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Live Feed Updates - July 22 - Day 35

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 22 - Day 35

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    HGs snoozing away

    (keep an eye on yesterday's LFU topic as I'm about to go flashback and catch us up there )


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      8:42AM BBT
      "The Wackstreet Boys" are called to perform again
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        9:00AM BBT
        some up milling around and some still sleeping

        Cams 1 & 2
        BY couches Jason & JohnnyMac
        chatting about shaving and needing hair cuts
        Jason says he's going to lay back down until they are woken up or the Wackstreet thing happens again

        Cams 3 & 4
        rainbow bedroom on sleeping HGs

        10:00AM BBT

        the last hour has just been showing most everyone getting up, awake and just milling around

        10:04AM BBT
        on Cams 3 & 4
        Audrey awakes and goes out of HN room...cams follow her to the SR where it looks like she changes her batteries for her mic pack

        she comes out of SR and goes directly into DR (Steve is in the LR but she doesnt look at or speak to him..he doesnt say anything either)

        {{ ok I gotta step away for a a few minutes for a potty break & to make a couple phone back ASAP but if anyone would like to jump in and help us out with the LFU'ing..that would be great & much appreciated! }}
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          Camera 1
          Backyard Hammock
          11:56 a.m.

          Vanessa and Clay. Clay tells her he is trying to soak up the sun before they are locked down.
          Vanessa tells him about a conversation that she overheard between Jackie and Jason the previous night. She says it was a deep conversation. Jason lost Day and she lost Jeff and now they are together. So even though we think Jason is with Meg, he is with her. That is why when I went to her with the deal and said I would include her on my deal with Jason she said she didn’t need it because she is tight with Jason and doesn’t need a deal. They are one hundred percent together. So it is Jason/Jackie/James and Meg.

          Shelli joins them and Vanessa is saying that Becky might be alone. Vanessa said that Jackie and Jason are always the last ones up and that is the only time they talk game. They have done a great job of hiding it and that was Jackie’s big mistake telling me she didn’t need my deal. I would bet anything they are together. She thinks they also control Becky and Johnny Mac’s votes. They run the numbers and who is in what group.

          Vanessa says that Audrey and Steve are the out lyers. They go on to talk about food. Vanessa is leaving and wants them to be sure that she has told them all the news she knows.

          Now that Vanessa is gone Clay is telling Shelli that they need to stay close to the group of James/Jason/Meg and Jackie because if any of them win HOH in the next week or two we are going home. They talk about the fact that Jackie might have the targets of Austin/Vanessa/Liz and Julia so they need to talk to that group and try to stay in their good graces. They talk about the pros of making those deals. Shelli says they have to do whatever they can to protect Vanessa.

          Clay says if he won he would definitely put up Becky and Austin to deflect the heat from them. Shelli says that Jason made the point that you don’t want to pi$$ off the twins because that is two votes in jury.

          Apparently there was talk last night that they were a part of and everyone was saying they are targeting Austin. I will try to go back and see if I can find that conversation.

          (This is very hard to hear as we can hear sirens in the background.). Shelli says I won’t put up Johnny Mac any more, it’s just not fair. Clay is talking about putting one of their group (Austin?) up as a pawn.

          Jason joins them (12:20 p.m.) and they are talking about what kind of comp it could be for HOH. Jason thinks they will have a short one so that it can air on the show. Jason wants an endurance comp but as long as there is BOB they will have short comps so that they can get them all in.

          Jason tells them that Jackie thinks it would be good to put up Austin if they win. He says he doesn’t want to keep put up people as pawns. They could put up Steve and Austin and if one wins they could go with Liz. Jason says Jackie is afraid he (Austin) might win HOH, but Jason doesn’t think he is a good comp guy, he is just big and a beast. Jason says who knows what Liz is like because she hasn’t done much of anything. She has always been gone when they did the BOB and POV.

          Becky comes over and they continue to talk about what kind of comps there could be.


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            As Jason/Becky/Clay and Shelli are talking a voice comes over the loud speaker (that isn't one of them) and we go to FISH. It was apparently an announcement that the backyard will be closing in 20 minutes. They start to pick up towels, etc.


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              Camera 1
              Backyard Hammock
              12:32 p.m.

              They talk about Audrey being awake and up. (I think)

              Everyone leaves and Austin tells Liz that he is going to implement operation Jason once Liz leaves. He asks if she is sure that she can give her (I assume Julia) a heads up. They go on to talk about the fact that the next time Liz goes to the DR she will be switching and that Austin might have to go over it.

