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Live Feed Updates - August 1 - Day 45

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  • Live Feed Updates - August 1 - Day 45

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    4:40AM BBT
    HGs snoozin away


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      8:00 BBT

      Fishes. Wake up time for the HGs.


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        BB Reminds them that there are fresh batteries in the store room and that bedroom lights must remain on during the day.

        8:14 BBT
        BB-HGs, Remember to enjoy yourself today. These are the good old days.

        Everyone getting up and starting to move around and clean up. Meg in the shower, Austin brushing his teeth, Shelli out of the water closet and brushing her hair.


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          BB: Liz, Julia, The bedroom lights must remain on.


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            10:01 BBT

            Jeff clips POV Player pick time


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              Today's Power of Veto Players are:

              Head of Household - James Huling
              Nominees - Shelli Poole and Clay Honeycutt
              Picked Players: Jackie Ibarra, Becky Burgess, and Vanessa Rousso

              (I'm not really here yet... I'll be back to update later this afternoon/tonight)


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                10:35 BBT
                Jackie, Vanessa, and Becky picked to play in PoV.

                Jackie in bathroom talking about this is the first time she's been picked to play.
                Vanessa talking about there's a lot less pressure when you're not on the block. Just do your best.
                Clay and Shelli talking in the bedroom. Shelli overheard just a few words of James talking to Vanessa and Austin in the have not room. All she heard was James saying something about he picked... (He was actually explaining to Austin why he didn't pick him and telling Vanessa to just go out and win like she does.

                Everybody not in the kitchen eating. John in the bathroom flossing. Vanessa showering.


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                  11:00 BBT

                  Clay and Shelli cuddling in bed in teh purple room.

                  James and Austin in the HoH talking about hopefully it is a comp that James can beat Clay in. James says that worst case one of them wins and take themself off and the other still goes home.

                  James tells him that Shelli wants Clay to use the veto on her and Clay says he'll do it. They talk about how nuts that is because Clay came to play the game, not have a showmance.

                  They go downstairs. People milling around the kitchen chatting.


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                    11:17 Cam 1/2 HOH Room

                    Jackie and Becky and James about to talk some strategy for POV. Figuring out how to keep the veto on their side (Becky acting like she's on James' and Jackie's side).

                    11:20 A little talk about what Vanessa might do -- Becky expressing uncertainty.

                    James picked Jackie [or did he pick Vanessa?] on HG choice. Jackie is worried about Austin feeling upset that James didn't pick him. James says they'd already talked that out. Clay wanted to pick Austin, so it would be awkward if James had picked him.

                    [missed a minute or two]

                    11:24 Becky _sounds_ like she won't use the veto on them. She says that they need to realize that one of them is going home and they shouldn't pressure her into messing up her game.

                    11:25 James mentions various lies Clay is telling and .... um ... sorry missed why he brought that up.

                    11:27 Becky makes a smiling but cynical comment about how Clay using the veto to save Shelli would just cement their likelihood of future invites to other CBS reality shows such as Amazing Race.

                    11:31 Jackie again repeats "yeah right" about Clelli's assurances that they won't hold grudges.

                    The discussion breaks up and people leave HOH.
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                      11:15 BBT

                      Vanessa in the bathroom talking to Austin and one of the twins, telling them not to get crazy and go over to the other side because this is just a one week thing that they have to ride out. Assuring them that Clay and Shelli have had their back. Austin saying it wasn't like that when he was up there talking to James.


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                        12:03 Cam 3/4 Some Vanessa and Johnny Mac philosophy -- can't make everyone happy -- some will be your friends and some won't -- discussion about using the veto -- Vanessa not happy about being in the middle of things

                        Austin and a twin there also.

                        Vanessa saying how throwing would be risky because she could be going up if one of Clelli came down

                        Austin giving advice not to worry too much now -- wait to see what happens.

                        Ah, there's the second twin -- don't know when she came in. Vanessa mentions she got confusing advice from someone (from James?) about whether she should throw or fight to win. She's happy the advice was confusing -- gives her a possible out.

                        She's gonna keep worrying and talking, of course.

                        She's mentioning possible games it could be. Others are adding ideas also.

                        *wandering away*
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                          12: 11 Cam 3/4 Becky and Vanessa about to have a talk. (Becky saw how stressed V looked.) Vanessa says to Becky, you and I are actually in a similar position.

                          And then the camera moves to someone else.

                          Oh, there they are -- picked up on Cam 1/2.

                          Becky is planning to go for it and try to win. Then weigh her options later. She'd rather have the options as a winner and have to search for an educated, diplomatic decision, than regret not having the power if things go south. And especially if people realize she threw it.

                          Vanessa said that makes sense, as if that's what she will do also.

                          12:14 Becky is saying that lives aren't ruined when people walk out. Lives were made when they walked in. They won the minute they walked in. Vanessa thanks her for reminding her of that. Says that's what she needed to hear.

                          Becky is again talking about how cute Clelli are and All-American and how they'll be popular -- they'll be on talk shows and other games. Becky says cool **** happens after this. They're not destroying Clelli's life.

                          12: 16 discussion ends. Vanessa happy again. Becky says "Look I made her better" as they walk out the door.
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                            12:19 Cam 3/4 Shelli joins bathroom crew. No one talking. Looks awkward. But they break the ice by talking about Becky's cute Pollyanna saying about winning when they walked in the door.

                            12:21 Now Austin talking and Shelli looks like a puppy dog on the outside looking in. Quiet again. She wanders away to kitchen.

                            12:23 Shelli still wandering around -- back to near bathroom -- mentions to Van that she's trying to find someone to talk to and lots of people are sleeping and when she goes in a room people stop talking. I'm not a disease, she says. Van says she'll talk to her. Others murmur something supportive. A twin says "Shelli we love you."

                            12:24 Van and Shelli are talking in a hallway visible from bathroom. Don't know what they're saying.

                            12:25 Oh there they are on Cam 1/2. Vanessa says something about not trusting someone. Jackie walks by.

                            Vanessa talking about people trying to pressure her into things. Shelli brings up word "bully". Van says no it's not that.

                            Shelly asks who Vanessa said she didn't trust -- was it Jackie. Vanessa deflects at that point. Says James. But not about not trusting James. Just that she could go up so she has to play to win.

                            Convo over and move to kitchen.

                            12:28 Turning some item in the kitchen into a drum and talking about drum music.

                            12:29 Shelli back to a bedroom where three people are sleeping/resting. She lies down but not to sleep.

                            12:30 She says something quietly to someone in there.

                            Still quiet in there.

                            I switch to bathroom crew cameras. Those folks are talking about people who may be doing something at home. Get fish. Then get all four cameras on quiet Shelli.

                            12:34 Back to bathroom crew on 3/4. They're talking about fascinating things involving science class and the oceans. Mention Vanessa. Mention wanting comp to come. Ask whey they wake them up so early. Fish.

                            *me wandering away, turning off feeds*
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                              Apparently, shortly after I switched off the feeds ... maybe around 12:50, Vanessa started trying to work Austin and the twins to come up with a plan to save both Shelly and Clay And if not both Shelly and Clay then to switch to voting Clay out and saving Shelly. TTOTambz said they told Vanessa yes to saving Shelly. If someone wants to flashback, that might be a good spot.


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