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Live Feed Updates-August 3-Day 47

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 3-Day 47

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    Austin in the bathroom with James telling him about Clay/Shelli asking him to go to James and get a floater up. They've proposed a deal that if James pulls one of them down and puts up a floater than anyone can put them up next week.

    James talking himself back around to leaving the nominations the same.


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      6:20 Shelli and Clay leaving HOH talk. They talked with only James for awhile, then brought up Meg and Jackie and talked with all three for awhile.

      Then Clelli went to talk with Vanessa, to try to do damage control after having named names in an attempt to give James something big enough to make him change his mind.

      James and Meg and Jackie kept talking. James looked ready to change the noms, but Jackie and Meg appear to have talked him down as of when I quit listening a few minutes ago. Now I'm going to flashback and listen to what Clelli and Vanessa talked about.

      Not planning to make notes. But 6:20 is a pivotal time if you want to flashback. It's the end of one big conversation and the start of two others.

      Edit: The Vanessa talk lasted until 6:42 and ended with Shelli saying that she was so upset about the mess she had made in giving out too much information that she was ready to go home so she wouldn't have to deal with the fallout. Vanessa said she wouldn't have done what they had done and pointed out flaws in their strategy but it's their game and their back was against the wall and don't be silly (by thinking about going home) and she appreciated them telling her.

      Some Clay and Shelli muttering after that but I'm done listening.
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        9:55 AM BBT

        BB has been trying to rouse everyone. The only people I see up are Johnny Mac and one of the twins.


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          9:58 Cam 3/4 Austin and Liz starting some game talk in HN room.

          Talk is over by 10:01. BB told Austin to put on his mic. He says goodnight and rolls over to cup Liz's breast.

          Basically (if I understood enough of the whispers) the talk was how Clelli was pressuring him to talk to James, and him giving it a shot but it won't make any difference. Liz saying the noms need to stay the same. Austin saying he knows but it was awkward.
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            10:07 Cam 3/4

            James and Clay are starting a convo.

            Edit: No. False alarm. They shared words, which I didn't catch, but only a few, and then parted.

            I think Clay asked if James would give him a yes or no. Then James maybe said still gotta talk some or it's still a toss up. Clay asked "still". James said "yeah".

            They walked a few steps together, then James opened a door to look into another room -- as if to see who might be around to hear something -- but then they separated.
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              10:13 Cam 1/2 Backyard

              James gets laundry from dryer then joins JMac on couch.

              Some words I don't hear.

              10:14 James talking about late night spent thinking and investigating.

              JMac: You know what you're going to do?

              James: Yes, probably. Didn't want to do any of this. Hard getting to the bottom of the shenanigans. The more investigating I do the more comes to light.

              10:15 JMac: So there's more? .... I don't want to make you tell me any of this. Can wait to find out.

              10:16 James says some innocuous things which JMac already knows about so if he was tense he's probably not very now. James says Clelli knew they made a mistake. But the question is ... do the people Clelli roll with deserve to be up there on the block as well.

              JMac nods. James says it's not JMac.

              James goes on about thinking he's good with someone and hasn't done really anything to them and they just decide to roll with a different group and you're out of it for a couple of weeks but the whole time you thought you had a good understanding. That's pretty much what happened.

              JMac just nodding and mmhmming.

              10:17 They're wanting to work with me now. But the whole time he thought they were working together. They kept me in the dark. Not just for one decision. And I was gonna pull one of them off the block I really was. Then I come to find out they were in it for weeks -- they were rolling with these same people for weeks.

              Jmac: mmhmm

              James: So it was like what the hell. .... So do I save them or leave them up there. It's been tough, man. I'm trying to be fair. Whatever decision I make is probably going to have a negative outcome anyways.

              10:18 Jmac speaks. Agrees always be a negative outcome. Can't spend too much time worrying. Drive selves crazy trying to avoid it or just do it. Someone's gonna be ticked off. James harks back to a time when JMac said he had trusted Clelli and says that's how I felt, probably times five or times 10. [James not quite remembering the details of what JMac said and seems to be worried about remembering it in a way which sounds like he's putting JMac in a bad light. Says, "you didn't mean it like this."]

              Jmac: Problem is you gotta send somebody home, even if they haven't done anything.

              James: I was trying to find out information to send the right person home. So I was telling them to give me something to help make the right decision. But both sides are protecting themselves.

              Jmac: Not throwing anyone under the bus.

              James: Yeah, they keep saying "we can't tell you anything". At the last minute I'm like "You're big brother game is on the line and you gotta tell me something." And they like tell everything. And I'm like if you woulda told me that, you would have had a better chance telling me that in the HOH room rather than waiting all the way to the veto.

              10:20 Austin joins. That convo seems over.

              *wandering away*
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                10:38 Cams 3/4 James and Austin head to BY.

