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Live Feed Updates-August 2-Day 46

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    Becky is cleaning the kitchen and says that the house is at a whole new level of messiness.


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      Meanwhile back at the couch guess what Shelli and Clay are talking about? How to approach James. They think that if Steve is on the block he will have nothing to campaign with.


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        9:07 Cam 3/4 Hammock

        Game conversation between James and JMac, about who to keep if James keeps noms the same. James giving reasons Shelli should go.
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          9:06 p.m.
          John is out on the hammock after using the treadmill just rocking. James comes out and joins him.
          James: Do you, you don’t have to tell me, but do you have an idea who you want to keep if I keep noms the same?
          John: I think he is going to fall on the sword for her.
          James leads him to believe that he thinks most of the house are going to vote her out and John says he will do what the house does. John says he imagines that everyone will tell him who they are voting for prior to eviction. James talks about how tough Shelli is, won 2 HOH, almost a 3rd. She was a beast today in that comp.
          John says it makes a lot of sense. James says he thinks it will be better for Clay to be a single person here. He can fight for himself. James knows that he has been telling everyone to vote him out. John says once again that he will do what the house says.
          James says that he is 99.9% sure he will keep the noms the same and with DNA that is 100%. John laughs and calls him a “Dick”.
          They start kidding each other and then they talk about Steve and the fact that he can zing you. John then asks James what he thinks the comp will be for the next HOH and James says questions with A/B answers. He thinks that Becky and Liz will be good at that comp.
          Austin comes out and they tell him what they think the comp will be, but Austin thinks it will be Before/After. Austin is helping John do some weights.
          Meanwhile in the lounge, Shelli and Clay are talking about….you guessed it, how to approach James tonight about using the veto. (They will be talked out before they get there.)


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            9:15 p.m.

            They are talking about people thinking they are paranoid and they should tread lightly on that. Nothing she can say (I think they are talking about Vanessa) can make their argument different upstairs.

            Vanessa comes out of the water closet and they chit chat at first about Shelli’s feet and how Vanessa is inspired by her mental fortitude.

            Vanessa asks them if they have any ideas. They say no, she says that when she tried to talk to James about what he was going to do he said that he turned down $5K and there is zero chance he will change his mind. She didn’t say much more to him because he knows we are together. (Using their argument on them).

            Shelli asks her if she heard anything even from Jackie and Vanessa says no, they didn’t talk. It couldn’t have been more awkward. There was zero talk. They (James/Meg/Jackie) started to talk and then realized that Vanessa was there and it stopped. Vanessa says there was nothing going on in her world for 24 hours. It wasn’t what you were doing, but it was annoying. She goes on to explains what she had to do.

            Vanessa asks them if there is anything they want to run by her or figure out. Becky comes in and they really don’t talk.

            Clay says they are f*****. They don’t have anything to bargain with. Vanessa tells them she doesn’t think it will help because he has so much blood on his hands that he doesn’t want to do anything else. Vanessa says if she wins HOH she is going to do what she said she would do (?). The little she has heard it seems that he is staying with it (keeping noms the same). She goes on to look at options and says they have to look at what will happen if they betray someone. If they think they have a shot they should do it, but if they don’t think they have a shot don’t do it. She tells them her DR’s are so sad.

            Clay asks her once again if she is sure he won’t use it. Vanessa doesn’t think he will. She tries to talk logic with them and finally says “you will make me the happiest person in the world if you could”. Vanessa thinks that if they try to make a deal he won’t believe it. Shelli says but I will remain true to my word. (They just want to go to jury).

            Vanessa says they can’t say a name and they tell him they won’t. She tells them to do it if they want to. Proven integrity.
            As a wise women said Wash.Rinse.Repeat.

            The camera moves to James and Jackie as they head outside and James is already sure that Shelli and Clay are plotting what they plan to say to him. (Smart man that James).


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              Shelli and Clay talking to Meg and James..

              Shelli- We know that we are a target..... If we were to stay, we would continue to be a target. We want the opportunity to at least end up in jury, cause that's more money

              Shelli - If either of y'all won HoH and had to put us up..... we're saying do it again to us. That's less blood on your hands ...
              If one of us did leave and the other one stayed in the game ... there'd be that animosity still

              James - It felt I was drifting apart from you guys and it felt like there was less effort on your side to fill me in. I felt there was a line drawn there...

              He tells them that he knew the consequences before he made the decision to put them on the block.

              James to Shelli and Clay- I would have to see some really strong evidence between here and tomorrow...some reasoning.

              We are by ourselves. We are close to Vanessa, yeah, but we don't have connections to other people in the house

              Clay tells Meg and James, that he won't go back on his word, he's yet to do that and that he will shake their hands and say that he won't nominate them.

              Shelli- We've hurt y'all,.... y'all have hurt us. Can we clean the slate clean and rebuild?

              Meg tells Clay/Shelli that she knows no matter what they say ... that Vanessa wouldn't have nominated Jason if they weren't on board with it

              Shelli- I wish you could see my DR sessions... you would see that getting Jason out was not the goal.... staying true to our promise to Becky was


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                James -you know that if I use the veto.. the house would know that y'all would be indebted to me..

                Shelli/Clay say "of course"


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                  As Shelli and Clay tell James that there's someone ( they don't say who yet ) that he can put up that won't get any more blood on his hands..

                  Austin/Vanessa are downstairs talking...

                  Vanessa says that they ( she/he/twins ) will be okay if Steve goes up.... but the problem is they'd have to wonder what deal Clay and Shelli made


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                    Shell - let's face it ... who would you really rather be in jury with you ??


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                      Clay continues to promise James and Meg that he will honor his word, not to nominate either of them...

                      James brings up ( as he has before ) that he heard that he was going to be targeted this week, and that Clay knew about it and didn't tell him.. and that's the kind of information that he expected to be reciprocated back to him, since he had been so good at delivering info to them.. for them.


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                        Again, Clay tells him that he will honor his word, there is no one in the house that they are close to, that people in the house that they thought they could trust, they find they can't and they are "back to square one" right now ...

                        Meanwhile.. downstairs...

                        Austin/Vanessa continue to talk...

                        Austin- do you think Clay and Shelli would make a huge deal and go back on him (James) next week?
                        Vanessa- Yes... why wouldn't they?


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                          Clay to James- you said it perfectly .. you feel alone.. you trust Meg. I trust her ( Shelli) that's all we have.


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                            Meg- I just know that what you guys are feeling right now.. I felt that way when I came to you that night in the dentist room.. that was my plea to you to make us work.

                            Clay- what plea?

                            ( LOL )

                            Meg explains .. then says she was "just disappointed that it didn't work" ... and it's "hard because she did believe the honesty was there" and it "worries her when she feels like it won't be reciprocated ... and that she knows there are other people in the house that they trust and that they will always have each other to the end..

                            Clay- well, y'all have each other ( her and James )...

                            Clay - there's no hard feelings about you ( James ) nominating us....


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                              Shelli- can we wipe the slate clean? Can we move forward? It's sort of a perfect moment for it to happen.. and for us to offer that if you become HOH again, that you can put us up again, that's a perfect offer right there...


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                                Shelli --James, if you were to use the veto on one of us... there would be no way that we would ever turn against you ... this loyalty would be grown right here .. right now...


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