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Live Feed Updates-August 2-Day 46

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 2-Day 46

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    6:15 BBT

    Shelli still out in the backyard doing her knight training punishment. Clay is with her and they are talking about going to James (and Meg) to tell him that everyone is ok with keeping them and asking him to take one of them down. They will tell James and Meg that they can put them up again next week.

    They don't want him to put up John or Becky, but they sound like it's no big deal if he does. They want him to get him to put up Steve.


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      6:28 Cam 1/2

      Shelli saying that she thinks Audrey planted something in James' mind ... because at that point what had they ever said against James?

      Clay reasonably points out that it was all the alliances and that the Jason thing just put an exclamation point on what James was finally realizing. That it confirmed it.

      So both then are groaning a little that they chose to save Austin and get rid of Jason and reveal their game like that.

      A little before that they were saying they couldn't understand why James wants to get her out just for being good at comps. There are 12 people still. You're supposed to keep people who can help you with comps. And they were talking about trying to convince James the house wants to keep them both.


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        6:30 Shelli's count is 1374.


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          6:33 or 6:34 Shelli is back to questioning about Vanessa -- this time wondering how much she knew in advance. Did James tell her she was safe and ask for her support. She wants to watch the show and find out how much Vanessa knew.

          She knows James did NOT make those assurances to Austin, since Austin said that he couldn't do much to help because James had told him if one of Clelli came down then one of Austin or the twins would be replacement.

          6:35 They realize Austin must have gotten some assurance just as long as he didn't rock the boat. But now Shelli is back to wondering about Vanessa because of who they saw her talking and Clay is mentioning how Vanessa winked at him after that talk ... but instead of taking that as assurance that Vanessa was on their side they think that maybe Vanessa thought they didn't notice who she was talking to.

          Clay: When I say that I don't trust her it's just that there is a level of ...

          Shelli: Yeah, it's not that we don't trust her, it's that something is a little bit off that I haven't felt before about her. ... Just like people are saying things to us that make us feel paranoid about her, people are definitely saying things to her to make her feel paranoid about us.

          Probably not going to keep trying to give details. Just gonna listen. Wanted to capture their doubt about Vanessa though.
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            7:56 Vanessa and Jackie go out to the backyard and wow at Shelli for keeping on keeping on.


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              Cams 1/2

              8:22 Shelli is to 1600. Jackie and Vanessa join her on her bell round. Shelli is going to try to sleep.

              Clay's mind is still on future game -- noticing some details in the decorations that production seems to be intentionally keeping just so.

              8:24 Clay goes to get her some more Advil.

              Jackie and Vanessa are back in bed.

              8:28 Shelli asks what time it is. Clay says 8:22. He goes to lie down with her. She says they're going to sleep until "they" wake them up.
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                10:20. No action showing. Clay still sleeping outside with Shelli.


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                  Shelli is awake. Took a little walk. Sitting in bed with Clay now.

                  10:51 Lying down now but talking with Clay.

                  I am NOT gonna pay attention to this -- just marking a time.

                  10:52 BB woke Vanessa up to polish Jackie. "Good job, squire."
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                    Cam 1/2 Shelli is back doing her knight thing. Not sure when she went back to it.

                    Cam 3/4 Austin is up.

                    Looked like Austin was going back down. But fish now (11:18).


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                      Currently ...

                      Shelli taking a break after reaching the 1900 mark...

                      Vanessa still polishing ...


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                        Rolling us back to last night...

                        FLASHBACK - 1:43 AM BBT

                        At first Clay tried to sit out, saying that he hadn't even kissed Shelli yet..

                        Meg said "everyone has to play" ...

                        Vanessa is saying that he girlfriend will kill her ...

                        They decide if someone wants to, they can just kiss on the cheek... doesn't have to be on the lips....

                        1st kiss was between Jackie/Johnny Mac
                        2nd kiss - James/Steve

                        3rd Kiss - ( below ) Jackie and Becky ...

                        Meg spins... it lands on herself...

                        She spins again and it lands on Steve...

                        Steve- oh boy.

                        Meg gearing up for Steve

                        Everyone asking Steve if he's okay ..
                        James- he's convulsing ...

                        Steve - well that was the first kiss of my 20's...

                        Next... Liz spins and it lands on Jackie...

                        And then Johnny Mac spins and it's Jackie again ...

                        Steve's turn to spin.. it lands on Jackie....


                        They left a spot for Shelli ...

                        It's Clay's turn and it lands on Shelli's spot ... ( what are the odds.. right? I really think it was aimed more at Steve..

                        Shelli's still doing her rounds... as the rest of the group cheers "First Kiss.. First Kiss"

                        Shelli adds - okay .. but it's not "real" ...


                        Meg to Steve - you were terrified of me...

                        Steve- I've never kissed 2 girls in the same day...

                        Steve kinda pushes his lips together ... then says " that just happened" ...

                        After he walks away ...

                        Becky to Meg- he's going to have a photo of you and Jackie in his dorm room and tell everyone "yeah I made out with them" ...


                        • #13
                          Back to today ....

                          Shelli and Clay keep wishing/hoping they could both be in jury together ...

                          Clay tells Shelli the worst thing that can happens, is that he doesn't see her for 2 months...
                          Shelli says that he will change his mind about her ..
                          Clay says if it's meant to be it will find it's way ..

                          Clay to Shelli - I find it hard to believe that whatever this is.... is just in this house and won't work outside of it.

                          Clay tells her that "if he hasn't gotten sick of her yet, her chances are looking pretty good" ...

                          Clay - if I stay here and you go, I'll be a loose cannon by choice.


                          • #14
                            Currently ...

                            Shelli has opted to try her slippers, as her feet are getting blisters...

                            Vanessa and Jackie still together ...

                            Vanessa to Jackie- aren't you sick of me?
                            Jackie- no ..
                            Vanessa- I would think you would find it terribly annoying...


                            • #15
                              Shelli reaches 2000....

                              She says it's getting brutal...

                              ( that catches us up for now.. I need to hop out for a bit.. if anyone is here and wants to update, that would be awesome )


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