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Live Feed Updates - July 24th - Day 37

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    Most of the HG have eaten and are sleeping now.


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      3:56 BBT

      BB calls for the final performance of the Whack Street Boys on the sky bridge.

      NO fish this time. We get to see the whole thing.

      Lots of cheers and it's been a great run.

      Then we get fish briefly. Everybody up now.


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        4:01 p.m. HOH room.
        Jackie and Vanessa. Vanessa tells Jackie that Austin is nervous.
        Jackie asks what happened.
        Vanessa asks if she remembers right after the HOH when they were in the bathroom with Shelli. Austin walked in and they got awkwardly quiet.
        Vanessa: Do you remember that moment.
        Jackie: Did we?
        Vanessa: I think in that moment he might have noticed something. I feel he is different with me. The way he smiles at me, he knows. But there is nothing we can do. You know when you know something.
        Jackie: Yeah you have to. We can just stop talking about it now. It’s done. No one needs to talk about it anymore.
        Vanessa: You’ve made your bed, lie in it.
        Jackie: He never offered to me to go on the block. That is fu**ing bulls***. You know I would told you. Lots of laughing.
        She tells Vanessa 100% he did not offer and he is lying to her.


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          Liz is back in the game and talking to Austin in the lounge. Liz says if she wins she is going to flip everyone off because that’s what Judas would do. She asks him if there is a girl in the bible like Judas. He says Eve? Mary Magdalene?
          Austin says there are a lot of good people in here now that Audrey is gone.
          Fish and we come back to him asking if she is going to talk to him (? I have no idea).
          Austin thinks that Jackie is coming after him because he got out Jeff. That's why I had to clear the air with her.


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            Austin tells her that the main target is Steve. It is unanimous. Austin tells her that he can't shave his head to win this game.


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              About 4:15 while in the HOH bedroom Vanessa is talking about her husband who died.


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                Jackie tells Van that her parents are police officers. They are retired. Her father was the commander of the whole west side of the West LAPD. Her mom was a sergeant in the PD. Her father was Captain of Internal Affairs. She says he had to be on his fu**** sh*t to do that.
                Vanessa tells her that she is very hard to read and that is good in this game. You come off sometimes, you can play both card, fun and don’t five a **** and then you say things that are extremely on point. I am very suspicious and now it makes sense.

                Jackie says her aunt also works for LAPD. So her family is a family of police officers. I didn’t really study them but I know what they did. That’s why I am so loyal. I don’t want to say anything because of Derrick (from last season). Jeff was the only person who knew.

                Jackie says that her father lives in South America now with a girlfriend and her mom works security in Las Vegas. She only works for extra money because she has her pension. She moved to Vegas to be close to me.


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                  Jackie said her mom did not watch BB before but she is watching this season and she is probably freaking out. She is suspicious of everyone. I am like my dad, low key and easy going. I like this person or I don't like him. I need more facts, I just don't believe anything without facts. She doesn't want to have conversations about something that might not be true. That's why she doesn't talk much to others. She doesn't trust people right away.


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                    4:45 p.m. Jeff Loops


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                      6:10 p.m. We are still on Jeff Loops


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                        James and Liz won the Battle of the Block defeating Clay and Becky

                        ( that was NOT the plan that Jackie and Vanessa, especially Vanessa, had hoped for )

                        Jackie was dethroned

                        Vanessa is the Head of Household for the week

                        Clay and Becky face the threat of eviction

                        However, Austin and/or Steve remain the back door options depending on the outcome of the Power of Veto Competition which takes place tomorrow.

                        James is worried that Shelli and Vanessa are upset that he didn't successfully lose/throw the BoB...

                        Vanessa is in a panic that Austin is going to figure out that he's a target...


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                          6:53 p.m. The BOTB is over. It appears that Becky and Clay lost and Clay is very down right now. Vanessa is lying on the bed just staring at the ceiling. Liz asks Clay how they tried to play the game. He is explaining their strategy. Earlier James was asking Jason if they were mad at him for not throwing the contest. Jason says you are ok.


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                            Vanessa- How did that ****ing happen? How did that happen? How?
                            Shelli- It was so stressful to watch


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                              Vanessa to Shelli - I'm going to do 100% what I said I was going to do. I don't understand how that happened


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                                Vanessa - Austin knows something is up. He said James is pissed that he won and Liz is sure he tried to throw it


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