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Live Feed Updates-July 23-Day 36

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 23-Day 36

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    All lights were out, but then the lights came on in the comic book room and Steve is restless, getting up, laying on the top of the comforter, moving around alot.

    Camera 1&2
    The purple bedroom is still dark, but Jason came out of the DR and is eating chips and talk in bed with Meg. Vanessa is also awake talking. Jason and Meg are talking about they're like 18 year olds again, laying around, eating stuff in bed, etc. and that is exactly what they are supposed to be doing. Then they start talking about HoH and that they need to get it. Going over who might put them up. Worried about Jackie and Becky, don't know what they would do. Steve won't try to win, he doesn't want to have to pick a side. They talk about how he has been throwing comps and how he has read Dan's book and is following it, throw comps until final 5 unless you are going home.

    Camera 3&4 Steve is now up in the kitchen eating.


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      Catching us up on what happened later in the night game worthy
      11:19 p.m. Austin and Julia on the hammock in the backyard just talking about life. Talk turns to the twin twist. Austin is telling Julia that Audrey was trying to paint in people’s minds and to freak out Shelli that Austin and Vanessa have a thing, and Austin and Liz have a thing, and Austin and Liz and her twin have a thing. Then she tried to do the same thing with Vanessa. Vanessa said it wasn’t true about her deal with Austin. They have to pretend with Shelli and Clay that he and Vanessa aren’t close because Clay knows I’m close with Liz but not you. He thinks he and I are very close. Julia says that they (Shelli and Clay) are the low men on their totem pole (alliance). Austin goes into the fact that it makes him nervous about being in an alliance with the twins because he knows they will pick each other before him. She deflects. He says that before when Liz was in I was around her and then when you come in I’m different so when you leave this time I’m going to be so upset. I’ll go to Shelli and she says “let’s talk about it” and then I can pull at her heart strings. I will say I have feelings for her but her sister is in the game, and I’m not sure where I stand with them. I have a deal with you and Clay and I’m going to honor that before anything else. Little do they know that I am going with you (the twins). She says she is worried about Shelli and Clay making side deals and he says Clay and Shelli have a lot of side deals, but they have theirs with Jason. They talk about Johnny Mac and Austin points out that he is scary because he throws comps. He is the safest person in the game. No one wants to get rid of him EVER. He is going to be Top 4. If the alliance of six can make it to the top 6, then he goes out 7th, but if they don’t he is in the Top 3 or 4. He is going to jury. Steve is the fu** up for us, he needs to win this week and if he doesn’t I told him I’m going to put him up. They go on to talking about who has deals and talk about Jason/Meg and Austin says that Meg wants him in jury because they have such a great time hanging out. They both need to stay into the game at least until jury (to get the money). Austin says he has developed feelings for her sister (Liz) and he wants to protect her but he won’t always be able to so he is going to protect both of them so that they can get farther. If he hears that someone wants to put her (Julia) up he will tell them to put him up instead. He isn’t afraid.
      Julia reminds him that it is the countdown to jury. Who do we not want in jury? The next eviction is when jury starts she says. He says he didn’t think about that because he doesn’t want any of the old evicted HG to come back.
      Talk turns to where she likes to be touched as they are doing it for a reason (to throw off Shelli and Clay). He talks about his trainer and how everyone loves him and I’m done with this.


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        I am having trouble with the feeds flashing back, but about 1:30 a.m. Julia and Austin are in bed and they talk about the votes for tomorrow. He reminds Julia that Austin is voting Audrey out, but Judas is voting to keep her and Judas will be the one in the DR.

        About 1:16 a.m. Steve is trying to learn how to juggle and he talks Clay into getting up and showing him how. When Clay gets up he lies down with Shelli. (Big move).
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          1:18 a.m. Shelli, Clay and Johnny Mac are in the bedroom. Shelli is filling him in on her conversation with Audrey. She wants him to know that his name did come up because she told Audrey that she heard she had a F2 deal with John. Audrey denied it.

