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Live Feed Updates - July 24th - Day 37

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    Shelli to Vanessa - Austin is the target, he is going to go home. Liz is going to be on board. There is nothing to be stressed about

    Shelli tells Vanessa that they can still back door Steve, if Austin gets picked to play in the POV and happens to win it.


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      Shelli to Vanessa - We are going to let Liz and Austin know that we are totally with them both until PoV... we are not going to say anything to Liz yet.

      They speculate if Julia told Liz anything..

      Vanessa- if she did.. Liz is doing a great acting job ....


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        Vanessa- He (Austin) knows something is up and I know he knows I'm in on it...


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          Vanessa- I'm sorry Clay.... but I'm going to make sure that you don't go home 100%.
          Clay- Don't worry about it


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            Clay to Shelli - - I just ****ing hate losing.
            Shelli- Clay, it's only the fourth week... don't be upset about that


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              Shell tells Becky that there's no one that's going to play in the POV that won't use it ( to back door either Austin or Steve )


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                Vanessa to Jackie - Becky and Clay dropped the ball. Simple as that. They panicked....

                Vanessa tells Jackie that she's going to be "dripping in blood" putting Austin on the block...

                They talk about how James needs to act happy that he won... and how Liz is telling everyone that she had to drag him to the finish line.

                Jackie says that it was only inches between Clay/Becky winning over Liz/James... but there was no way that James could see the other side.. otherwise he would have slowed down even more...

                Vanessa to Jackie- Even if he (Austin) plays the PoV.. I will get him to throw it

                Vanessa- You guarantee me James, Jason and Meg will stick to their word, right?
                Jackie- They have to


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                  As a result of the win ...

                  Vanessa/James/Liz won a steak dinner ( from Outback )


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                    Vanessa asks if Austin could get James, Jason and Meg to vote for him.
                    Jackie reassures Vanessa that they ( James/Jason/Meg ) want Austin out too

                    Vanessa- The twins and Austin are 3 people on their side.
                    Jackie- no.... they have all of us.... they wouldn't switch now

                    Vanessa- no I know how Shelli felt when she had to put Audrey out

                    Jackie tells Vanessa - that their plan was good... was this what they wanted to happen .. no .. but it will be fine.. they've planned for it ..


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                      Meg and Jason in the HOH room now talking to Vanessa

                      Meg- What the **** just happened?

                      Meg tells Vanessa that Liz knew that James was trying to throw the BoB ...

                      Shelli looked really mad.
                      Meg- Like pissed!
                      Vanessa- I'm worried that she is going to do something emotional


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                        Vanessa tells Meg and Jason that Austin can't know before PoV

                        Vanessa - If I can keep him in my back pocket, I can convince him to throw it


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                          Meg tells Vanessa not to worry .. that Austin was only probably thinking they wanted to get Liz out ..

                          Vanessa- Liz is turning into 2 people ....
                          Jason- yes... this week.. Thursday

                          Jason says that Julia "the skinnier faced one" is not good at comps.. that Liz is the better competitor .. and she was in the house today.


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                            They talk about Clay and Becky couldn't figure it out ( the comp )

                            Jason - Liz figured it out by herself.
                            Vanessa- James did the best he could. He did nothing

                            Meg - Whatever he (Austin) does pul.... it honestly doesnt matter cause we have numbers


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                              7;57 PM BBT


                              Austin telling Clay that he thinks that they wanted to send Liz home...

                              Austin to Clay- there's no ****ing way you are going home... no way ..


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                                Clay and Austin move to the Storage Room ...

                                Austin - we're good.. the twins are coming in ...
                                Clay - yeah
                                Austin - so we are ****ing so good dude
                                Clay- yeah we're solid

                                Austin - and let me tell you dude.. like me and you .. Day 1 .. we talked and that's my main thing... I have major feelings for Liz ... but ... Julia's going to be in the way when she gets in here.

                                Clay- but for right now .. we need her for the numbers...

                                Austin- yeah .. we stick with it .. and Liz is bad ass dude.. didn't think she had it in her

                                Clay- yeah she killed it

                                Austin - yeah dude .. she's strong

                                Clay - we can talk later...


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