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Live Feed Updates-July 25-Day 38

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 25-Day 38

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    4:10 BBT

    Becky was up to go to the bathroom and then it looks like she straightens up a little in the kitchen and bathroom.

    All other HGs are asleep.


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      Just adding this to today's update - even though it happened last night/wee hours of the morning ... 7/25 - 1:57 AM BBT

      Austin had been stoking Liz's face... running his fingers through her hair...

      Then he finally went in for it...

      Liz kinda/sorta pushes him away from her...

      Liz - I hate you! You're soooo annoying! That was such a sneak attack!

      Austin - you did it back

      Liz- what am I going to do ... whatever... I don't care ...

      Austin- that was nice...

      Liz - you didn't even do it under the covers.

      Austin- it happened so fast... sorry...

      Liz - go away...

      Austin- aww c'mon...

      Liz- you said you were going to make it special ...

      Austin- it was .. it was special to me....

      They roll around in bed back and forth with her giggling saying it's "sooo annoying" ... and his saying.. " no I'm not .. what are you talking about" ...

      Liz - you suck!

      Austin - maybe...

      Liz- you couldn't help yourself

      Austin- no I couldn't you're just so irresistible

      Liz- but they caught us ..

      Austin- who is they?

      Liz- THEY ( cameras )

      Austin - doesn't matter.. it wasn't me ..

      Liz giggling ...

      Now they think the cameras aren't on them anymore.. ( they are of course )

      Liz- see they got what they wanted....

      Austin- c'mon ... are you going to pout and ****.. what do you want? Do you want breakfast in bed tomorrow...

      Liz yes ... and now I'm all flustered and can't go to sleep ..

      Austin- well hey!

      Liz - I was just caught off guard

      Austin- I don't think these things out ...

      Liz- it was nice though ...

      Austin- thanks.. it was just a little sample...

      They continue the back and forth ...


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        Just a couple of minutes ago ...

        Wake up call!

        Houseguests are getting up and ready for the day.

        POV Players will be picked today, followed by the PoV Competition ...

        ( I'm actually not really here yet... so if anyone wants to jump in and update that would be awesome )


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          11:22 BBT

          Went to Jeff loops for Veto player pick


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            11:50 BBT

            Jason is the host


            Players chosen-
            Shelli ( picked HG choice by Vanessa)
            Johnny Mac


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              John also playing


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                Shelli chosen also.

                12:00 Jackie and Vanessa talking about the draw in the Hoh on camera 1&2

                Shelli will use it on Clay
                John will use it on Becky
                The only one they are worried about is Liz. They think she will using thinking that Steve will be the backdoor. Vanessa explains to Jackie that she has to talk to Liz before the ceremony to warn her that she is putting Austin up and she has to explain why and tell her about Austin wanting to split up her and Julia by getting Julia out.


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                  Vanessa and Jackie continue to talk about the comp., what it might be, and when to tell Liz.

                  Vanessa wants to tell Liz before the comp. Jackie doesn't think they need to tell her until after the comp. because they're afraid she will tip off Austin. Vanessa is worried that it will make Liz angry if she's not told, especially since there will be two of them. She convinces Jackie and they decided to talk to her together along with Shelli and Clay so that she feels like she has numbers supporting her. They go back and forth a little and decide to talk to Shelli first.

                  Jackie goes down to get Shelli under the guise that since Vanessa picked her they should talk about strategy.


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                    Shelli goes upstairs and so does Becky.

                    Vanessa lays out the case and Becky says that waiting to see what happens because they are so close that Liz will run to Austin. They're trying to think of when to tell her so she's not pissed when the plan seems to be changed and she feels like she was part of the plan, but so that she doesn't tell Austin and get spooked. They're afraid that if she wins and knows that they are targeting Austin then she won't use it.

                    12.26 BBT
                    Jeff loops


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                      They were on HoH lockdown

                      Have not time-Vanessa only has to pick 3

                      Shelli and Clay chosen because they haven't been have nots yet. Steve volunteers.

                      Have not food is something called slopcorn. A combination of popcorn and slop.

                      They run into the Storage room, there is a lot of prepopped slop corn.

                      They think that pop may be the theme this week and the comp may be popping balloons or something, but then there's a question about whether the HoH and BoB were "pop" related, was it pop art?


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                        12:58 1&2

                        Vanessa upstairs talking to Jason about her acne and how to clear it up. He suggests apples and they talk more.

                        Meg also comes up. Vanessa reassuring them that yesterday it was nothing personal when she wanted to be alone. She was just so tired.

                        3&4 switches from kitchen to have not room with Shelli and Clay. James is giving them advice on sleeping in the dentist chairs.


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                          Back to 1& 2

                          Vanessa now talking to Meg and Jason about when to tell Liz and then Shelli comes up. Now Becky comes up too and they are speculating why there are only 3 have nots this week.

                          It switches to Liz and Austin in the store room rummaging for food.

                          Then back to HoH., They tell Vanessa that Liz is downstairs saying that she will take money and vacation if it's that kind of comp. Vanessa is concerned about Austin not coming upstairs this week. They tell her that it's because he is cuddled up with Liz so much. They're playing games under the covers, etc.

                          They all know that Julia HATES Austin. so they don't think she will be pissed.

                          LOL, Jackie has finally given in and accepted the twin thing. She recognized it once when they switched.

                          Meg is cracking up over the storyline of a showmance with a twin. They think Austin is playing it up because they are twins and he gets more attention (camera time).

                          They're talking about why Austin told Jason what he did and whether Liz knows that Austin told Jason.

                          Liz called to DR. Brief fish. back and Jason is saying they are switching out. He has their schedule down. Now they are debating about whether they are switching out before Veto comp.


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                            1:16 BBT

                            They're talking about Steve making jokes that other people have said and gotten laughs and also making comments about gays maybe without realizing what it means or not understanding that it's offensive. Jason had to say something to him and then he stopped. They say, yeah, Steve is good like that. If you tell him something is not acceptable, he will stop doing it.

                            Back to discussing what the comp might be.

                            Camera 3&4 on Johnny Mac in the lounge alone.


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                              1:22 BBT

                              Jason, Meg, Shelli, Becky, Jackie, and Vanessa in the HoH talking about JMac being ok with just going to jury. Who he would put up.

                              Steve not playing hard and really starting to try later. Steve is similar to Ian. Becky bringing up that Jason said she reminded him of Rachel in season 6. Talking about getting him out before he goes on a run. Jason thinks they should get Steve out before the twins because they will be isolated.


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