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Live Feed Updates-July 27-Day 40

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 27-Day 40

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    3:10 BBT

    Vanessa and Jackie in the HoH bathroom getting ready for bed.

    Clay and Jason in the hot tub. Shelli came out to talk too. Clay and Shelli had a fight earlier and she's explaining and they're making up.


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      Catching us up very quickly from last night....

      Over night....

      Vanessa really wants to target Jason ...

      Vanessa and Liz have managed to get Austin fired up ...

      Liz tells Vanessa that she told Austin " you need to be Dan Gheesling or whoever the **** that nerd was"

      Austin to Vanessa - When he (Jason) comes up to me asking for my vote... OMG am I going to have fun.
      I'm going to stare at him the whole time he gets put up.... going to be smiling the whole time. He tried to come between me and the girls

      Austin- He tried to twist all of my words.
      Liz- You try to twist all of my words, you are done bitch

      Shelli and Clay tried to talk Austin down ...

      Austin- You guys tell me when you want me to declare war.
      Shelli- Try to keep it calm for right now.
      Clay- Until after veto ceremony ....

      Shelli to Austin - You're not going home. We're an alliance that actually sticks together. We've decided that. It's over.

      Vanessa talks with Steve, tells him she really doesn't want to target Austin, thinks it would be a bad move on her part.

      Steve lays it all out for her ( again ) ...

      Steve- there are 5 of them...
      Jackie, Becky, Jason, Meg, James., you, Shelli, Clay, Liz, Julia.... and J
      hn won't come to their side with Becky still in the game, so it will be 6 on 6

      Steve to Vanessa - If Austin stays this week... you'll have more people here protecting you

      Then Vanessa talks with Clay and Shelli and tells him that she can't get any more blood on her hands.. so AUSTIN may have to go...she tells them "Everybody wants me to do this but unfortunately I realize that I'm going to blow up my own game"

      Clay talks about putting Jackie up
      Vanessa tells him no .. not comfortable with that .. she wants to target Jason ...

      Vanessa to Clay and Shelli- Without him (Jason), they crumble. He is their only strategic player.

      Vanessa to Clay and Shelli
      Unless you guys are willing to draw a line in the's just me.
      Shelli- We've all agreed to draw a line in the sand.

      They talk to Becky ..

      Shelli tells Becky they really want to protect her and they don't want anything to go wrong with the vote.

      They tell her that Austin will be a pawn for her, if she gets HOH ...

      Vanessa- Who would you want to pull in for numbers, Johnny Mac or Jackie?
      Becky- Johnny Mac, hands down

      Vanessa to Becky- It's Meg or Jason and Meg is too risky next to you. He (Jason) is the head of it.

      They continued to talk .. counting votes... .
      Becky- God guys... you're making me **** myself right now

      They warn Becky not to tell Jackie anything.
      She agrees


      Vanessa- Becky is willing to be on board.... the deal is you'd be willing to go up as a pawn and throw comps or whatever we need.
      Austin agrees

      ( that's all I can do right now as far as catching us up.. gotta go to work )

      but bottom line ... Jason is the target now and will mostly like ( you know how they are ) be the replacement nominee...


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        8:15 BBT

        All cams on sleeping HGs.

        (While it's quiet now, look out for the fireworks sure to come after the POV meeting. I will try to update).


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          10:14 AM BBT cam 3 & 4

          Jackie and Vanessa getting dressed in the HOH bathroom. Vanessa asks Jackie if she knows who got that DaVonne got the power from the phone call and Jackie says yes. Vanessa says information has been relayed to her from several people recently that makes her wary now. Vanessa asks her if Da' told her herself and Jackie says Jason told her about it, not Da'. Jackie is trying to get out of Vanessa what is up and Vanessa just says she has been lied to and it affects her decision today as she now questions the alliance of 8.

          Jackie thinks the new group needs to sit down together and talk things over because they never have since they formed this new alliance. Vanessa just ski,s past that idea. Vanessa says she feels like she is being pulled from three side, 2 sides from the 8 and then the other side. Vanessa keeps saying she is going to stick to the plan and mouths something at Jackie that I can't understand. Jackie says she doesn't like this.