              Liz says that they have to make sure that Julia knows to talk to people about keeping her/them (the twins) because then they will have two votes, and if you don’t, you could get back an evicted HG. Liz sees the danger and the fact that those people might say but you two will always have each other’s back.

              Austin says we can tell the truth which is that you just have each other and Austin and you have never lied. We are people that you can trust. Can we trust you, we will make a deal and protect you. We will always be targets ahead of you. Austin wants her to talk to Jason and make this deal. (This is the Operation Jason part apparently.)

              Austin says that stage two will be the Judas vote for Audrey and that will be our ace in a hole. They will think that there is still an America’s Player that they will have to deal with. Liz says and then we can blow smoke in their ears that the vote was Steve. That way if Steve doesn’t win, others will be wanting to get him out. They are afraid that Steve will be the Dan Gheesling and if he gets to top 5 he will win. They talk about how inept he is socially.

              Austin is concerned that with Audrey going the next big thing will be the twins cause everyone needs a big thing in this game. Austin says I have to talk to Jason, Operation Shock and Awe. Liz says that Jason is a ringleader and Austin says he doesn’t think Jason is a ringleader but he could be because everyone is going to him because he knows the game. Liz thinks Jason wants to be.

              Austin: the Becky/Jackie thing is scary. Liz says she owes me one because I didn’t put her up and Austin says she owes me one too. The Austin says Jackie doesn’t know s**t. They talk about people wanting to work out with him and they never followed up with him so he didn’t do it.


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                Camera 3
                Backyard couches
                2:01 a.m.

                Jackie and Jason are alone in the backyard wondering where everyone else is. They talk about Steve and how they don’t have much patience for Steve. Just general chit chat and then fish.

                Jason talks about how Steve tried to make a deal that neither one would put up the other one. Jason says he will never win because that would ruin his game as he doesn’t want to put anyone up.

                Jackie says she and Meg talked and they need to win and get some blood on their hands. Jackie says that those people who put her up on the block as a pawn should be worried. She talks about the last POV and the fact that she and James almost lost and it was a terrible feeling. She says you can’t be too nice. (It sounds like they are talking about the fact that Jason helped her out with the pumpkin so she could win.) They hope that it doesn’t show up on TV.

                Jackie says that she has no idea what John is doing in this game. Jason says he is just here for a check. They agree they just want to vote for those who are playing the game. John wants to win because he is in debt. Jackie and Jason say they aren’t in debt, they are just at zero. They talk about sticking with the plan for next work and get Austin out and then target the twins if the group can stick together.

                I'm not having much luck finding the big convo about targeting Austin. Will continue to look but the feeds are being wonky.


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                  I can't find the conversation, my feeds are crazy so.....right now the HG are locked inside. Shelli is doing dishes and most of the HG are in the purple bedroom just general chit chat.


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                    It appears that all HG are sleeping.


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                      In case you want to FlashBack for the convos

                      4:42 PM BBT


                      5:01 PM BBT


                      ( I'll be posting them in an article on the front page in just a bit )


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                        Camera 1
                        Comic Book Room
                        7:21 p.m.

                        Steve and Austin. Austin tells Steve that the others think he is America’s Player. Steve says well hopefully tomorrow night’s vote will show that’s not true. Steve tells him that he is not America’s Player and he did not throw that comp. They are whispering and talking about alliances. Austin is worried that Clay will throw the HOH tomorrow and Austin asks Steve if he thinks Clay will do it.

                        Steve says he trusts him, and that is speculation. Austin says it has crossed his mind that he might do that. They talk about an alliance between Jackie and Becky and them up there. (I assume they mean Shelli and Clay.)

                        Steve says that Shelli and Clay made a big statement because they are in that 8 person alliance and they went after Day and Jason. So I don’t think Jackie and Becky, well I don’t think Jackie will be on board for working with Shelli and Clay after that. (While this conversation is ongoing, Jackie is up in the HOH bedroom with Shelli and Clay.)

                        Austin asks who Steve thinks will be the big target for next week. He is wondering if it might be Liz. Steve isn’t sure. He goes on to tell Austin that he has a good relationship with Jason. Austin tells him that he wants to talk to Jason. Steve says they are close because they are both fans. Austin says I am a fan too, I want him to know that. Steve says that is the angle you need to play up because that’s Jason and my relationship and I can tell you that I’m…..I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. The twin thing is out! It’s out. Austin says I know and I want to tell him. I mean I know but I can’t say anything because it’s her thing.

                        Steve: I think it’s to Liz or Julia’s benefit….
                        Austin: for me to tell.
                        Steve: For HER to tell. Yeah, I don’t know but it might be, because the angle that needs to be played at this point because it’s out is we’d rather have the twins come in separately than have someone return like Jace. That’s the angle that needs to be play.

