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Live Feed Updates-July 21-Day 34

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 21-Day 34

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    4:05 BBT

    Jackie and Jason are on the backyard couches chatting about things. Jason gets called to the DR.

    (production leak-Robert is in the Dr to talk with Jason)


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      Who is Robert?

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    6:48 BB time

    Everyone is sleeping.


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      9:07 AM BBT

      Meg was up within the past half hour sitting in the hot tub. I think she is back in bed now as all cams are on sleeping HG's.


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        9:38 AM BBT



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          9:38AM BBT


          (assuming it's wakey wakey time)


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            9:52 AM BBT

            Back and all I see is Steve eating breakfast in the kitchen. Oh yeah, Clay and Shelli doing some serious snuggling in the HOH bed. Now Steve and Johnny Mac are outside chit chatting. They are talking about their facial hair. Now they talk about the twins and how everyone knows about them and that everyone probably knows that everyone knows, but don't want everyone to know that everyone knows. (haha)

            Jason joins them. More chit chat.


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              10:04 AM BBT

              Austin and Liz in bed. Austin is talking about who they could target next week (I think he says Jackie and Steve). He also wants to talk to Jason and explain his outside relationship status so then everyone will know. Austin also wants to explain his feelings for Liz to him so that people won't think it's just a showmance. Liz teases him that if he had been on the show last season, he would have showmanced Christine.

              Liz goes to the SR to change her battery pack. Audrey also comes in and she has her sunglasses on, a gray hoodie pulled up over her head and a matching gray blanket wrapped around her. As soon as Audrey leaves, Liz looks in the mirror with a "yikes" kind of smile. Liz goes back to the bedroom and tells Austin about seeing Audrey. She said that as soon as Audrey left the storage room, she (Aud) went straight to the DR.

              Audrey has come out of the DR and walked staright to the have not room. She remakes her bed and crawls in, pulling the blankets over her head. Jackie asked Audrey if she needed anything and Audrey tells her no.


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                  10:23 AM BBT

                  Johnny is telling Clay that ever since Audrey started the rmor about him being in an alliance with Becky & Jackie, they both have distanced themselves from him. Clay says he would really like to replace Jackie with Becky. Clay says that before Jeff left (and Jackie confirmed it the other day) that Meg, Jason, James and Jeff were in a 4 person alliance. Clay wonders if Meg, James and Jason will try to scoop up Jackie and Steve. Johnny says that Steve has already approached him with a final 2 deal. Clay says later in the game, he wants Johnny to bring Steve into the fold. Clay thinks that Steve, Johnny Mac, Shelli and Clay would be the perfect f-4. They talk about Becky and Johnny says he is not sure about Becky anymore. He says he gets a strange vibe from her now.

                  As if on cue, Becky joins them. Talk turns to Audrey and her lies she has told.

                  I need to step away for a bit if someone wants to jump in.
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                    11:06PM BBT
                    Cams 1 & 2
                    BY couches Clay, Becky & JohnnyMac

                    chit chatting about who has been evicted so far and then talking about HG positions on the memory wall and joking around about "top row" or "left column" evicting

                    Cams 3 & 4
                    bedroom with James, Austin & Liz (or is it Julia now?)
                    talking about food..making eggs

                    someone is sleeping in another bed ..not sure who...Jason maybe?

                    Okay it's Steve sleeping in the other bed not Jason because Austin & Liz go out to make eggs? lol and James sits quietly for a sec and then looks over and whispers "Steve...Steve"

                    Steve whispers back "James"

                    James: you getting up? no? yeah? No?

                    Steve asks what he (James) wants...says James always makes me nervous

                    James chuckles and asks Steve why he's always nervous around him ....says he's just making casual conversation

                    Steve: Okay

                    James: how do you feel about going into Thursday? feel good?

                    Steve: mmhmm I feel like it's going to be an obvious decision..

                    James: well I'm talking about the ready to win one?

                    Steve: I am. I've been ready for a couple weeks now

                    James: I'm ready to win an HOH too man

                    Steve: you had one turn now

                    James: no it's not..everyone needs to get 2 a piece

                    Steve: I dont think that's possible

                    James: why not? Shelli got two..why can't everyone else get two?

                    Steve: because there's a limited number of weeks

                    James: If Shelli gets another one, it'd be pretty bad ass

                    Steve: it's like what Aaryn did Season 15

                    James: oh's crazy how Aaryn won all those isnt it?