          Vanessa is trying to figure out how to tell Jackie whatever it is she has heard without actually telling her. Vanessa says she was sworn to secrecy and can't tell her what was said to Van. Jackie is nervous because she can tell something is up but Vanessa keeps reassuring Jackie that it doesn't involve Jackie.


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            10:47 AM BBT

            Vanessa is telling Jackie that all Austin wants is one more week in the house so he can go to jury. Vanessa talks about Austin being in love and how he claims he doesn't care about winning the show just wants to be in the jury house with Liz. Vanessa thinks it would be stupid of her to get rid of someone (Austin) who doesn't care about winning and that she should take out someone who does want to win. Jackie tells Vanessa that everyone would say something like that to save themselves from going up. Jackie tells her she would cry if she thought it would make the HOH keep her off the block.

            Meanchile Becky, Clay and Shellie are whispering in the kitchen. For whatever reason they are wanting to get Vanessa alone with Becky so Becky can find out something (cam sent me to this in mid-convo, so no idea what they are yapping about).

            Vanessa finds James in bed and asks him if he told Liz to correct "Christine" in the BOTB comp and James admits that he did. Vanessa goes straight to the main level bathroom and tells Becky what James just admitted. Becky goes back to the kitchen and tells Clay and Shelli that James corrected Liz by telling her about the i in Christine. Now Clay and Shellie are talking to each other about the implications of this admission from James.

            Vanessa has gone up to the HOH bathroom and tells Jackie about this confession from James. Jackie is floored. Vanessa asks Jackie to go down and get Jason and have him come up there. Jackie is finsihing her hair before she goes and asks Vanessa why Liz said that James didn't correct the spelling? Vanessa defends Liz saying that she probably didn't realize James did it. Vanessa says she is ****ing pissed because James put them in this position and she just doesn't understand why,


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              11:41 a.m. BBT All HG's going outside for lockdown. Vanessa was talking to Steve & Austin in the BR about how James helped Liz win the veto.

              Jeff Loops with Jeff exit interview.


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                11:10 ish

                Vanessa goes into the DR because she was called in several minutes ago and Jackie took her hair back down and started over. James gets out of bed and finds Jason in the main bathroom. James tells Jason that Vanessa had come in and asked him if it was true that James told Liz about the i for Christine. Jason tells him not to worry about it, it probably nothing. James says he didn't lie to her but he is paranoid now. He says he didn't do anything wrong, he didn't giver Liz any of the names, but he was trying to make it seem like he wasn't throwing it. Jason tells him that Vanessa probably was just wondering about the i because at one point, Becky and Clay were missing an i. James doesn't buy it, he feels very nervous. James says that Vanessa never asks a question about game unless something is up. Jason agrees that that is true.


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                  11:23 AM BBT

                  Jackie takes Shellie into the Comic Book bedroom and tells her that Vanessa says someone has been lying to Van in their 8 person alliance. Jackie goes over the entire convo she had with Vanessa. Shellie tells Jackie not to worry because it doesn't affect Jackie. Jackie says she knows it doesn't affect her this week, but she is worried about the future. Jackie says Vanessa wants her to get Jason and bring him to the HOH room to talk to Vanessa, but Vanessa is in the DR now. Jackie says she feels like something really weird is going on. Jackie asks Shellie if Vanessa is not putting up Austin now and Shellie deflects the convo away from Austin. Shellie tells her about what Vanessa found out from James. Jackie already knows about that but doesn't know why that info would change the plan because instead of Jackie putting Austin up, Vanessa is and he will go home. Shellie again tries to deflect from Austin and talks about how Vanessa can't understand why James did that.

                  While this talk has been going on, James is outside talking to Clay and explaining about how he did try to throw that comp. He didn't help Liz with any of the names, she did it on her own. James says he told Clay before that James is totally loyal to Shellie and Clay. Clay tells James not to worry about it. James says he just wanted to let Clay know that Vanessa had confronted him on this i in Christine.


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                    POV Meeting is done and it sounds like Jason is up.


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                      12:29 p.m. BBT Cam 1: Jason is nominated, he is very sad. Jackie is wondering what happened.