                        Austin agrees and says that whoever the HOH is this week, she needs to tell them. Alright.

                        Steve: The thing is it’s less sketchy if she tells the whole house. I’m not saying that’s the best plan but

                        Austin: It’s so risky. People are under the impression that she can’t tell, maybe? Maybe she can’t tell.

                        Steve: That is true. He talks about how she could say she wasn’t supposed to tell. He once again says it is out.

                        Austin says I’m going to say that she tells me once the music is on but then she can’t say sh*t. She is afraid.

                        Steve clarifies with Austin about whether she can talk about it and Austin says she can. They continue to talk about what the best move is for getting it out. Austin says I just want to talk to him about it. He says it’s obvious that I know because I am so close to them and FISH.

                        Steve: Question for you, if I win HOH, would you have a problem acting like my backdoor target?
                        Austin: Oh, like you are going to backdoor me? If that happens, yeah, it’s ok.
                        Steve: That’s the most believable thing.
                        Austin: Sure
                        Steve: I think it would look sketchy if it wasn’t.
                        Austin once again says sure.
                        Steve: You won’t be but would that be an ok thing.
                        Yes Austin says again.
                        Steve tells him he won’t backdoor him and Austin says that he hopes the other HOH doesn’t try to do it.

                        And in comes Julia. Steve: Hi Julia. Julia: Oh that’s good. Steve tells her that Jason already told him. Austin falls on the bed laughing. Austin tells her to sit down so Steve can talk to her and he leaves the room. They talk about the twin twist and the fact that she needs to go public. He tells her that everyone already knows it. James and Jackie are not sure, but everyone else does. Steve goes over the plan that they say if the twins don’t come into the game then someone is coming back to play. He hits the point that TPTB are going to do their DE and they need the numbers. Steve says he’s not saying it’s a good idea, but it’s something she should sit on and think about. It will stop the rumors like that she is not allowed to tell or when you both are actually coming in. They continue to talk about it and he mentions that Jason knows when she is coming in so she doesn’t have to go into details just that they are switching. It’s just an idea and it shows you are open about it because you aren’t revealing anything they don’t already know. Steve tells her if you say that the evicted HG might come in, people aren’t threatened by you, but they are by Jace, Day, Jeff and Audrey. Everyone would rather have two of you than any one of those four.

                        Julia tells him it’s brilliant and she will sleep on it. He tells her to talk to Liz when they switch to get her feelings.
                        They go on to talking about Audrey and her eating even though she is a HN. Steve is emphatic that she is not breaking any rules. He can’t say any more because he will be called out but she is not breaking the rules. FISH.
                        He goes over what clues they know that tell them who is who. It is the nose, it’s different. Day was the one who figured it out. Steve says he was clueless and she had fooled him. They continue to talk about all the clues and she asks if she should tell and he says not until you talk to Liz. She says but should I tell or her?

                        This conversation continues but it is mostly about what she needs to do. She tells him that she is uncomfortable having a relationship with Austin since he already has a girlfriend. She says they are so different and wants to know if Liz makes an effort to talk to others. He talks about the sleeping arrangements. Julia says I think she just likes him for a friend and Steve says "they are in a showmance". That's how it is going.


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                          Some of the HG are bowling now. They are using boxes and empty pop bottles for the pins.


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                            Catch up with the Audrey drama HERE on the Home Page

                            Including this ...


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                              9:06 p.m. Audrey and Vanessa talking in the HN room. It is brief but Vanessa asks if there is any particular reason that Audrey ignored her the other day. Audrey says that the meds she has been on is making her forget things. She apologizes and they take me to the kitchen.

                              9:19 The feeds move back to the HN room and Audrey is singing to the cameras and then bows. It goes something like…. Please tell me that this isn’t my life, Vanessa and James quit telling those lies. She then bows and climbs back on the chair (her bed). Wrapping herself in her blanket. She yawns and then gets up and re does her song again. I wake up in the HN room and think is this real. Shelli is putting a knife in my back and then the words posted above. And the camera changes.

                              Next sighting of Audrey is at 9:40. Vanessa/Liz/Austin/Clay/Shelli/Meg/Jackie/Jason and Steve are in the Living Room. The DR opens and she shows up with the blond wig on and a blue hoodie. She says she is the other twin and Julia jumps up and runs to her. She reads a sign that Audrey brought out… says that it is their responsibility to break it down (and starts to dance) and then says: or put things in the refrigerator for preservation. Everyone is laughing and having a good time. Audrey hangs back to see what is going on but she is there with them. They continue on with the conversation they were having prior to her arrival and she quietly leaves.


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