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Live Feed Updates-August 5-Day 49

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 5-Day 49

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    4:08 BBT

    All cameras showing the Have not room with Austin, Liz, and Julia sleeping.


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      4:12 BBT

      Camera 1 & 2
      Becky and James in the kitchen talking. They're talking about Shelli and Clay sneaking, hiding, and deceiving, which is why they're on the block. Becky talking about how if she gets asked something when she gets cornered she will tell a white lie and tell you what you want to hear, but she won't go to you to feed you lies.

      Julia comes through on her way to bathroom

      Becky talking about being cornered. She says 'You and your needing to know and deals". She won't say the name of who does that to her though.

      They're talking about Shelli going nuts when James and Liz won the comp and left Clay on the block last week.

      They continue talking about last week and the plan. She talks about how once Jason was put on the block Clay and Shelli saved her so she just closed her ears to everything else. It has taken this week to open her eyes to the way Shelli is. Now she gets the bigger picture. James asks who does she think the house would have voted out if Clay had lost the veto and they had stayed on the block together.

      James says he knew Becky had the votes. They talk about Jeff. They like Jackie. Becky likes how direct Jackie is.

      They continue talk about previous stuff, how calm James is. Becky likes calm people.

      (I have to get ready for work, but this is a good talk with James and Becky, if someone can catch it).


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        8:05 AM BBT
        All Cams

        All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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          Catching us up on some conversations:

          12:49 a.m. Vanessa is telling Steve that they were bullying everyone upstairs and she was the only one who stood up and said she wouldn’t go with the plan. She tells Steve that she is worried that Clay will come after her before Shelli would.

          12:52 p.m. Vanessa/Steve/Liz. Vanessa is talking about how she saw Austin and Clay talking together and she thinks that Austin is leaning toward keeping Clay because he just headed into the lounge to talk to him. Steve says he is confused because he thought it was already settled. Austin had promised that he was voting Clay out. Liz tells them that they think their a$$es would be on the line if they keep Shelli. Vanessa says that it is a front that James and Clay aren’t together. She thinks they are just playing a game. She keeps talking about being bullied in the HOH room.
          Meanwhile Clay and Austin are in the lounge room and Clay promises that he will not come after Austin or the twins. Austin is pleading his case as to what he tried to do to help get them off the block, etc. Clay: It was just a bad night for us. Austin gives him his assurance that he understands and he is ok with him. Clay is trying to convince Austin that James had a plan for a long time (to put up Clay and Shelli) and that his telling everyone that he saved them wasn’t true because he had the plan way before that. He implies that Johnny Mac knew the plan and that’s why he went down. Austin tells him to talk to the twins and let them know where he (Clay) stands with them.
          12:59 a.m. Austin comes out and tells the twins in front of Vanessa that Clay wants to talk to them. One of the twins says she doesn’t want to talk to him. He says they need to and goes over what they talked about. That Clay will keep them safe.
          Vanessa asks if they should tell them right before the eviction that they are going to put up the remaining one up on the block but they are the pawn. Vanessa then reminds them that if Steve is the pawn they save Steve and take out either Shelli/Clay. If Johnny Mac is up, they vote him out and Jackie comes up so they talk about keeping Clay.
          2:44 a.m. Austin and Liz are whispering in the HN room. He is telling her that they are safe with Clay because he is going after the James/Meg and not them. He tells her that they are safe with him. How Clay told him that James had the plan for more than two weeks, so James telling us about saving us. That’s not true. Austin wants them to send Shelli home because she is the one who told all the things to James about Austin. Austin wants to put up and vote out Johnny Mac. Liz talks about Steve and Austin says Steve has to come through for them.
          Liz tells Austin that she hopes she can trust him because she has no relationship with Clay. He talks to the other girls and not to her. She wants to keep Shelli for that reason. Austin tells her to talk to him so that he knows her feelings. Julia joins them and she is complaining that she had already told them to call her to the DR because she wanted to wash her face. She washed her face and then they called so she had to go do make-up again, but that’s what she signed up for. Austin gets up and adds multiple clothes to the end of his bed because he is too long to fit on the chairs comfortably.
          They talk about take-out food and apparently the HG played a game and when they got a question right they would get take-out food but for every question they missed they lost the take-out for that night. If I got it correctly they will not get take-out tonight (or Thursday because of the show) but they should get food on Friday.
          3:48 a.m. Becky is talking to James and telling him about the time that she was on the block with Jason. She had three chances to win that week and she lost all three times. She had gotten herself off the block (earlier) and then turned around and won an HOH but when it counted she couldn’t win one. She tells him how they promised Clay and her that they were safe (because James and Liz were supposed to throw the comp) but when that didn’t happen then Vanessa chose Shelli (who would save Clay) to play in the veto and not someone who could save her. They isolated her from her friends by putting up Jason against her and they had no intention of saving her if Clay had to stay on the block. She talks about totem poles and the fact that she knows she isn’t high on Vanessa totem pole and that week she knew that between herself and Jason she wasn’t high on James/Meg/Jackie’s totem pole. She talks about how Vanessa corners you and talks to you and you say what they want to hear, but this week woke her up to what they are doing. James tells her that everything works out for a reason. She likes Jackie because Jackie is quiet but direct. She doesn’t talk game but when she does she is fierce. James/Meg/Jackie are calm and Becky likes that and wants to work with them. She didn’t like Jeff because he would interrogate her and then run away.
          James tells her that he put Clay up because he didn’t feel like his was in “the group”. He didn’t talk with me and give me information, yada, yada. He tells her that he heard he was going up on the block if he hadn’t won and he gave them a chance to name who was throwing out his name. He tells her that Clay and Shelli didn’t say a word.
          Becky tells him that she hates that everyone is working together and have a deal. Why do they need deals? She thought it was Audrey but it is still going on. She tells James she is good with those three and they have her word they don’t need to name it. FISH and we come back to James by himself.