                      Jackie had no idea, says they were played by all of them..saying Vanessa was going back and forth


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                        Clay, Shelli, Jason, Meg, & Jackie - talking about the 8 person alliance could not have been trusted. He tells Jackie that I know you are close with Becky so I can't ask you for a vote. Jason says that I fed to much information to Van and I got played. . Jackie says we are were played because we thought Austin was going up. Clay and Shelly agreed that they were surprised.

                        They think Steve is the one that said things to Van to change the plan. Jason's deal with Van was to keep the 8 alliance together and give her 4 cigarettes and that's not going to happen now (the eight or the 4 cigs).

                        Jason says that he won anyways because he got to play BB. When he goes back he will be unemployed.....

                        I'm going to switch to Cams with Van and James.


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                          12:34 p.m.

                          Jason said he should steal his 4 cigarettes back from that bitch (vanessa)
                          he should have known he was being backdoored when his face didn't go up at noms.

                          shelli and clay sitting there not saying anything, sitting very stoically

                          Jason is very sad, but says he already won since he made it there, that he will go back home to being broke and unemployed but "he got here" referring to himself in 3rd person again.

                          Jackie said vanessa was asking about who had the phone call, and she told her Day. Becky asked if Day really got the phone call...Jason saying yes, not like it made any difference anyway.

                          Jason saying Day had talked to him about who she was going to cancel. Shelli and clay asking why Day canceled Clay's call. Jason telling them Day truly believed she had Vanessa, Austin & Liz's vote, and she hadn't campaigned to Shelli and Clay.


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                            11:35 AM BBT

                            Vanessa is out of the DR and Austin follows her into the H/N room. Austin tells her that Jackie has Shellie in the comic room and Clay is talking to James outside. Austin leaves and Shellie comes in. Shellie tells Vanessa that Jackie pulled her aside and told her that she felt Vanessa was acting weird. Shellie says she told Jackie about James admitting he threw the BOTB comp (which isn't really true). Shellie goes on telling Vanessa that she tried to reassure Jackie. Vanessa says it's going to be very clear after the POV ceremony that Vanessa is drawing the line in the sand and who is on which side of the line. Clay is called to the DR and BB announces over the PA that all the HG's need to go outside for a lockdown. Shellie leaves and Steve, who apparently was in the room sleeping the whole time sits up. Vanessa walks over to him and he asks, what's up? Vanessa whispers something about Shellie (I think) and Austin walks in. Steve gets and says he was sleeping. Austin asks what that was about and Vanessa walks over to Steve and says something I can't hear and BB tells Vanessa to make sure her battery pack is plugged in ( thanks BB!). Then Steve grabs his mic and all sorts of skin rubbing noise comes out and I think Vanessa has told Steve that James was trying to spell Christine wrong (oy!) because Steve says wow, James was trying to spell it wrong (and they won anyway). All three leave the room.

                            Austin stops to talk to Clay. Austin says so I guess James was trying to spell Christine wrong and throw the comp. Clay says no, James told Clay he corrected her spelling. Clay is changing clothes so it's hard to hear him. Clay says something about the talk last night and tells Austin he doesn't need to sweat anything, that Austin is good.

                            At 11:41 BBT we go to JeffCaps.

                            And now we are caught up to the POV Ceremony.


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                              Van talking to James; telling him that he was talking to other people & heard some other things that made her question the 8 person alliance. She tried to talk to everyone but BB called her in too quickly and wasn't able to before the Veto Meeting. Van says that she promised that the 3 pawns that went up initially she was going to keep them safe. Becky was still on the block and she promised to keep her safe. Van gets emotional & says this is very hard.

                              James tells Van that he would never have put Jason up and he's glad that she did.

                              Van telling James why she decided to keep Austin - he made a mistake because he's falling in love and she understands that. Because of what Jason did, he became the bigger target and made more sense in the game. You have been HOH so you know how it is where you get difference information and you have to go with what you think is the best information for your game level. Loyalty is important to me. You better not draw the line and find out that you are the only person loyal. It's very obvious where the crack is in the 8 person alliance. I'm not going to tell you where it is.

                              James says he's very naïve and he says he won't be able to figure it out. He is surprised that Jason said something against James, but Van won't say what it is. She just says it was disloyal to you and it would hurt you in this game.


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