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Live Feed Updates-July 23-Day 36

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    Jackie super excited as she enters the HOH room

    Jackie- I thought this would never happen ...


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      Jackie's letter is from her dad..

      Hi Jackie,

      This is your dad writing you from Nguyen, Columbia. I really would like for you to visit me here for the holidays. It gets more beautiful here in Columbia the more I stay here. I'm recovering well from my brain surgery, and most grateful for you, for taking me back and forth to the brain surgeons. And, for your attention and care. I feel great and well, and very energized.

      Keep up the good work, and don't forget to have fun along the way. You mean so much to me. I love you, & you know I'm always thinking of you.

      Jackie- My dad... and my teddy ... I've had him since I was born ...

      They ask - what's his name?

      Jackie- Freddy Teddy ... and he smells like home!

      Jackie- I never thought this would happen!


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        Vanessa's letter is from her mom ...

        Dear Vanessa,

        I am so, so proud of you Vanessa. I can only imagine the amount of mixed emotions you must be experiencing as Head of Household. I've realized many things, since your time away, that I miss you and love you are a given. Beyond the obvious, however, I've discovered how much you've inspired me in your tireless effort to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, exploring the unknown, accepting self truths, discovering more about your self identity.

        Now to catch you up on the family. Teesha will start her residency in a few weeks, The most recent topic of discussion has been her wedding and we have spent the last few weeks searching for that perfect venue. Tiffany has been busy preparing for her new teaching position at a new private school for the fall. Jim and I have been so busy working we have not been fishing for a least a month, longest time ever. But, both of us are really looking forward to lobster Maine season in August.

        Okay, litte Panessa ( yes Panessa ) it's time to say goodbye for now, We all love you and miss you and support you every step of the way.


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          10:49 PM BBT

          Vanessa to Austin- we're going to have to talk a lot. I'm going to talk to everyone else first, then I will talk to you last.


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            Austin- I want to talk to her ( Jackie )
            Vanessa - do that 100%
            Austin- I have a lot to say to her ... about last week and **** ...

            Vanessa to Austin - a lot of people have a strong feeling about the twins.
            Austin- I know. I talked to Jason about it... does she really want to target that right now?

            Vanessa- I don't know what she wants..
            Austin - you talked to her a long time in there ...
            Vanessa - yeah about us not putting each other up and why she targeted me so many times ( during HoH comp )

            Julia- she's putting me up
            Austin- not necessarily

            Austin is asking Vanessa if she thinks she can work something out with Jackie


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              Vanessa - but the thing is ..she can't know who my people are
              Austin - I know

              Vanessa - and as far as she knows, you are not my people, so don't say anything...

              Vanessa- listen, I have a solution, I'm going to fix this. You just have to trust me. And, at the end of the evening I will talk to you. I have to talk to Shelli and Clay first to see if they are on board, with what I'm going to do.

              Austin- but you are going to try to keep it ( HOH ) aren't you ?
              Vanessa- she thinks I'm totally fine with letting her keep it .. but I am 100% NOT fine with that.

              Vanessa to Julia and Austin- you guys have to trust me. I'm loyal.

              Austin- I know that .

              Vanessa- you have to trust me. I have to work some things out and I'm going to come back to you and tell you what the plan is. You can tell people that I am happy to talk to them, but don't stay up here too long.. don't want people to think we are working together.

              Julia leaves..

              Austin tells Vanessa that he talked with Jason, about the twins and that he wants them to get in, according to him, and that him and Jackie have a deal about them ( twins ) coming in...

              Austin tells her that everyone down there is good with Steve going up and home.

              Austin- people are picking up that you are working with him..... you might could get James to throw the BoB.


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                Vanessa to Austin - Trust me... You are going to do damage to yourself if you open your mouth. I'm going to tell you things at the end of the night... you just have to trust me.. and don't lie to me...

                Austin- I'm not

                Vanessa- just don't lie to me

                Austin - about what?

                Vanessa - just don't lie to me.. if I ask you a question, just tell me the truth... don't lie to me.

                Austin- I'm not!

                Vanessa - okay.

                Austin- about what though?

                Vanessa- we have an agreement and if you lie to me.. I'm going to be forced to wonder why...

                Austin- I'm not!

                Vanessa- I just hope that you are telling me the truth....

