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Live Feed Updates-July 23-Day 36

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    They continue to circle around... what to say .. what not to say ..

    Shelli asking what she and Jackie talked about
    Vanessa tells them that she let Jackie talk. .and how Jackie said that Liz and Steve were her targets and she told her the same... let her believe that.


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      They continue to talk about they need to back door Austin .. but worry that he will expose them if he finds out .. and thinks they are voting against him...

      Vanessa- He doesn't give a **** about the money. He is here cause of Liz

      Vanessa- we just make him think, we had no idea...


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        Clay- Steve would go home over Liz...

        Vanessa- who the **** am I going to put up?

        Vanessa thinks that Steve would throw the BoB ... for her .. but NO way she says he would throw it for Jackie..

        Shelli says he won't throw it for anyone... he's too smart to do that ...

        Vanessa- he's throwing HoH's ...

        Shelli- because that keeps him safe from having to put someone up ...


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          Shelli says that Julia should be up there right now talking to Jackie, but she's not .. she doesn't seem worried..

          Clay- The twins are targets. People are going to target them and not us. They are votes for us, we are using them for votes.


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            They talk about having Johnny Mac throw the BoB

            Shelli - At some point he is going to start saying "no... I don't want to throw comps anymore"


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              Vanessa suggests that they could stay loyal to their group and tell Johnny Mac NOT to throw BoB and have someone throw BoB on her side instead


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                11:39 PM BBT

                Vanessa suggest that Clay go up.. telling him he'd be safe and she would do it if she was in his position ..

                Clay- I'm for it.. but what if it goes wrong and I'm up there with Becky ... I'd go home...


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                  Clay- what if it was me and Jason ?
                  Vanessa- I'm trying to make sure you would be safe


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                    11:43 PM BBT


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                      Vanessa suggests telling Austin that Liz is Jackie's target... so he has to throw the BoB on her side...

                      Then they could send Austin home.


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                        Austin promises Jackie that he will not put her up/send her home.....

                        Austin - I do want to work with you. I'm just going to try to keep open communication with you. We haven't lied to each other.

                        Jackie- yeah .. that's good.


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                          12:00 AM BBT

                          Jackie telling them about her convo with Austin .. and how he kinda told her that there are twins... but he can't really say ...

                          Shelli- I would be careful of anything you say to him.. because he will tell her.

                          Jackie- all I said is that it would be easy for me to put her ( Liz ) up .... but I also said I didn't want to play the revenge game.

                          Vanessa talking now about Jackie's options...

                          - chance Johnny Mac won't throw BoB .. might get pissed
                          - thinks they should convince Meg to throw BoB ..

                          Jackie- I can't .. I don't think she would be okay with that ...

                          Vanessa- we ask her.. all she can do is say no ...

                          Jackie - don't think she would...

                          Shelli- her and Liz.. don't know how strong that combo would be anyways...


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                            Jackie asks if they don't think the house would think it was strange if she put up Meg
                            They tell her 'no' ... that people think she's close with Becky/John...

                            Vanessa- I know for a fact she (Meg) is not going home next to Liz ever

                            Jackie talks about how Meg is so emotional...


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                              Vanessa asks Jackie if she thinks she could convince Becky to go up with "one of these two" ( Shelli/Clay ) to win the BOB.
                              Jackie says if Clay goes up, she thinks Becky would.


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                                Clay tells Jackie that he will go up .. with Becky IF Meg .. will throw the BoB next to Liz


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