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Live Feed Updates - July 24th - Day 37

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    9:19 PM BBT

    Shelli joins Clay and Austin

    Austin to Shelli- I want to get Clay safe so bad for you.... because I know how it feels. We're the only ones that get that

    Austin- I have to get him ( Clay ) down to get my target up ...

    Austin ( ironically ) continues to assure Clay and Shelli that Clay will not be going anywhere this week...

    Austin- we could probably convince him ( Steve ) to use it on Clay ...

    Clay- I just hope he doesn't play

    Austin- we just have to get you ( Clay ) off the block ...


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      Austin tells them that they need to chill.. stop going through all the scenarios...

      Austin- Vanessa is still HOH, there's a lot of power in being HOH.. and there's a movement to get him ( Steve out.. and if he ( Steve ) wins it ( POV ) there's a way to make him use it ... she ( Vanessa ) will make him use it.

      Talk turns to eating tonight.. before they are Have Not's tomorrow...

      ( I'm going to break away .. if anyone is here and would/could update that would be awesome )


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        Then they talk about Liz/James/Vanessa winning the Outback Steak and Margarita Night

        Shelli says she's kinda glad Clay didn't win that, because he would be going out with 2 beautiful girls ( Becky/Jackie )

        Austin talks about Liz and then talks about Jeff being "out there" ...

        Austin -
        He (Jeff) is the type of guy that will try to get her (Liz) drunk and do something while she is blacked out

        Shelli - yeah he would.

        Shelli tells Austin that she know he's only bonding with Liz ... but she really likes Julia

        Austin- really?

        Shelli- yes!

        Austin- I'm glad someone does.


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          Austin tells Shelli and Clay that he was told that both (twins) like him.. and that they were going to let him decide who he likes


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            Shelli to Clay- I feel so much better about Julia now..... she ( Julia ) is my friend.... Liz is just Austin's girlfriend

            Shelli also tells Clay that she heard that Austin was the one vote for Johnny Mac.. and he did it to put the "America's Player vote" on Steve or Clay to target them

            Shelli thinks that since Austin's been telling people that he wants to split up the twins ( getting Julia out first ) that they ( twins ) would chose each other over him...

            If he is going to become the target....he's setting the seed up perfectly for us to get Liz and Julia on board


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              Austin tells Liz that Shelli and Clay have to be with them... since they ( Meg/Jason) aren't telling them anything ..

              Austin- They were so adamant about Steve being the target.
              Liz- That's a ****ing decoy...... Who would waste their HoH on Steve?

              Austin tells Liz that he felt like everyone was rooting for Clay... ( during the BoB )


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                Liz to Austin- I'm switching again on Monday, and then again probably on Wednesday.

                Austin- but on
                Thursday you both come in and I don't have to worry about losing you anymore


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                  Liz says that Julia told her that she thinks he ( Austin ) was trying to hurt them by talking to Jason. ( telling him that the twin twist was real )
                  Austin- What is wrong with her? I'm trying to do everything I can to keep you both safe


                  • #69
                    Austin- I feel like Julia is being standoffish.... even with me.
                    Liz- I'm going to yell at her.... I'm super annoyed with her


                    • #70
                      Austin to Liz - I loved the Brenchel hug.... that was the best.
                      Liz - I'm not happy with the one today.
                      Austin- We have to work on it!



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                        Austin tells Liz he doesn't understand why James is so depressed...

                        Austin- he's not being himself....he's safe. He should be happy. I don't get it


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                          Jackie tells Vanessa that one twin will need to go home next week...
                          She tells Vanessa that they ( the twins ) have no one in the house except for Austin

                          ( little does she know )

                          Jackie - All you ( the twins ) have is Austin.... and he's gonna be gone. You have your sister? Awesome. You;re done. We have the whole house against you


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                            Vanessa to Jackie - Is it terrible to allow them to continue this showmance? She (Liz) has no idea what a douche he is.
                            Jackie- Let them


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                              Becky tells John that everyone telling her how good she is at comps, stresses her out more than being on the block ...

                              John to Becky- It's just veto. ... you survived a train.... you'll be good


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                                And that brings us current...

                                12:07 AM BBT

                                Now.. just chit chat in the kitchen
                                And Steve is exercising in the Living Room ...

                                ( I'm out .. if anyone would like to jump in and update, you know it's much appreciated )


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