still no sign of Audrey. The HG's are getting restless. Shelli, Jackie, Meg and Jason even contemplate BB trying to plan something to help Audrey from being evicted this week (they are joking...sort of).


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                            The HG have scattered. Some are in bed, others eating and no game talk.


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                              all 4 cams on Jason & Meg sleeping but you can hear people talking in the background. someone asked BB a question and he said "YES" but i couldn't hear the question.

                              1:32 p.m. BBT.


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