                10:39 There's someone else in the couch area so Austin and James go over to the laundry for the start of a long conversation which I haven't heard yet but nono happily mentioned in the discussion thread.

                Have listened to the beginning. James and Austin both talking about what Clelli are pressuring them to do/say but James and Austin say they feel things are reset between J and A. All good. (And Austin says his reward for trying to help them is Clelli trashtalking Austin to Julia for not helping them and then they tell Austin they never have said anything bad about him.) More about no blame for past coz they didn't have any loyalties, didn't even know each other. Understandable to go after each other. And now they're in a different place coz they have shared positives now (including James giving up 5K to keep them safe). James and Austen doing "what have you done for me lately?" talk about Clelli. Actions speak louder than words. J&A say the air is clear now, and let's keep it clear. James says Austin has a good team around him now. Meg and Jackie will go to bat for you too now. Austin says that's how he feels about them too now.

                10:51 James: I'm not really sure about Becky, but Becky's rolling with Jackie, so ...

                James: I'm not saying this is an alliance group alliance thing but

                Austin: You did a big thing this week. You didn't take the money. You said you were going to leave it the same. It was huge. When I saw that on the sideline I was like damn. That was big. And there you go with actions. I'm supportive of you. It's just awkward with them.

                James: And that's what I was worried about you with them. Hopefully you don't catch it rough after the ceremony.

                They had lots of chances to save themself. They didn't.

                10:55 Austin: I hope they don't hold it against me going forward.

                James: The only one you possibly have to worry about is Clay. If Shelli does go home, Clay's of course going to be here and I don't know who he's going to hold it to the most. Might be me. I don't know.

                Austin: Might be me now, apparently. Oh ****.

                James: Well, maybe we'll try to smooth things over with him after a day or so. Maybe two, maybe three days after she's gone.

                Austin: yeah

                Austin: I wish they'd understand that I did as much as I could in the circumstances without being disingenuous to you.

                James: I appreciate that man. We're good. I just wanted to let you know I have no quarrels with you.

                Austin: And I have none with you.

                10:56 Austin: After this week I owe you. Big. I look forward to trying to repay it.

                Convo ends.

                Nono says: James isn't telling everything he knows to Austin. He's telling enough to let Austin distrust Clelli, but not enough for Austin to know James is onto him.
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                  Catching us up a bit

                  11:03 AM BBT

                  Meg, Vanessa, & Jackie in the bathroom. They are talking about how awkward all this is (with Clay & Shelli). Meanwhile Austin and Liz talking in the H/N room. Liz is telling him that she wants Shelli out, (this has to do with James telling Austin some of the things that Clay and Shelli had said to try and save their necks this week).

                  Cam switch to Meg talking to Clay and Shelli. Shelli is asking Meg why James had to tell Austin everything?! Meg has no idea what they are talking about. Shelli says she saw James talking to Austin this morning and now Austin is in the other room talking to Liz. Shelli says she sold herself out by giving James that info and she is probably going home this week, so why would James have to tell Austin? Meg says it doesn't make any sense to her. Clay is making threats about going off on James, Shelli says that they don't know for sure that James told Austin anything.

                  Meg leaves and Vanessa talks to Clay & Shelli. Vanessa wants to go over everything that Shelli and Clay told James and she tells them that they should just be upfront with Austin about what they said because Austin is a very forgiving person. Much like Vanessa when she forgave Austin for lying to her face.
                  11: 20 AM BBT



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                    (sneaking in from work )

                    James DID NOT use the Veto ...

                    Shelli and Clay remain on the block

                    Shelli is crying, telling Clay that she will "miss him so much" ...


                    Julia is still set wanting to vote Clay out ...
                    Austin tells her he's not sure
                    Julia says that it was Clay's idea to put them up, not Shelli's

                    Julia tells Austin that Clay is going after James...

                    Julia- Shelli is not close to anyone
                    Austin- She is close to Vanessa.
                    Julia- Clay, if he is by himself, is going to go to Meg.

                    Austin tells Liz/Julia that Johnny Mac was crying over Clay/Shelli

                    Austin - He ( Johnny Mac) has the weirdest loyalties.


                    Becky/Johnny Mac talk about wanting to keep Clay over Shelli

                    Johnny Mac -
                    Clay would be with us
                    Becky- I know but Clay wants us to vote him out

                    Johnny Mac tells Becky that he will vote out Clay.. and he's already told James, that he will do whatever Clay wants...


                    Vanessa to Austin/Liz - Shelli/Clay woke me up at 5 am... they were both crying.... they were like ... we did something and think we made a huge mistake.

                    Vanessa- they ( Shelli/Clay ) are outing my ****ing alliance...

