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Live Feed Updates-July 31-Day 44

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 31-Day 44

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    4:16 BBT

    Clay, Shelli, in HoH talking to James

    James saying he doesn't know where Jackie stands. Clelli says "you don't know". James says that all she (Jackie) can say is that she wants to know what happened to get Jason up instead of Austin, who was the plan.

    They go back over last week. Shelli explaining again how Austin started campaigning right after veto. Promising three votes.

    All the others are in the purple room chatting. Steve goes upstairs, pretending to be a dinosaur or something.


    • #3
      James wants to know who threw his name out last week when he was safe because of BoB (It was Shelli btw).

      Shelli and Clay say they don't know, they weren't in on all the conversations. James say well it was ret***ed because he was safe (LOL that he said that in front of Shelli)

      James says that they have been together for 5 weeks, going on 6.

      They leave and go downstairs.


      • #4
        6:38 a.m.

        James asks Meg if she thinks that whoever they throw up, people are going to be pi$$ed, right?
        Meg agrees and James say then instead of throwing up pawns let’s just go for the jugular.
        James just talked to them and instead of doing a classic blindside, or backdoors, just throw up Shelli and Clay on the block.
        Meg says that she was talking to Austin last night just about the game and Austin said that BOB is when you use pawns.
        James says that it hit him too, why use pawns. You double your chances of getting one of them if you put them both up. If you backdoor one, the other is going to be pi**ed, so f*** it and just put them both up. They are not going to see it coming. Nomination day they are not going to see it coming and then we show loyalty to Austin and Vanessa. The odds are in our favor, we have two people up there fighting for POV, just one of them might not win. That’s a real possibility and if they don’t win, the noms stay the same and they battle each other.
        Meg tells him to say the pawns thing in his speech too. Well, (she is trying to get her thoughts together) you say I could stand up here and put pawns up there but….
        James tells her that he was been thinking about it for hours.
        Meg says yeah she was thinking about that when Austin said that to her. It is a different game.
        James: one of them is most likely going to go home. Whoever gets stuck up there, I’m going to make sure that the house is going to vote them out. Like Austin/Liz/Julia/you/Jackie/Becky.
        Meg tells him she thinks everyone will keep the noms the same.
        James: exactly and if not.. They need to be broken up.
        Meg thinks it’s a good plan, but thinks the sucky thing is that if Vanessa wins she would probably put Shelli over Clay.
        James says he is going to get blood on his hands and as long as he has the house behind him this is what he has to do. He is pretty set on it. Hopefully the POV goes their way.
        Meg tells him to pull up Austin prior to noms so that they know he is on their side.
        James says he already talked to him and Austin is ok with the plan. He goes on to tell her that when he was talking to Clay and Shelli, Clay was trying to make him doubt the “other side”.
        Meg tells him that Clay is lying (about things Clays says Jason said).
        James says that it doesn’t matter, but for him it means that even if this conversation did take place, they did not tell him about it until just then. They didn’t keep me in the loop and they were going to cut me. Audrey told him not to trust Shelli and Clay and he believes that. Everyone was trying to convince others that everything Audrey said was lies, but he is starting to believe some of the things she told them that last night in the HN room.
        Meg says she believed Shelli and Clay and what they were telling her until this Jason thing.
        James says they sealed their fate with that and that they told him that when they pick their nominations it is who will vote for you in jury. They started going through the people in jury and who they would vote for, but they skipped (each other) and then they asked him who his threat was in this game. James thinks the only people he has problems beating in comps is Shelli and Clay. James says they gave him so much information and they are a threat. They have a good social game, they will always have their own/each other’s back. They think they are safe, that I am going to go with Steve and Austin. Their jaws are going to drop when they see their faces come up. He wants to let Austin in on the plan so he (Austin) understands that he is part of the plan.
        Meg says yeah and he will understand that James is not going to put up Liz or Julia as long as Austin has his back. We know that a blindside is the hardest thing to take in this game.
        James: and now they will have their warning.
        Meg: Man, James you are scary.
        James tells her that he told her he is going to play the game. They chose the wrong side and made a dumb decision. He is going to tell them that they reneged on their contract. This is BB and you can bounce checks.
        Meg says she has his back. She fought for Jason to stay and she will fight for James. Jason had James and her back. He always did.
        James says but he didn’t play the game.
        Meg: This is our chance.
        James: I will probably be executed next week, well me or Jackie.
        They talk about the numbers shifting and they both think that they can work with Austin more so than Shelli/Clay.
        Both think that the twins aren't good with Shelli (oh yes she is).
        He ties to keep Meg safe now and they will have to protect Jackie later. Meg says that they will worry about themselves now and others later.
        James tells Meg she has a better chance winning comps with Shelli gone.
        Meg agrees and says that she is a comp beast and then it goes to how Clay will be lost once she is gone. He will be off his game. They wonder if the noms stay the same, will they turn on each other? James thinks they will, they just have too much information on the other and he doesn't think that one will say to the other, you stay and I'll just go home.