          Shelli is worried about Audrey’s speech for tonight and the fact she might try to blow up some people’s games. Johnny Mac says as long as what she says isn’t true no one will believe her. Shelli tells him to be careful when he talks to Audrey because Shelli played it off as though she didn’t really talk to Johnny Mac about anything. She wants him to protect himself. They are talking about covering their tracks (their words).


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            8:39 a.m. All HG are sleeping.


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              1:48 a.m. Meg and Jason are in the bathroom whispering. They see Shelli come in and take her into the bathroom. Jason says they had a convo with Austin and he told them the name of the twin. Austin is trying to build a bridge with them (Meg/Jason). He is telling us about Julia because he wants to keep Liz. He is wanting to get to jury with Liz. He is ok with taking Julia out especially if Jackie does it because Liz/Julia think that Jackie doesn’t like her anyway. FISH.

              They switch the cameras several times and now come back to the bathroom and Vanessa has joined them. And FISH as Jason is trying to tell them about the twins. Shelli goes over the fact that he wants to save Liz and Julia is expendable. Austin is back peddling on having a girlfriend and says she said she wouldn’t be waiting if he came on the show. And FISH. When we come back Jason says that he thinks Austin came to him because if Jason wins HOH Jason thinks Austin is afraid that he will go up on the block so he says he is ok with Julia going on the block and going home. Jason says he didn’t think to ask when they were coming in and he should have.


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                Camera 3
                2:10 a.m.
                HOH Bedroom

                Shelli catches Clay up on her conversation with Jason.
                Clay: OMG.
                Shelli: Vanessa is going back to bed to lie down and think about it once again. She was so glad that Vanessa was there to hear it. Basically this just shows that he is a loose cannon.
                Clay just can’t believe it.
                Shelli: He just wants Liz and he is trying to back peddle about his relationship with his girlfriend because Liz isn’t good with this. He is being boneheaded and he needs to talk to the twins. He is ruining their games.
                Shelli goes on to tell Clay what the deal was with Jason. He just wants to go to jury with Liz, he says he’s ok with that. Shelli says he has no loyalty, he doesn’t care about bettering this group at all. We now have an option for a target, but we need to talk to the twins because we don’t want the twins to be upset. We need to tell Liz he is throwing Julia under the bus. Doesn’t he understand they are “wombies”.
                Shelli: The game is continuing and I am so juiced. Meg said she was so happy to have something besides Audrey to talk about.
                Clay asks her who she would like to align with. Who would work with them.
                Shelli: I can’t wait to talk to Vanessa about what she thinks.
                Clay: I love when she gets worked up.
                Shelli: John does not love her emotions (Vanessa). I love her emotions.
                Clay: John/Becky/Jackie would be solid.
                Shelli: Why not join with them and sell out Austin? We need to bring up Vanessa and see what she says. We just need to see who wins HOH.

                Meanwhile Vanessa is in the purple bedroom talking to Jason and Meg about their conversation with Austin.


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                  10:06 AM BBT

                  We have been on FISH! for several minutes.


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                    10:28 AM BBT

                    Happy Eviction Day!!

                    Looks like most everyone is awake. The few that are talking are just chit chatting. No Audrey sightings yet.


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                      10:46 AM BBT

                      We had FISH and now we are on JeffCaps!


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                        11:41 AM BBT

                        Still on JeffryCaps (get it JeffryCaps/ Jeff recaps?)

                        Now that the house seems to be intent on voting out their common "enemy" the house dynamics could be in for a big shake up. Seems like a great time to get the live feeds.

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                          1:53 PM BBT

                          We are back and everyone is on the main level of the house primping for the live show except.......Audrey. Audrey is in her have not bed completely covered up with her blanket. Becky is in the H/N room straightening her own stuff. From the looks of it, Audrey has not packed any of her stuff. The floor around her bed is piled with clothing. Becky goes to the kitchen and tells Meg, Jackie, and Jason that when Becky went in the H/N room, she had to turn the light on. I think she says that Audrey turned it back off and Becky says she said "sorry hun, but the light is staying on until I get my stuff". Becky joins the rest of the people in the main bathroom. Not much else going on right now.

                          It's going to be a heck of a show tonight!! With that, I am out. See you later.


