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Live Feed Updates-July 26-Day 39

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 26-Day 39

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    Clay, Shelli, Vanessa in Kitchen.

    James walking around getting ready.

    Jason, Meg, Becky & Jackie all in bed.

    Cams 1 & 2 switch to Austin & Liz in bathroom area getting ready for the day and 3 & 4 switch to the Kitchen.
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      10:41 AM BBT

      Vanessa had went up to HOH bedroom. Austin comes in talking to her. Tells her he sat at the door for 20 minutes and he heard 3 things they (Meg, Jason, Becky, Jackie) were talking about.
      Becky sat Steve down last night and asked if he wanted to work with them. Told him he has to talk game, can't sit there being a freak and then they would work with him.
      About him coming out of the DR. Said he was hopping and skipping out of the DR (I guess saying he was happy so must know he's not going up on the block). He says Meg said that but he never saw her once. Says he came out of the DR and went right to bed.
      About the twins. Great they know the other's name is Julia. Saying they can send one out the door. Says Jason said that.
      Liz comes in, talk stops. Liz gets in HOH bed. Austin leaves.


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        10:52 AM BBT

        Cams 1 & 2
        Vanessa & Liz in HOH bed sleeping.

        Cams 3 & 4
        James, Clay & Steve in Have Not room in chairs. Clay and James talking something about Meg, yoga pants being like whipped cream and putting a cherry on top. They have shirts or something over their eyes like they plan on going back to sleep.
        Clay asks Steve what he thinks. Steve doesn't answer. Says something about no way he's asleep. He's just speechless.
        You can't make direct eye contact with the pillow. You'll get lost.
        This delusional jibber jabbing goes on.

        Vanessa gets called to the DR.


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          11:01 AM BBT
          Vanessa out of DR. In Bathroom Area where Shelli is getting ready. Missed most of the convo but apparently she was telling Shelli about what Austin said. Shelli let's Vanessa know that during her first HOH that Austin came up telling her info that he overheard (does air quotation marks) from the Purple Room. Vanessa goes back up to HOH Room and then Austin comes in Bathroom Area repeating to Shelli what he had told Vanessa.


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            11:07 AM BBT
            Cams 3 & 4
            Vanessa & Liz in HOH Room snacking and talking. They're talking about Shelli and how great of shape she's in and how good at competitions she is. Liz says she's going to distance herself from Austin. Tell him that he's too big of a target. Now Vanessa talking about she doesn't know how she won this HOH. Didn't really know what she was doing.
            BB: Liz, please put on your microphone.
            Liz: Oh MY GOD!!
            Liz says she's the worst at remembering her microphone. Vanessa says, you and your sister both. Liz says that's one thing we're both consistent at. They laugh. She starts talking about the microphone guy and then we get FISH.
            Back and they talk about the votes for Da'Vonne.
            Liz says she doesn't know if they can believe Austin. Says he'll say anything to stay in the house.
            Vanessa asks, he realizes that he put himself in this spot? Liz says yes, he's an idiot.
            BB: To Liz... do not obstruct your microphone.
            Liz: Your blowing me up today BB. Something about broadcasting to the whole house (that she's having a convo).

            (I'm out if anyone wants to jump in, please do! Thanks!)


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              2:07 p.m. Liz/Vanessa/Steve. HOH room. Liz is trying to get HBICHOH to trend. (Head Bitch in Charge Head of House). Steve points out that most of the HOH’s have been women.

              I should mention that Austin is downstairs along sitting at the table like he’s lost his best friend.

              2:24 p.m. Shelli/Steve/Vanessa. Steve is explaining nominee roulette. If he asked everyone “who do you want to be the replacement nominee” and if someone wouldn’t answer they were it.

              Steve leaves and they discuss Jason and the phone booth. She is trying to scheme to catch Jackie and Jason in a lie so she has a reason to put them up. It is her theory that Day did not win the phone booth prize (which she did, where she could take some votes out). Of course, Clay also shows up. They are trying to figure out who is in what alliance.

              She is trying to figure out why Jackie is so close to Jason. She refused to put Jason up at all. (It’s ok that Vanessa has those she won’t put up but other’s aren’t allow to do that?). They are still trying to figure out who the hinky votes were (they know it couldn’t be Liz ). Vanessa is so sure about her theories and when they don't jive with what Shelli remembers she works really hard to change the memory to fit her theory.


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                Pretty boring feeds....Austin eating alone at kitchen table...Jackie is getting ready in HOH bathroom. Most of the HG are apparently sleeping as it looks like they are on lockdown. Clay eating popcorn. Interesting enough Clay and Austin are in kitchen and neither is speaking to the other.


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                  Jeff Loops now.


                  • #10
                    Most likely ... Outback Steakhouse for Vanessa, Liz and James


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                      8:09 PM BBT

                      Feeds are back...

                      Meg- wonder how long they are going to be out there?
                      Jason- probably an hour or more...

                      They say that the steak smelled good ...

                      Jason complaining about not being able to have the outside to smoke...


                      • #12
                        Sounds like Clay and Austin are also in the backyard eating steak with Liz, Vanessa and James

                        ( and maybe one more? )


                        • #13
                          Meg and Jason in the bedroom

                          Jason talking smack about Austin ..

                          Jason - I can't look at him at him... it burns my eye
                          Meg- That is so mean!
                          Jason - He's fowahl

                          Jason - He is the most disgusting person I've ever seen in my life..... my shaft has never been so short when he talks to me


                          • #14
                            Shelli and Jackie join Meg and Jason in the bedroom ...

                            Meg tells them they are wondering if Liz and Austin will make out in the jury house...

                            Meg - she can't not like him a little bit.. c'mon!

                            You're bored in here. It's like the whole world is dead and we're the last people. ....everyone becomes more attractive by the end of it .. by the end of this I'll be straight and hooking up with Jackie..

                            Shelli calls to Steve to join them...


                            • #15
                              Shelli- I wonder how real his feelings are?
                              Jason - he said he wanted the whole Brenchel thing.. that he came in here for a showmance..
                              Shelli- he says he's falling in love with her...

                              Johnny Mac is in there too with them...

                              ( so Becky must be part of the Outback Steak house dinner too )

                              Vanessa - Clay
                              Liz- Austin
                              James- Becky

                              The chit chat continues with the bedroom group

                              ( I'm actually out... if anyone is around when the others come in from their eating their steak dinner, if you could update, that would be greatly appreciated )


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