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Live Feed Updates-July 23-Day 36

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      Jackie to Clay - I think you and Becky would be amazing on that side.


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        Vanessa - we need to keep Steve and Austin off the block for back doors


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          12:15 AM BBT

          Vanessa suggest bringing Becky up and getting her on board...

          Vanessa - it's important that not many people know about the throwing thing... because Austin is going to remain in the house ..

          More talk about at Final 8 deal... with Steve and Austin as targets..

          Vanessa- It's better if Austin goes.
          Jackie- That's what I was thinking. Guarantees us two more weeks ( with the twins coming in the house )

          (she wants to target them the next two weeks )


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            Vanessa to Jackie- so Final 8... you are saying the 4 people in this room ( Shelli/Clay/Jackie/Vanessa ) and Jason/Meg/James/Becky ??

            Shelli- so John's on the outside?

            Clay- John is like a side piece..

            Shelli- yeah John needs a week off ...

            Jackie- yeah he doesn't need to go up... told I wouldn't anyway ...

            They agree that they couldn't let John know about what's going on anyway .. because he's close to Steve.


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              12:24 AM BBT

              The meeting is breaking up for now...

              The plan ( for now ) is...

              Vanessa will put up Clay/Becky ( counting on them to win the BoB )

              Jackie will put up Liz .. along with either James, Jason or Meg, depending on which one would volunteer to throw BoB


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                12:27 AM BBT

                Steve comes in ....

                Vanessa/Jackie to Steve- you are not going up ...


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                  They ask if he still wants to talk ..
                  He says the would like to touch base with them...

                  Jackie - I'm going to need a glass of this ( wine ) first.
                  She leaves...


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                    Steve to Vanessa- are we still working together?
                    Vanessa- yes.

                    Steve- I'm sorry
                    Vanessa- for what?
                    Steve- the HOH.. I was the first one out again

                    Vanessa tells him not to worry about it ..

                    Vanessa- you are not going up.. not a back door plan... there is a plan in place. You are not a part of it at all. I will fill you in later this week

                    Julia at the door now ...

                    Steve leaves...

                    Julia tells Vanessa that she's freaking out.. she knows she's probably going up ...
                    Vanessa tells her there's not much she can do about it.. other than make sure that Austin doesn't go up on the block beside her.

                    Julia asking Vanessa what she should say to Jackie...

                    Vanessa- I want to tell you something.. it's important to you.. I just don't know what to do .. I want to .. do you trust me?
                    Julia- yes

                    Vanessa- okay so I'm telling you ...


                    Vanessa - I don't know if I can tell you.. I'm breaking so much trust.. but the thing is ... the 3 people that want to tell you this .. want to wait until after the POV.... but I will tell you that you are not her target... you are going up... but you are not the target... you are just going up because it's easy for her.. and she thinks you are a twin ... and she would rather your twin come in ...

                    Julia- should I tell her anything?

                    Vanessa - she is putting you up .. no matter what .. so no need to say anything.. but I will tell you I am going to try to stay in power.


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                      Vanessa tells Julia that she thinks that Jackie wants to back door Steve, and that's the reason she's not putting him up.

                      Julia- Why would she go after Steve? ..... he's too easy to get rid of. Why would she backdoor him?


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                        12:38 AM BBT

                        Vanessa tells Julia that she loves Austin, but can't trust him and that she ( Julia ) needs to listen to her over him.

                        That all he's trying to do is get to jury with Liz.


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                          Julia tells Vanessa that Liz told her that Austin tried to kiss her, but she resisted it.

                          Vanessa- do you think your sister really likes him?
                          Julia- no

                          Julia tells Vanessa that as soon as Liz gets back in the game that Austin "
                          doesn't give a **** about me anymore" ...
                          Julia- That's what I have been feeling

                          Vanessa tells Julia that Jason told her that Austin came to him and was trying to make a deal, that Jason wouldn't put him up, told him everything about them ( twins ) ... and that he really liked Liz.. and didn't care if he ( Jason ) targeted Julia ...


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                            Vanessa- you can't trust him.. he's lying to you. I'm telling you this.. I am the only ****ing person that will tell you.
                            Julia- so Jason knows?
                            Vanessa- 100%... he even told me your name.

                            Julia- wow.. oh Austin, I'm so sad...
                            Vanessa- you have to keep your **** together with him... don't even think you should tell your sister yet.. is she coming in tomorrow?
                            Julia- yes.. you can tell her.

                            Vanessa tells Julia again - that she is NOT the target...

                            Julia - The fact that he (Austin) told him (Jason) my name makes me sick to my stomach


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                              Jackie- Would you want to go up?
                              Becky- No.
                              Jackie- If you went up with Clay, would you?
                              Becky- Yeah, if Clay is down


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                                Jackie tells Becky, that if someone wins POV, they have Steve as a back door ..

                                Jackie- If for some reason Austin wins and takes Liz down, we have Steve to put up

                                Becky tells her that Steve is freaking out about the "one vote" because he felt like it for sure was Audrey.


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