                    Steve: Aaryn won a bunch of HOHs early on

                    James says he thinks that's what kept Aaryn in the game so long and Steve says it definitely helps

                    James talks about being HOH you can make deals ...that's the good thing about winning HOH. can make deals with everyone.

                    talk about making deals all over when you're HOH and you're good unless someone breaks their deal. How that could happen (people breaking deals) but it's stupid to be a person to do that

                    James talks about how he really wants to win HOH so he can make those kinds of deals. He wants to make 2 week deals

                    Steve: you're a fan of 2 week deals?

                    James: you shook hands with me on one

                    Steve: yes I did

                    James: so you have one more week with me dude

                    Steve: then you're coming after me after that?

                    they talk about there are definitely scarier people left in the house than others. say one of them is leaving this week.

                    James: it'd be very interesting to see if our scary people are the same scary people...

                    they say that's actually very likely and talk about how it'd be cool if the two of them won this next HOH and how they both seem to be playing a similar logical type game as opposed to personal.
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                      11:20 AM BBT
                      Cams 1 & 2
                      Jason has joined the group on the BY couches
                      sounds like just general chit chat

                      back to
                      Cams 3 & 4
                      still bedroom with James & Steve

                      talking about Audrey...James saying she will be alright once she leaves the house

                      Steve says he imagines Audrey is actually pretty popular because of all the drama and pot-stirring she has done and caused

                      James says she did stir up a lot of stuff...but you have to think about if any of it was true ...was it all lies? or was at least a little bit of truth was in there

                      James thinks there was truth in some of what Audrey has said. But that even with the bits of truth, she blew it way out of proportion to what it was

                      Steve asks what James thinks were any "kernels of truth" ...James answers he doesnt know ..there's not telling

                      James says he's a realist and he just doesnt think that 100% of everything she has done/said has been a lie.

                      Steve agrees that reasonable to believe and they agree that at this point it really doesnt matter anyway.


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                        11:28AM BBT

                        Cams 3 & 4
                        still bedroom with James & Steve chatting about different stuff
                        whether BB was the longest Reality show or not... Steve brings up German BB once being 365 days..a whole year (really?! wow!) and discussing their stipends, etc how much it works out to weekly.

                        Cams 1 & 2
                        cams follow Becky as she goes into HN room to get some clothes (bathing suit maybe? I dunno)
                        and in there we have:

                        over on Cams 3 & 4 Steve talking about how much his $$ will be if he made it to jury (well he only says how it would help him pay for college) and we get FISH


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                          11:40PM BBT
                          Cams 3 & 4
                          bedroom we still have Steve & James with Steve talking about how much past HGs got as far as their bottom line stipend. Then talk about how things work i.e. the feeds...Steve telling James how they cut to FISH and when/why ..they take me away from them now (lol) and go to kitchen with Liz (?) and Austin eating. She is telling him he was right..he's good at making eggs. Austin asks her what her favorite thing to make/cook..she says grilled cheese (lol) She says she's good at marinating. Clay's in there as well and says he isn't a big marinade person.

                          Cams 1 & 2
                          BY couches
                          Jason & JohnnyMac
                          Jason saying no offense to Liz & Julia ...but if a DE comes up...easy to get rid of both of them. Says that if both of them are in there..that's an unbreakable bond. How twins make super couples look like nothing.

                          Jason talking about how if Liz & Julia were F2...thought not "legally" allowed to "share"..they are family so not like they wouldnt like probably buy stuff for the other, etc. (the winner would) he calls out "Sorry fam I ain't buying y'all nothing" lol

                          Jason says if he was to win, he was thinking he should probably invest it... talk about how much it really is after taxes...John says it would probably be just enough to open a decent dental office of his own

                          brief FISH ..back to the two of them talking about what they can ask for from BB (John wants to change his album CD for HOH I believe) Jason saying yeah he'd already asked before if they could get some good food in instead of shopping from only the gluten free aisle. Now talking about allergies real vs not really an allergy (to foods, medicines)

                          {{stepping out for a back asap}}
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                            Nothing going on game wise. Some are in the backyard watching Austin working out (lifting weights). Steve is advised by Austin not to work out today or he might be so sore on Thursday he can't move. Inside, Jackie is making some slop. Becky is in the pool and Jason is going to get out of his "costume" and join her. Liz doing dishes.


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