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Live Feed Updates - July 28 - Day 41

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 28 - Day 41

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    Quick little bit of game talk and other interesting quick convos from where Ladycop ended last night ... ( thank you SO MUCH Ladycop )

    Clay tells John that he and Shelli are terrified of the double eviction, because what happened ( (with Jason) kinda exposed him and Shelli

    John to Clay -
    Does Becky know about us four yet? you, Shelli, me and possibly Becky as a fourth?
    Clay- No

    Clay- It is starting to get good.
    John- ... yeah... it's time to play.. the loud mouths are out.... time to play

    And then ...

    Austin tells Liz that he thinks that Steven, Becky and Johnny Mac are the only people they n we should hang out with right now
    Austin - If Meg won HoH.... we could probably convince her ...because of the numbers that she has to put up her own people.

    Jason- It just kills me some of these people are going to beat me. Steve makes Andy Herren look respectable.

    Jackie asks Vanessa why people are threatened by Jason ( knowing the game) and not Steve?
    Vanessa tells her that it's because Jason has a social game, where Steve doesn't.

    And then....
    Steve to John- keeping your mouth shut ( in this game ) really is the answer like 99% of the time
    John and Steve both agree that Julia likes hanging out with them.

    Liz tells Austin to "not think she's avoiding him" when Julia comes in, because they are going to be really close.
    Liz to Austin- you can be the 3rd wheel...


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      8:34 AM BBT

      Cams 1 & 2
      Shelli in the Kitchen by herself getting coffee.

      Cams 3 & 4
      Houseguests sleeping in the Have-Not Room.


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        9:23 a.m. Clay and Shelli all alone in the backyard talking about life. Shelli: Here we are with our matching outfits and our matching coffee cups.
        ( Oh boy.)


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          9:47 a.m. John has joined the couple and they are now talking about the beds in the house.
          (I will be out much of the afternoon early evening and then again tomorrow and Thursday but will do my part when I am around).


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            11:46 AM BBT

            Seems everyone has gone back to bed except Johnny Mac who is washing dishes and Becky who is swimming/sunning.


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              12:21 PM BBT

              It's camera day! Everyone is up and getting primped for their pictures to be taken. Vanessa is outside talking to Johnny Mac. She is explaining why she didn't give Johnny a heads up about her keeping Austin and putting up Jason instead. She says she felt sure that Johnny would have no problem with her decision to switch and he agrees. Vanessa explains that even though Austin lied to her, it was a lie of foolish being in love and not a lie of working with the other side. Vanessa thinks that this HOH will be the last where the house has a common enemy to get out but Johnny Mac thinks that that's not necessarily true. Vanessa says oh yeah....

              Meg comes out and the talk stops.

              Picture taking commences.


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                3:20pm BBT
                Clay & Shellie in backyard hammock; talking about the different options. Concerned about Vanessa & what she may have said. They heard they it was better to get the couples out during double eviction so they are certain they will be targeted soon. They left to go back in the house.


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                  3:30pm BBT
                  Cam changes to Austin & Liz in the backyard. Austin sunbathing while Liz is in the pool, then we go to FISH.
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                    3:35pm BBT

                    Austin talking to Liz - says that he spoke to Jason & said it was a house decision. That's just the way it is. Austin says that night was the best night he has had hear because he was not worried about leaving. Austin says he wants both the twins to win it.
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                      3:38pm BBT

                      Cam 3/4
                      Kitchen with Shelli, Clay, Meg, Jackie & Jason. Talking about what to make with the slopcorn. Jackie says she's going to smell like a deli sandwich. Just general chitchat so I will go back to Austin & Liz.
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                        3:45pm BBT

                        Austin explaining to Julia/Liz about telling Jason about the twins & how he then told Meg; then it got spread all over the house & that's how it started. Thanks her for letting him know about Vanessa's original plan to backdoor him. Austin told her he told Vanessa that he was going to go down and start trouble but Vanessa told him to keep it to himself. Then says how Jason mentioned the 3 headed monsters.

                        Discussing where the 3 headed monsters term came from - was it Jeff, Jason, or James; all three names were thrown out. Talking about the fight that occurred when Jeff was still there. Finally Jason admitted that he lied about it.
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                          3:48pm BBT

                          Austin said he was so mad that he took a shot of mouthwash to calm down. If he (Jason) had only kept his mouth shut. Julia/Liz agrees that Jason has such a big mouth. Julia/Liz gets out of the pool.

                          Austin - I like when we get the backyard to ourselves.
                          Julia/Liz talks about going to the beach in Miami & she says they don't go there too much because of the tourist. It's not that much fun because of parking & walking to the beach. Just general chit chat here as well.

                          BB - Liz, please put on the microphone. It scared Julia/Liz and she screamed.

                          Not much happening; I will check back later.
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                            4:51pm BBT
                            Clay in HOH w/Vanessa

                            Talking about how Jackie is so mad. Clay says she has no right to be made at us for not sharing information; she doesn't share anything with us.

                            Vanessa says good point.

                            Clay says Jackie is his target next week if he wins HOH. Clay says Becky & J/Mac are sitting pretty good right now.


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                              4:54pm BBT

                              Van & Clay still talking - They are not worried about James or Meg winning competition. Jackie does not know how to talk game. Becky should go home before Meg because she wins comps.Just general talk about the different HGs.


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