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Live Feed Updates-July 29-Day 42

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 29-Day 42

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    Jason on the backyard couches smoking. Clay and Meg in the bathroom. Steve there too getting ready for bed.


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      8:32 AM BBT
      All Cams​

      All houseguests are sleeping.


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        9:30am BBT
        All Cams

        All HGs are sleeping, but the should begin to stir pretty soon.


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          9:58am BBT

          We have FISH - HGs, it's time to wake up to the wonderful music (better than our FISH Music that's for sure).


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            12 minutes later we are live.

            James - love that country music.
            Shellie in the main bathroom getting cleaned up & ready for the day. Vanessa is there as well clipping her toenails??? before she puts on her flip-flops.
            HN Room is still in their dental chairs.


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              10:21am BBT

              Vanessa has gone back up to HOH & Jackie has joined her.
              BB - Jackie, please put on your microphone.

              I'll check back later when the house comes alive.


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                12 Noon BBT

                Cam 1/2
                Kitchen with Liz, Austin & J/Mac - general chit chat; Liz likes a man that is built, that can protect her.

                Cam 3/4
                Clay, Shellie, and Vanessa

                Talking about Becky....can she be trusted and we can have her. She's not talking game with Jackie so not too worry. It all will depend on HOH who they approach. Right now, they feel like they are the strongest 3 in the house.

                Shellie to Clay - Has John said Jackie's name to you; Clay says yes.
                Vanessa says that she can't read J/Mac at all.
                Shellie - you know how people say that "He's a Dan"?

                Blah, Blah, Blah. Just general talk about the different HGs - who to trust, who's threatening, etc. - nothing exciting.


                • #9
                  12:22pm BBT

                  Cam 1/2
                  In Kitchen w/Clay, Shellie, Austin, Liz & J/Mac. - Talking about food and being hungry.

                  Cam 3/4
                  In purple room with Jason, Meg, Jackie, and James sleeping with lights on.

                  Then we go to FISH.


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                    1:30pm BBT
                    Cam 1/2

                    Austin & Liz in the HOH general chitchat; audio is messed up and I am hearing the audio repeat.

                    Cam 3/4
                    Clay & J/Mac playing chess while Shellie is watching and I still hear audio from Cam 1/2 with an occasional grunt from J/Mac


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                      1:35pm BBT

                      Cam 3/4 - Vanessa has joined Shellie watching the chess game being played by Clay & J/Mac.

                      Cam 1/2 - Austin & Liz in the HOH. Austin rubbing Liz's leg then her feet (over the blanket so don't get any ideas.) Talking about winning HOH, gotta win the key.

                      (I think the audio is playing all the cams and that's why it is messed up. Sorry - can't update because audio is driving me crazy. I will update ifI hear anything juicy.)


                      • #12
                        1:;49pm BBT
                        Cam 1/2

                        Switched to Purple Room where we STILL see Jason, Meg, Jackie, and James sleeping with the lights on.

                        Cam 3/4
                        Is back to Chess game between Clay & J/Mac with Vanessa, Shellie and Austin watching

                        Cam 1/2
                        Cam is following Liz from downstairs bathroom to Comic Room, back out through the Living Room and now in the kitchen. (The drama is not here today - sorry)

                        (I could be like Audrey and make up some drama - only kidding :-)


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                          Currently 7:24 PM BBT

                          Steve, Becky, Shelli and Vanessa in the HOH room

                          Steve- the last time I kissed a girl was... in 2012...

                          Becky- you haven't kissed a girl since you've been in college?

                          Steve- no ...

                          Shelli- do you care? Do you want to?

                          He tells them that they right opportunity just hasn't presented itself.... but if it did .. he would be... but he's not in an hurry to "hook up" ...

                          He tells them that there was a girl that he was interested in at school...... but she just wasn't interested...

                          Becky- I bet now that you've been on this show... a lot of girls will be interested.

                          Steve- I don't want people to like me, just because I've been on this show ...


                          • #14
                            Just a bit ago... Johnny Mac built a tower...

                            He was called to the DR ...

                            Austin and Liz take a turn with it...

                            And then head up to the HoH room ...


                            • #15
                              James, Jason, Jackie and Meg are still sleeping ...


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