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Live Feed Updates - July 24th - Day 37

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 24th - Day 37

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    4:20 BBT Camera 1&2

    Julia and Vanessa are talking in the bathroom about Austin telling Jason about the twins and wanting Julia to go so that he can get to the jury house with Liz.

    Julia tells Vanessa about Austin being the hinky vote for Audrey.

    Austin comes in and Julia jets into the water closet. Vanessa tells him that she is waiting for to be called to the DR.

    Austin says Steve is so restless that he is keeping him awake. He and Vanessa talk about whether Steve knows he's the backdoor plan.

    Liz comes out and they talk more about Steve being so restless, then start talking about who still is not sure about the twins.
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      Continue talking about Steve throwing comps and how obvious it was in the HoH. Can't trust him because of that.

      Vanessa saying she wants to be dethroned. They assure Julia that she isn't going home. If Vanessa goes home then Steve or Becky can go home. They go over different scenarios depending on what happens.


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        8:01 AM BBT
        All Cams

        All Houseguests are sleeping.


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          8:25 BBT

          Fish (Waking up HGs?)


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            9:42 BBT

            Jeff clips

            Prior to that everyone was getting ready. Vanessa and Jackie in the HoH talking while they were getting ready and promising each other that they would not put each other up or try to backdoor the other until F8 unless they agreed to go up as a pawn. John came up and talked to Vanessa and they made an F9 deal.

            Down stairs just a lot of chit char. In the comic bedroom Jason, James, Meg, and Julia were throwing around the dark moon phrase as an inside joke with Austin in the bed right there.


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              Flashing back……
              Camera 3
              2:01 a.m.

              Vanessa tells Austin 100% she (Jackie) is not putting you up. He brushes his brow like he is relieved. She is putting Liz up. There is no way around it and her backdoor target is Steve.

              Austin says that Steve ok with him. He then asks if her main target Liz.

              Vanessa tells him that Jackie wants to go for Liz and I can’t talk to her about it really. I don’t know who her pawn is. I don’t know what it will be. I think she is going to put up the two who put her up, which is James and Liz. That’s what she’s probably going to do. I have to talk to Shelli or Clay and see if one of them will go up on the block. If I don’t it will look shady. Most likely it will be Clay.

              Austin agrees but you can tell he doesn’t like that option at all.

              Vanessa says that quite frankly he needs to go up and I can control it during my nominations.

              Austin tells her that they will lose Shelli and Clay if she does it.

              Vanessa says but if I don’t I will have a monster target on myself. She might backdoor me.

              Austin asks if she can? (I thought he was a fan?) I mean can’t you guys make a deal?

              Vanessa and Austin talk about their trust with Jackie.

              Austin then ask who she is putting up.

              Vanessa: James. If she puts him up then I might put up Jason or Meg (she has already said she was going to put up Clay remember). But my deal with them when I used the POV last week was that if either of them won HOH they couldn’t put me up. So having them go out, especially Jason because I really like him, is going to be bad for me. Austin agrees that he likes him as well.

              This convo continues.


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                Continuing Vanessa is telling him that she will put up Becky and Clay. Austin is concerned because he believes that combo will win the BOB. They continue to talk about the combos and Austin asks why she doesn’t put up Steve with Liz. Vanessa says because if Steve and Liz are up and they win, who does she put up? Unless you want to be the target. He clearly doesn’t. (While this talk is going on just outside the HOH room are Clay and Julia playing chess. Remember they once said they would hang out and pretend to play chess because it is easy to overhear conversations in the room there.)

                Austin: I see what you’re saying. This is going to be a big week. I should have won.
                Vanessa: He just pushed his button.
                Austin: I was looking and I figured if I won I would go up against you and one of us would have been HOH and the other would have been knocked out. Would you have thrown it to me?
                Vanessa: I was trying to win. This is an important week. I don’t have a throw HOH button. I think it is pretty obvious I am going to go for the win.
                Austin: I am so pi$$ed, I think he was trying to throw it. I had all of them right away. It was my comp.
                He says he was playing along and was right on all of them. I knew this was going to be mine. Austin said he called the fu*king comp.

                Austin is very afraid that Liz will go home. They can’t control it, but he wishes that James was going up against Liz.
                Vanessa says that she believes that it is highly unlikely that Liz will go home.
                Austin says I shouldn’t have put up Becky against Jackie. I had them go up against each other.

                They continue to talk about their strategy and who should be up. Austin is asking if maybe he should go home and he could throw the comp so that Liz would be safe. Vanessa tells him that she is open with that if he wants to do it since he hasn't been on the block either. He can look good throwing it. He is afraid that he might go home. She assures him he will not.

                He talks about Steve and the fact that it looks like he is throwing all the HOH's so people will want to send him home. Vanessa points out that Clay hasn't won one yet either. Austin says I didn't think about that. Austin is trying to convince her that Steve is America's Player. She tells him that if he is and he goes out, someone else will become America's Player so that isn't a good excuse.

                She asks him to send in Clay and Shelli and then come back so they can talk some more.


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                  Vanessa tells Austin that her strategy with Becky is that she is going to put her on the block because she is positive that she was the hinky vote. Austin is reacting like oh no. She says that Clay is going up with her. Austin says that as much as he wants to be the hero to save Liz he just can’t chance it.


