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Live Feed Updates-July 30-Day 43

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 30-Day 43

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    3:25 BBT

    1 & 2
    Vanessa and Steve talking in HoH. Steve was worried about being the target this week. She assures him that he was never the target.

    3 & 4
    Clay and Shelli talking about voting Jason out and letting him know and also talking to Jackie to let her know they're voting Jason out and letting her make her decision. Shelli told Jason about the alliance in her goodbye message.


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      8:11 AM BBT

      All Cams on sleeping hous​eguests.


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        9:04 AM BBT

        Still sleeping.


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          10:04 AM BBT



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            10:30am BBT

            FISH are still swimming. This is a long time for the typical morning wake-up song.


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              10:31am BBT
              HGs are moving around now - James in the bathroom & Liz was in the kitchen. Then we get fish again.


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                10:32am BBT
                Cams 1/2

                Back from Fish - James brushing his teeth & J/Mac just hanging out

                Cams 3/4
                In the Kitchen with Liz, Austin, Shellie, Clay, and Steve; general chit chat.

                Back to FISH

                (Today will be a slow day as they usually spend time cleaning and getting ready for the live show; FISH will be on and off)


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                  10:41am BBT

                  Jeff Schroeder Feeds - I guess Live Feeds will be off for a while.


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                    10:37 AM BBT cam 1

                    Jason is whispering to Steve telling him that Steve is looking pretty good for this week, but if Becky wins, she plans on targeting Steve. Jason walks away and Steve thanks him for that info.


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                      10:54am BBT

                      Jeff Schroeder feeds with Audrey. She took credit for James' prank with him in the garbage bags and scaring everyone. Then there was a scene with Shellie & Clay getting lovey, dovey and Audrey gets "sick". Literally pucks in a cup. Really Audrey!!!! Even off the show she creates drama.


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                          Endurance Competition Underway

                          Grab the Live Feeds!


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