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            10:32 Cam 3/4 A talk between Vanessa and Austin as just broken up, with Austin saying, "Let the Wednesday scampering begin."

            That sounds like a conversation people need to flashback to -- Vanessa's last ditch plan to save Shelli by outing Becky's rat role. (I haven't heard it yet -- just saw a couple of notes about it and am marking the time.)

            Backing up. 10:25-26, Vanessa is talking to Steve about Becky whispering with someone early in the morning and V says to S that she has a plan to out her. Becky is so two-faced. Steve says the four of them (ADC) are together. Vanessa says until they learn about her and how she's been running downstairs all week and telling Clelli the plans. Becky is so f****** two-faced. She was targeting f****** James before all this. That's who she was going to target before if she won HOH. That's what she said to me quote unquote.

            Steve: really?

            Vanessa: and then she gets to go up there and hang out and be on both sides of the house. It's completely two-faced to be on both sides of the house. I just can't handle it. She's a rat in my book.

            [me: eyeroll]

            Vanessa: so I'm gonna have to do it.

            Steve: [grinning] You're evil.

            Vanessa: No I'm not.

            Steve: You're very evil.

            Vanessa: Do you like it?

            Steve: Kinda

            Austin comes up now. The three of them step into another room. This is still the 10:27 minute if someone wants to start transcribing from there. I'll probably get back to it if no one else does, but I'm stepping away for a little bit. Edit: Okay, I'm back. I'll start up again here.

            Austin says that this could be interesting. He's willing to just stay with that and see where it takes them. Maybe James will pull them up there and want to talk. But Vanessa obviously isn't done misting him so now we get:

            Vanessa: Narcing out Becky won't change this week's vote. But it can do something for the target.

            10:28 Vanessa to Austin: The only way to maybe change this week's vote is if Shelli has a fight with you.

            Vanessa turns to Steve: What do you think about this? Shelli has a fight with Austin which leaves them [pointing upstairs] to think that she's going after Austin.

            Steve: You wanna fake a faux fight? That's a big move.

            Vanessa: I don't know what else to do to get them on board with Shelli being here.

            Austin: I thought me and the twins would be voting out Shelli.

            Vanessa is tap-dancing. I'm not catching all the words. Something about twins could act like they're going behind his back. Big conspiracy theory. [Baffling Austin with bull.] So Austin is a little confused here about this plan to save Shelli. He asks Vanessa -- Are we that adamant about Clay is not trustworthy still?

            Vanessa: No. [With a slightly disgusted look on her face] [I think as in, no, Clay is not trustworthy.]

            Austin: Do we want to find out more about how trustworthy Clay could be today?

            Vanessa: How would we do that?

            Austin: I don't know. The twins are going to talk to him, well he's going to talk to them. Something. Something.

            10:29 Steve says something I don't catch.

            Vanessa: I'm fine with that. I just think ... [long pause while she tries to figure out a way to keep up her snow job] ...

            Austin breaks the awkward silence: I mean either way -- if it could be Becky and Clay on the block next week and we take out Becky, that would be great. Because Johnny Mac will be going to Clay, which makes them anti-"them". ... Since Steve obviously is with us, and all three of those are with us ... and it's back to them three again. Which is where we want to be.

            Austin continues talking strategy -- making a little too much sense for Vanessa -- she's looking annoyed as she tries to think of how to stop Austin from thinking -- about how this would be a good group to work with against the other side.

            10:30 Austin continues with how they can use this thing against Becky as an excuse to use to put her up as a pawn against Clay ... or Shelli. And then she goes home. Rather than Johnny Mac. Now it opens things up a little more. I think the most important thing for us is the Becky thing -- I think that's the best idea. [Austin is making little pauses between sentences as if to give Vanessa a chance to say something but just small pauses and then he goes on.] But of course how do we minimize our knowledge of the Becky thing when Clay and Shelli do that? because we could have told James all week what Becky did.

            Vanessa: I did. Something. Something. But she never said the name. Something something. [About there being a snake?]