                Austin- I am ..

                He says that he also wants to clear the air about his girlfriend..

                James comes in and says- I want to get this off my chest..... your mom is gorgeous! Meg is replaced!

                They laugh and then James leaves...


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                  Vanessa continues to tell Austin to watch what he says...

                  Austin- do I talk to Jackie or what?

                  Vanessa tells him yes.. but do not let Jackie know that they ( him/Liz - Julia /Vanessa ) are working together...

                  She ensures him that she will tell him everything that's going on ...

                  Austin says he just wants to clear the air with Jackie, let her know he was only trying to help her last week, he likes her and would like to make a deal wit her...

                  Vanessa - yes, that's what you should do ...

                  Austin- what do I offer her .. 2 weeks? 3 weeks?

                  Vanessa - can't really offer anyone 3 weeks...

                  They continue to talk ... then Vanessa tells him he shouldn't stay up there too long..

                  He leaves.


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                    Vanessa to camera ...

                    Vanessa - there is is... Austin just lied to me.. point blank to my face. I mean I'm loyal. But I'm not stupid. ****. Why did Austin have to lie to me? Why? Why? Why?


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                      Vanessa talks with Shelli and Clay

                      Vanessa tells them that Austin lied to her face about telling Jason about the twins...

                      Vanessa - even after I warned him about lying to me.. I mean what else do I need to say to these mother ****ers.. you lie to me and get caught...

                      Shelli- it's over.

                      Vanessa- the problem is.. I don't trust him. He lied to me... but the problem is .... he has SO much information on us.. especially me... when I was HOH .. like the thing with Jeff..

                      Shelli- what thing with Jeff, he ( Austin) is the one that wanted to put Jeff up.. Austin is the one that didn't throw the competition .. I mean you have more on him... than he does on you ...

                      Vanessa- you're right .. we could spin it ...

                      Vanessa - her 2 targets are Liz and Steve... it's not what I was thinking but.. here's one idea.. we come clean to Jason, Meg and Jackie that we knew about the twins...

                      Shelli- so we say keep the twins and put up him...

                      Vanessa- I think keeping the twins is better .. but the problem is she's not willing to put Austin up right away .. she wants to put the twins up on the block ... she is going to put up Liz with someone that will throw the comp .. like Johnny Mac... and she wants Steve as the back up target.

                      Shelli- she doesn't want to target Austin this week?

                      Vanessa- she thinks he kept her safe.. but I think if we pull her into a bigger group .. she will feel safe.

                      Shelli- what did you tell her you were going to do?

                      Vanessa- this is the truth.. I told her that I have a good relationship with everyone .. and my only thing is that I could put up who I did last time.. which was Johnny Mac and James..

                      They talk about how James through the HOH competition ...

                      Jackie comes in


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                        11:22 PM BBT


                        Clay asks Jackie who she wants to go home this week..

                        Jackie - either Austin or Liz.


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                          Jackie tells them that it's easy for her to put up Liz, because she put her up last week.

                          Clay- so Liz is your target, with Austin as your back door?

                          Jackie- possibly ...

                          At that point Austin comes in and wants to talk to Jackie...

                          Jackie and Austin go to front HOH room to talk..


                          Shelli is telling Vanessa that she and Jackie winning was the "best thing ever" because Jackie trust them and Vanessa can build trust with her too...

                          Shelli- and now we can form something.. It's beautiful.


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                            They talk about how they can't let Austin "out them"

                            Vanessa- he ( Austin ) will say anything to her ... to stay..

                            Clay- oh yeah because he wouldn't be going to jury ..

                            Shelli keeps saying that she thinks they should come clean to Jackie about how they knew about the twins.. and that they were working with Austin, until he lied to Vanessa.


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                              Vanessa says she thinks it's best to get Liz out before Austin

                              Clay/Shelli tell Vanessa that it's best to get Austin out before Liz....


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                                Vanessa continues to talk about how Austin lied to her face.
                                Shelli- he's telling Jason about the twin thing .. which is disloyal to us
                                Clay- we stick with our story... can't say we were in an alliance...
                                Shelli- but we say that we knew about the twins...

                                Vanessa- we can say that we knew about the twins and were working with Austin to keep it a secret...

                                Clay- but that looks like an alliance...


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