                    Vanessa emotional.. I'm so mad.. so mad.. I would never do that ( out the alliance )

                    She tells them if that did happen... then they might not have any choice but to work with James. ( moving forward )

                    Vanessa- they just blew up their own game...
                    If Clay doesn't want to stay, there is no reason for him to stay. He ( Clay ) made it clear he hates James in that speech

                    ( I can't really update from here, if someone will jump in that would be greatly appreciated )


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                      Feeds are back. James did not use the POV on anyone. The house seems extremely awkward. Austin, Liz, Becky, Johnny-Mac and James are outside still, but no one is talking. Becky looks very troubled. Shelli and Clay are in bed, Shelli is weepy and tells Clay that she will miss him.

                      James goes inside and finds Steve in the comic book bedroom. They talk a bit about the POV ceremony and Steve tells James that he did a good job. Steve says he never knows what to do after meetings like that so he just finds a room where he can be by himself. James says it is hard to stand in front of all of them and have them staring at you. He says it's awkward. Steve tells James that using the reason of Clay and Shelli betraying James was a good one.

                      They chit chat about the game in general and both say they are happy to have made it to jury.

                      Austin Liz and Julia outside talking about how they feel Vanessa is going to be very gun-ho about keeping Shelli. They talk about the pros and cons of voting out each one. Austin wants to talk to James to see which one of them tried to get James to put one of them up.

                      Becky and Johnny Mac in the hammock room talking about who they want, should, might, could, have to, vote out.


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                        2:17 Cam 1/2 in the middle of a JMac and Becky talk. Sounds like JMac will keep his word to vote Clay out. Becky says how she has tried to convince Clay to stay because Shelli has shown she's a threat on many comp fronts, so the house will want her out soon and Clay has a chance to go farther.

                        *drive by, not sticking around*


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                          12:20 PM BBT

                          Austin, Liz and Vanessa outside talking by the washer/dryer. Austin tells Vanessa what James told him earlier about Shelli and Clay trying to throw Austin under the bus to James. Vanessa tells them she was woken up by Clay and Shelli out of a dead sleep and crying telling her what they had said to James and that it didn't work. Vanessa thinks that they probably told James more than what they are saying such as outing their 6th Sense alliance. Vanessa wonders if maybe they should just say **** it and work with James now. Austin thinks it might be a good idea but then he backtracks a little bit. Vanessa and Liz leave and Becky comes out.

                          Austin tells Becky that James told him the Clay and Shelli are mad at Austin because they don't think Austin has done enough to try and save them. Becky talks about how weird the game is and you just don't know who to trust.


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                            12:32 PM BBT

                            Vanessa pulls Austin into the bathroom and tells him that she is so ****ing mad that Clay and Shelli would do that to him/them. She says she would never do that and she knows that Austin wouldn't do that either. They talk about how it may be better for them to vote Clay out. Vanessa says that Clay said he hates James, so James shouldn't feel safe with Clay staying in the house. Vanessa says she is so mad that she was crying. She says that she would never **** up other people's games if she were the one going out the door. Austin says they were probably trying to get him thrown up on the block and Vanessa says why else would they have talked to James. Vanessa is going to try and find out exactly what was said to James and then asses who they should get rid of. Vanessa says it's not how you handle yourself when things are going good, it's how you handle yourself when things are going bad.

                            Julia comes into the bathroom and Austin leaves. Vanessa sits by her and they talk about how Clay and Shelli did them all dirty this week. Vanessa says they threw her (Van) under the bus and what they did to Austin and the twins was so ****ing dirty.

                            James comes in.


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                              12:43 PM BBT

                              Vanessa tells James it's just a bad place for her to be in this week. Vanessa gives a speech about how she is here to play for her girlfriend and James is here to play for his daughter and they all just need to get back to that. Julia tells her that what she said was very good.

                              James says that the good news is that they will get to party together in the jury house.

                              Austin comes in and apparently has tp stuck to the bottom of his foot that somehow he knows belongs to Steve. Vanessa makes him wash his hands.

                              Liz comes in, Austin leaves and Vanessa tells James that he made the best move for his game and he shouldn't feel bad about it.

                              Austin heads up to the HOH toilet.

                              Vanessa leaves the main bathroom, James is called to the DR so Liz starts telling Julia about Clay and Shelli waking Vanessa up and saying that they had thrown them all under the bus to James. They talk about which one they need to vote out. Liz says she would rather Clay gets voted out because she doesn't really like him and doesn't want to be in the jury house with him. They both agree that Clay has no social game with anyone but Shelli and they won't last 5 years and he will be mad at himself for throwing away his chance of winning BB. They talk about how Clay's speech was so laughable and how they would have said something like that if they were up against each other, but not for somebody they had know for like 1-1/2 months.

                              Julia says she just wants to make the best possible decision for them (the twins).


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