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Live Feed Updates-July 23-Day 36

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    If you missed tonight's show ... you can CLICK HERE to catch up


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      James and Austin laugh about how the audience laughed as they stood up there together during the HoH Competition ...


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        James says "he's done helping people"

        He says that he helped Vanessa study last night, and she assured him that they could be HoH's together.


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          Jason not James I think?

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        Clay tells James that the "one vote" ( for John ) is going to drive him crazy.


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          James tells Clay that he "wants to know why America laughs every time him and Austin get together.

          Clay- I think it's cause y'all look alike


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            7:34 PM BBT

            Talk is about "the vote"

            Meg - James did you give Audrey a sympathy vote?
            James- no
            Meg- you promise
            James- yes.. and why are you asking me?

            Now everyone ...

            Speculating on if the vote is America's vote... was Audrey America's Player, is there a new America's Player... etc.

            Shelli says she thinks that America gets to flip a vote

            Jason says nope.. wouldn't be fair...


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              Shelli- there's definitely some sort of a twist about that last vote.... it's meant to make us go crazy


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                Jackie ( about Audrey's penalty vote ) I'm glad she got it, throwing it in our face all week, walking in and taking a warm shower, eating what she wanted.


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                  Meg - they really bailed on this take over thing...

                  Others- yeah ... wonder what's going on?

                  Austin- budget cuts..

                  Everyone laughs...

                  Austin-that's what happened to the bread..

                  Talk turns to the Have Nots being able to eat tonight ... at midnight ...

                  ( breaking away for a bit.. )


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                    7:02 p.m. Purple Bedroom. The feeds come back and it is Jason/Meg and Clay. Jason is mad that Vanessa picked him to go against since he helped her study last night. He says he is going to talk to her about it. They assure Clay that Jackie is not going after him. Jason says he is done helping her.

                    Jason is worried that Vanessa is coming after him. He tells Clay he is asking him because they (Shelli and Clay) were close to her.

                    I move to the Comic Book bedroom and Austin and James are in. Liz comes in and is happy that she can get rid of her costume.

                    Back to the Purple Bedroom and Jason is scared about what is going to happen because they were straight with her and now she knows all kinds of information. They are asking Clay what is going to happen. He just shakes his head.

                    Meg says she can’t believe that she did so bad in that comp because that is her type of comp. Johnny says he couldn’t hear his music at all (do you really think so).

                    They talk about how the songs got harder as you went along.


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                      7:29 p.m. In the purple bedroom a group is talking about how dirty the HN room is because they couldn’t see anything because Audrey had the lights off all the time. Becky says she let her laundry pile up so as to not bother her.

                      They thought Audrey did a good job when she left. They were surprised that she used the word Merry F****ing Christmas on the air.

                      8:07 and Audrey is in the purple bedroom just lying in bed. Johnny Mac moves his stuff back in from the HN room and leaves. She continues to lie there just staring at the ceiling. Johnny Mac comes back in quickly and she tells him she doesn’t know what to do. This is a transitional week. He tells her she has time and she says not much. He tells her she will figure it out, she did last time and he leaves.

                      She is called to the DR.


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                        Cams 1 & 2
                        Becky & John talking.

                        Cams 3 & 4
                        The two new HOHs, Jackie & Vanessa, talking.


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                          8:48 p.m.

                          Vanessa is quickly talking to Jackie as they enter the room.

                          Vanessa: I want to work with you. We have to work together. We have to think who we are willing to put up. I think I know who we are going to have to put up from talking to people but I am going to have to confirm it.

                          Jackie says she thinks she knows who she is going to put up. Can we talk about it now?
                          Vanessa says assures her and say let me hear where your head’s at and we can go from there.

                          Jackie says her first pick will be easy because she (Liz) put her up last week. So that is done. Then she says that she might put Steve up with her.

                          Vanessa says that her feeling is that one of them will be her target and if she puts both of them on the block, then one might come down and she will need a replacement nominee. So if they are both her targets she needs someone else. She tells Jackie that a lot of people are ok with him (Steve) going home. He doesn’t bother her but he does others.

                          Jackie says he doesn’t really bother her but he has been off the block for two weeks.

                          Vanessa reminds her that if she has a target in mind, she might need to put up an ally of the target next to them so they can’t vote for them. You need to make sure that your target isn’t still in the house because they will come gunning for you. Do you understand?

                          Jackie says she does. She could do a wash with Steve and he could be the pawn.

                          Vanessa says you just took my nominee from me. She thinks that is what the house wants. They need to work together to maximize the chances that the target goes home.

                          Vanessa and Jackie then shake on the fact that they won’t backdoor the other HOH this week.

                          Vanessa says that you have to be very careful who you tell any of this information to because they can’t know or they will be coming after us. When people come up to talk to you, just let them talk. Ask them who their target is. We just want to make sure that what’s good for us happens.

                          Jackie just keeps saying um hm and done.

                          Vanessa tells Jackie that she sees that she is a competitor and that is good.

                          They then talk about the nominees and Vanessa says she doesn’t want to pull dead weight. Those people who keep letting us win and it’s not fair to us. We get blood on our hands and they just skate by.

                          Jackie tells her that honestly she would like to remain as the HOH and Vanessa says she is fine with that.

                          Jackie: Do you think we can figure that out?

                          Vanessa talks about putting Johnny Mac up again but doesn’t want to do it.

                          Jackie volunteers to put him up.

                          Vanessa says I will feel like a terrible person to put him up again and ask him to throw the comp. That would mean he was up there 5 times.

                          Vanessa talks about Steve and Jackie tells her that Steve is going up on her (Vanessa’s side).

                          Vanessa is ok with that. Others won’t do that for us (throw a comp), well maybe Jason? She says that Jason is safe, he should know that. He was one that I wasn’t going to worry about. We had a deal.

                          Vanessa then talks about putting up Austin and Liz. Because if Austin wins veto he may save Liz and we will need a backup plan if he isn’t up there and takes her down. Vanessa says she is good at figuring out things and they will figure it out.

                          Vanessa talks about the twins being two people inside the house and Jackie reminds her that they will be in a threesome. They talk about maybe someone coming back if the twins are gone. Jackie then asks her if she is close with them?

                          Jackie: Who do you trust?
                          Vanessa: I’m going to tell you who I don’t trust and please don’t say anything about that. They broke my trust a little last week and that is big with me. (She is talking about Austin and Liz)

                          Jackie: Liz and whoever (maybe Steve) and I take over. Another thing possibly if we can send Austin home and then the twins will be in the house with us.

                          They are both asking that the each other keeps what they are saying to themselves and not talk to others.

                          Jackie asks if Vanessa is ok with Liz/Austin or Steve going home this week?

                          Vanessa says yes.

                          They plan to get back together later and talk.

                          Vanessa says that if she allows Jackie to make that move they will need to make a longer term deal for this house.

                          Vanessa asks if who she is afraid of.

                          She says no one really, but the twins…and if they can get Austin out then they will have two weeks to get the twins out after that.

                          This convo continues for almost an hour as they go round and round about who to put up.


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                            Endless chit chat and I have an early morning so I am out. I will go back and update tomorrow if needed. Good night good people.


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                              10:15 PM BBT

                              Vanessa and Jackie- who wants to see our HOH room ??


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