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                    Noms are over and Jackie picked James and Liz and Vanessa picked Becky and Clay.


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                      Right after nominations Vanessa and Julia go upstairs but Julia doesn’t have her mic on so you can’t hear her conversation at all. She does tell Vanessa that she will fill Liz in on the how and why the nominees were picked just before the switch. Julia is called out about her mic and gets up to leave.

                      11:16 a.m. Vanessa/Shelli and Jackie in the HOH room talking.
                      Shelli tells them that she knew Austin had thrown out Clay’s name (to go on the block) but he comes downstairs and acts like he didn’t. I told her to put me up but she is going to put you up.
                      Vanessa says he wants to be the hero. They don’t understand his play. Vanessa has negative energy. Jackie says that he told her that she had to put Liz up, I know you had to do that. Jackie said he didn’t have to come up to me at all.
                      Vanessa says that Austin is word obsessed. Jackie says that he told her he wouldn’t backdoor her, but she never said she wouldn’t backdoor him. She knows that is technical but if they can help her to come up with a reason to put him up (as a replacement nom) she will appreciate it.
                      Vanessa says just to tell him that he lied to her. The twins won’t be in when the vote goes down so that will be ok.
                      Talk turns to getting Liz on their side. They want to make sure she knows that he was willing to put her sister out. Shelli: trying to make some connection and then saying things behind her back. He knows that this is Julia right?
                      Shelli laughs about the fact that Austin has one girl for three days and he likes her and then another for three days and she wants to avoid him.
                      They continue chatting and the doorbell rings and James is there. While he is getting seated Liz and Austin are called out for not having their mics on and they all say “sketchy”.
                      James wants clarification that he is to throw the comp and remain on the block.
                      Vanessa tells him that is the plan and everyone is on board with it. They all need to get in a room when Steve goes to the DR or takes a long hot shower and talk. You are never going home, Becky is never going home, Clay is never going home.
                      James tells them that Austin said that Clay and Becky is like an American Gladiator team. He wants James to win so she can get off.
                      From the talk I am listening to Austin is the backdoor option no matter who remains as HOH.


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                        I have to dash out again, but Julia and Austin are in bed talking 11:24 a.m. BBT. If Julia is on board with getting Austin out she is a good actress.


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                          11:24 a.m. Liz and Austin in the comic book room. He tells her that she will be ok. To tell Liz what is happening. She says she will send Liz right up to talk to Jackie and he says no, send her in here to me. She asks what will happen if there are other people in the room and he says she can say hi and then we’ll go to the hammock room. Just get her to me first.

                          Julia: She is going to freak out.
                          Austin tells her that their worst scenario got HOH. At least you are going to get to play and not get backdoored. You get to play and if you win it’s over, but you still have veto. Worst case scenario is that another person will get backdoored.
                          Julia wishes that she had been told she was going up. Austin tells her he knew she was going up. Don’t ruffle any feathers if you are still on the block. Tell her it’s ok.
                          Austin tells her that she has the votes no matter what happens.
                          Julie says she thinks that James is the target. Austin says he is. She is worried about going out because of the twin twist and she says nope because they want you in here. They don’t want someone coming back later. You have the votes (and he counts Vanessa/Steve/Clay/Shelli/Steve and I). No one in that group will flip, they all like you. No matter what there are five votes that will keep you here.
                          Julia says she is scared to play in the BOB. He says he will help to calm her down.
                          Austin wants her to make sure that when she tells Liz about the comp she tells her that they got fu**ed during the HOH. He knew all the answers and James tried to throw it and he got lucky.
                          Julia: You have to help me convince her and keep her calm.
                          Austin: You just have to get her to me.
                          They continue to circle around this conversation.


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                            Vanessa and Jackie are talking in the HOH room about backdooring Austin. Jackie says that Vanessa has to help her out this week. Vanessa agrees.
                            Vanessa is making a deal with Jackie because they think that when the twins come in they can partner with them and make it far in the game.


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                              12:38 p.m. Vanessa and Shelli are in the second HOH room. She tells Shelli that Julia come up to her after the noms and told her that she is concerned about Austin and told her he was the vote for Audrey and wanted the target to be Clay or Steve.
                              Shelli: I’m going to kill him.
                              Vanessa: The tattoo on his back JS? Do you know what it means?
                              Shelli tells Vanessa that it is so much better when Julia is in the house, so much better.
                              Vanessa agrees. Vanessa goes on to tell her that the twins will be trading in a couple of hours and Julia wants her to tell Liz about Austin. Vanessa says that Liz doesn’t even like Austin. It is fake. JS means Judas. He told me it meant “Just Sleeping”. Do you know who Judas is? Shelli shakes her head no and Vanessa says Judas is the biggest traitor in the bible. Julia says he blames stuff on Judas, because Austin wouldn’t do that. Julia wanted to talk to both of them but she couldn’t get them alone.
                              Shelli reminds her that they have a signal that they should use whenever they need to exchange information. Vanessa says she forgot about that.
                              Shelli asks why Austin would tell Julia those things.
                              Vanessa: He is thinking with the wrong brain and Liz has probably told her those things.
                              He told me that Julia had to go because Liz would pick her over him in this game.


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