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                            Camera 1
                            2:30 a.m.
                            HN Room

                            Audrey and Vanessa in the HN room.
                            Audrey: Becky comes in and says Production says you can have pizza. (Something about punishment).
                            Vanessa: If you trust my opinion on people, I don’t think Becky did it to be mean, I think she did it out of kindness. So many people were worried about you.
                            It appears that Audrey thinks they did it to get the penalty nom.
                            Vanessa is telling her that they didn’t want her to be down because we knew you were super down. We weren’t sure how you were doing on slop. We just wanted to be sure you were fed.
                            Audrey: I guess it’s an effect of Atavan. Audrey tells Vanessa she doesn’t know what she is going to say and Vanessa tells her to keep it short and simple. If it’s hard for you to organize your thoughts on the meds.
                            Audrey says I’ve haven’t been on them since last night but I still feel it a little bit.
                            Vanessa tells her if she would like to practice her speech she will help her. Make it short and sweet and to the point. Keep it classy. That is her best recommendation and Audrey knows how to do that.
                            Audrey says how about saying Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas.
                            Vanessa says that would work. If she really wants to be funny she should ask Austin for something. Vanessa says you can say it has been a complex journey and they are laughing and as Vanessa is preparing to leave she says get up and get ready. The good news is you don’t have 17 zits on your face. I can literally draw a constellation on my chin. Audrey says that’s a sign of wisdom and Vanessa says it’s adult acne and it’s terrible.

                            Becky and Jackie have been in the room for a short time and they are laughing with Audrey as she names off the holidays.
                            Vanessa says just be your natural happy self. That is the best way if this is the last time you will be on.
                            Jackie tells her to end her speech by saying she wants to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Becky has left but Jackie and Audrey are laughing with her. Vanessa says she has been in the room too long and it is driving them all crazy.
                            Audrey asks them how much time they have and they tell her about 3 hours. She continues to lie on the chair.
                            (Just an aside, Steve is getting a haircut from Clay that is supposed to make him look like Johnny Mac so watch for that.)
                            Vanessa is trying to figure out what she wore on TV the last time and Audrey is helping her with that. Audrey tells her to wear her lucky suspenders.
                            Audrey: I had some weird dreams last night. I would shut my eyes and go into a dream and then open them and shut them again and go right back into dreaming.
                            Vanessa: Did it help? (She is talking about the meds)
                            Audrey: Oh for sure. Audrey says that they will say you aren’t the only person who has lied on this TV show this summer and Vanessa says right. Of course you’re not. But you aren’t one of the vile people like in old seasons. You aren’t that for sure. So don’t be that worried or consumed. Vanessa then recites the Prayer of Saint Francis (God grant me…). She says you can’t control everything so just take an attitude of just letting it all go.
                            Audrey: I could make my speech, a wise man once said “Merry Christmas” and blow some fake snow.
                            Vanessa says don’t do that. Vanessa says you could come back into the game. They talk about how it worked in past seasons. Vanessa tells her that is a question for Jason, she isn’t an expert on that.
                            Vanessa reminds her that what happens here is a very small part of her story.
                            When she once again talks about blowing fake snow in Shelli’s face Vanessa tells her not to do that because she isn’t fu**ing nuts.
                            She then starts singing her song once again. 2:43 p.m.
                            Vanessa says I’m glad you’ve got this out of your system. Now stop it. Stop this sh*t, get your **** together. Not blowing smoke or whatever, just keep it classy and make your parents proud of you.
                            Audrey says if I can come back in the house as an outcast, I will say Merry Christmas and blow the fake snow then.
                            Now Audrey is in the HN room flipping the lights off and on and says “OMG, I hate my life, I hate my life”. She gets up and starts rummaging around for product to take a shower (I assume) and then heads out.
                            Audrey runs into Meg and goes over the Merry Christmas thing and Meg says it’s live TV so you can say whatever you want. They laugh.
                            Audrey is now in the bathroom with most of the house and Shelli says you can use the dry shampoo. It smells great and works good. She gets it for her.
                            Audrey is now in the shower and it appears she is shaving her legs.
                            Quickly she is out and working on her eyebrows.

                            We are now at Jeff Loops so I'm out until after the show.


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