        • #5
          James says that Shelli and Clay are our Brendon and Rachel. This is the big move in this year's game.


          • #6
            James meets with Becky and Jackie and goes over the entire thing once again. He tells them that it is going to get intense.


            • #7
              James asks them if they have a better idea they need to let him know.
              Becky talks about doing a backdoor and James says that's for BOB. He has the power this week, except for POV and he is going to fight for that.
              Jackie tells him that Vanessa is freaking out. She is sure she is going on the block. James says that he already told her she was ok. He needs to talk to her again, because we need to keep her in the loop.
              Jackie says she keeps saying she is a single.
              James: she still has Liz and Austin, the twins. She will have the one who is left (either Shelli/Clay).
              James leaves to go get some sleep (he hasn't been able to sleep as he tries to figure out his plan). He says "tomorrow is going to be a big day".


              • #8
                All HG's, except for Johnny Mac, appear to be sleeping. John is in the lounge by himself just staring at the ceiling. (Kinda remnds me of Donnie BB16).


                • #9
                  10:15 a.m. John goes back to bed. Now everyone is sleeping so nominations won't be coming for a while.


                  • #10
                    Vanessa has been up and worked on her make-up but it appears all are back in bed. Just for those wondering, like me, Austin is sleeping with Liz. Yew....I was hoping that Julia would save her from herself.


                    • #11
                      12:26 p.m. James and John are talking and James asks for his promise that he will be safe and John gives it. James promises that he will take John to jury.
                      James says that he isn't wasting an HOH and John says he hears him. They need to get rid of one of the couples. John says he thinks that's smart.
                      James is fishing for information about whether John has heard anything from others about James being their target.
                      John says that he is glad that James stuck with Jason because he should have. John was worried when he stood by Jeff.
                      James says that he will not tell him how to vote as he knows John is an independent voter. But if you win the POV please run it past me before you do anything.
                      John agrees to the terms and says it's going to be an easy week.


                      • #12
                        We are now on Jeff Loops so I'm not sure if it is Noms time but I would assume so as everyone was up abnd walking around.


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                          12:14 PM BBT

                          Vanessa and Clay talking in the bathroom. Vanessa is asking who James said he was putting up and Clay says that he (Clay) doesn't know. Vanessa tells Clay that he was up talking to James for a long time, how can he (Clay) have no idea? Vanessa makes Clay swear that they didn't throw Vanessa under the bus. Clay acts indignant and tells her they would not do that and Vanessa says that good because she didn't throw them under the bus either.

                          Vanessa leaves and Shelli comes in. Clay tells Shelli what Vanessa had the nerve to ask him. Clay says if you are guilty, you get paranoid. He still can't believe that Vanessa thinks they threw her under the bus and it just makes him feel like she is acting guilty.

                          Everyone is in the kitchen eating a quick breakfast except Johnny Mac and James who are in the HOH room. James is telling Johnny that Johnny has never been a target for James. James is making a deal with Johnny that Johnny won't put James up next week if he wins HOH. James also wants Johnny to support him a little because he wants to split up a power couple this week. James says he is not going to tell Johnny how to vote, but if J-Mac gets picked for and wins POV, that he does what James wants with it. They say that it's the last bloody week before jury and James wants to make his HOH count. J-Mac tells him that that's really smart to play like that.

                          Johnny tells James that he hasn't really heard talk about James and being someone's target.

                          We have JeffCaps! They are on HOH lockdown (maybe for H/N food?)


                          • #14
                            We come back and they are naming the HN's (the twins and Austin). They get lollislops, which is candy with slop (I assume).


                            • #15

                              Have Nots are Julia, Liz and Austin ( they volunteered )


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