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Live Feed Updates-August 4-Day 48

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 4-Day 48

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    4:03 BBT

    Shelli and Clay talking to Steve about going to James in one last ditch effort and James telling them they need to come clean and they told him about Austin. Shelli admits that she was the one that said all that. She says that James then ran straight to Austin to hold it over his head.

    Steve says he doesn't know what he's going to do regarding voting. Steve says that James said that Shelli was the target

    Shelli says Austin threw her under the bus. Clay says that the only reason they're in this position is because of Austin. They stuck their neck out for him and he didn't do the same for them. She starts talking about last week and explaining how they are getting the blame for last week, when it wasn't their fault Jason went up and was voted out, she starts explaining and stops because she is saying too much about their involvement and then grabs her head and says she is getting a headache.

    Steve asks how Austin threw them under the bus? She starts tap dancing around they went along with whatever, they promised to vote to keep Becky, ...without saying that they were in on the Jason getting put up.


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      8:58 AM BBT
      All Cams

      All houseguests are sleeping (Austin with his mouth wide open )


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        10:13 AM BBT

        Steve and Vanessa are sitting outside. Steve is telling Van about his talk with Clay and Shelli. Steve says they told him that Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Shelli (or Clay if he remains) and Steve should all align. Vanessa seems troubled with this information and tells him that she doesn't really think they have to make this official and that they already are a "thing".

        Steve asks Vanessa who it was that said he was a floater and Vanessa sort of snaps at him and says she already told him and isn't going over it again. He asks her who in the house are considered floaters and Van says J-mac and Steve and maybe Becky. Steve is surprised to hear Becky's name as a floater.

        Vanessa says she is still wondering if it's true that Clay and J-Mac are related, (sorry, don't know where this came from). She thinks that they could be cousins or something. Steve says that they do have a strange bond. He goes on to tell her that BB has done a DNA twist before with Cowboy and Nakomis. Vanessa asks several questions about that twist and then she says that J-Mac and Becky could be related. (?)

        Vanessa is called to the DR. Steve mutters to himself, "Becky? Becky?" Then he says other stuff that I don't understand other than "something is the extent of what he thinks.

        Everyone has gone back to sleep except Austin who is stroking Liz's hair while she sleeps. ‚Äč
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          11:39 AM BBT

          James has the HOH cam and has been taking pics of sleeping peeps. BB has told everyone it's time to get up for the day and a few have actually climbed their behinds out of bed.


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            12:49 PM BBT

            Austin and John outside talking. Austin is complaining that Clay won't talk to him and acts like he is mad at Austin. He says that Shelli has already apologized to Austin and says that they are cool. He is troubled that Clay is acting this way. Johnny Mac says that that's weird. Austin says that Clay is looking at him like he is going to come after Austin. He says that Clay has a chance to stay, it's not like he is dead in the water. Austin says he tried to save Shelli and Clay but it didn't work, so then they threw Austin under the bus.

            Austin says if he had won POV, he would have used it on Clay. Austin says that Clay knows that, so he doesn't understand why Clay is mad at Austin. He says Clay had a chance to win POV but he didn't. John says Clay hasn't talked a whole lot to him either. J-mac tells Austin that they have to win HOH this week. Johnny says someones feelings will get hurt and then they all get to hang out in jury.

            12:57 PM BBTime



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              1:33 PM BBT

              We are back. For some reason, it seems like they were given current news. James says that Miranda Lambert is available and how weird that Donald Trump could be the next president.

              From the people outside, it sounds like it was some sort of quiz where they had to guess if statements were true or false.

              The twins are talking about how cool it would be if the food was going to be tonight.

              Shelli is whispering to Vanessa in the bedroom. Shelli says she doesn't want to campaign. Van asks where (someone) is and Sjhelli says in the kitchen eating. Van pulls Shelli into the H/N room and they start whispering about Steve and the things he has said. Vanessa tells her that Steve promised last night to keep Shelli.

              *They are very difficult to understand*


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                1:46 PM BBT

                Shelli says that Clay told Meg to vote to keep Shelli and Meg told him that she can't do that. Shelli says there is no way she will get Meg's vote and she doesn't think she will get Jackie's. Shelli is concerned about the twins vote because she thought she had them before but now she doesn't. Vanessa says that Clay has been telling people if he stays, he is going after Austin. Clay comes in and joins the whisper fest.

                Vanessa tells Clay that she has been doing damage control. She says she talked to Austin and she was reinforcing that James would lie about Clay and Shelli throwing Austin under the bus.

                Clay and Shelli head to the kitchen to get something to eat. The majority of the group is outside chatting.

                I am out if someone else can jump in, that would be great!


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                  2:27 Cam 3/4 JMac and Becky jedi training.

                  Becky quizzing JMac, and explaining her day counting strategies.

                  2:34 Game updates. Becky mentions Judas. JMac mentions two encounters with Jackie. He gives Becky a heads up in case someone comes after her.

                  I didn't catch details of what JMac was saying about the encounters. This is just a drive-by in case anyone wants to flashback.

                  2:36 Becky is talking about her rat role. She doesn't sound happy with Shelli.

                  Again, I'm not catching the details. Not paying good attention. But someone might be interested in checking back.

                  2:44 That convo has ended. I think it had lots of stuff worth flashing back to. (They're still talking but they've changed the subject.)
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                    About 4:50 PM BBT

                    Just a quick update...

                    James came out of the DR with a card in hand. Told everyone to gather in Living Room. Then we got FISH.

                    When they come back it sounds like they are going to be getting food. James went back in the DR and asked about alcohol and comes back out and tells Meg, Steve & JMac that they said he would TRY to get them some alcohol. JMac says he was probably just saying that to shut them up. They keep talking about Chipolte so I take it the food is going to be from there.

                    James starts talking about Donald Trump being the lead Republican candidate and about Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton getting divorced so it sounds like they got updated on some news from the outside world.


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                        8:34 Vanessa and Twistin have a final 4.

                        They've sworn their undying loyalty to each other. Then at F4 duke it out in the comps.


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                          Catch up with some of today's drama on the Home Page Article HERE


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