            10:31 Vanessa: I did tell her it wasn't you [Austin]. [Don't know where Steve is now.]

            Austin: All I know is that after you [Vanessa] had a talk with Becky I was able to be saved. Is that all I know? [He's rehearsing his plausible deniability and asking Vanessa about his cover story.]

            Vanessa: You got pulled into a room and were told that Becky would be loyal to you. She's loyal to you and the twins. She's loyal to Shelli and Clay. She's loyal to me. She's loyal to them [pointing upstairs]. She's loyal to Steve and Johnny Mac. She's loyal to the whole f****** house. She's a f****** floater.

            Austin: Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's perfect. I got pulled into a room and was told the Becky was going to be loyal to myself and the twins moving forward and I'm not to target her. No? Yes? Pretty much?

            Vanessa: That's fine. And that's after Shelli and Clay have outed the whole thing.

            10:32 I could go on and on and on about Becky and the things she has said. [smiling] It's so two-faced what she has done. That's the thing that I can't get past.

            Austin: It's eating you up. You need to talk to James too.

            Vanessa: My back's not against the wall. Theirs is. So they're going to. But if they've already told, then I can confirm. I'm tired of lying for her. I've already lied for her once. To say that she only knew an hour before [Jason was put up]. Lie. That's the thing.

            Austin: What if James is stupid and he confronts her and she tries to spill ****?

            Vanessa: She doesn't have any **** [to spill].

            Austin: That's true. Okay.

            Vanessa: What does she have?

            Austin: Right. [nodding] Alright. Okay. Getting Clay and Shelli on mumble today.

            Vanessa: Something something. [unclear]

            Austin: Something something. [unclear]

            Austin: Alright, let the scampering begin. Let the Wednesday scampering begin .
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              11:41 a.m. Shelli and Clay eating crunchy cereal and whispering. Clay has moved his mic so it is almost impossible to hear what he is saying. Shelli can’t even hear him as she has to ask him to repeat it.
              Suffice it to say they are talking about talking to Becky and telling her that they saved her last week and they know what the plan is for next week and she is the target. Shelli says she is playing both sides right now. Into this pity party comes Vanessa. They all get a cup of coffee that Clay has just made at Shelli’s request while Vanesa checks around to ensure that no one else is up to overhear what they might be plotting about. She commands their presence in the bathroom.
              Clay once again is spewing the line about “people cling to power”. Vanessa goes over the fact that she got so much pressure from James when she said who she was voting for. It was very hard. It is bullying. Jackie’s temper and James’ bullying (OMG, the queen of you do it my way). Vanessa says that she is also worried about Becky. Shelli says she is worried as well because she thinks Becky will be coming after her.
              As Johnny Mac comes in Vanessa jumps up and starts washing her hands. She asks him if he knows what is going on with that side of the house. I can’t hear what he says but she tells him they had a meeting in the HOH room (John was not there). John goes to use the toilet and they start their conversation super low once again.
              Vanessa tells them that she is worried about Austin and the twins based on what they (Shelli/Clay) said. They are whispering so John can’t hear them and now I can’t hear a thing.
              Once John is out of the toilet Shelli tells him that James is being a bully and people are scared of him. Johnny Mac is telling them that he has a bigger target that he wants to get out of the game ahead of James/Meg…Jackie. He knows James can’t play in the next comp but Jackie can. James is not no. 1 on his list. John tells Vanessa that he knows she can’t go after James. Vanessa clarifies that she only has a one week deal with James but she can go after him after that.
              Shelli is so sure that ADC aren’t going to win either of the DE, and she wants to know why others will want to implement their plan for who to evict. Vanessa tells Johnny Mac that they need a plan to redirect them (from their plan). She tells him that the remaining member of Shelli/Clay and Johnny Mac are the next on their hit list. She wants them to get off the plan of putting up the remaining member on the block. (I must say that I never hear what their plan is during this conversation.)
              Vanessa admits that she will not put James up on block, but she would backdoor him. She is a gambler so she is going with the odds. No one else seems to understand that you can’t play for the other side, you can’t just cross your fingers and think you will win. Austin thinks they will keep him to the very end but no way José.
              Shelli believes that it will be an immediate switch once James is no longer in power. Clay says that if they don’t win the next HOH they will come “sprinting” over to our side once again. Vanessa says that if the other side wins the remaining one (Shelli/Clay) will go up 100%.
              Shelli (CYA) is telling Vanessa that they didn’t out her to save themselves and they didn’t out Becky either. Tell Becky, if you go with that side anyone on this side can out your game, and if we win we have all that ammo. If you stay with our side that side gets smaller.
              For a little bit it appears that Shelli and Vanessa are having a power grab as each one says that they should be the one to talk to her. This never gets resolved.
              Vanessa once again tells Shelli that James told her to vote however she needs to, but still pressured her a lot. Vanessa hears noise in the kitchen and jumps up to see who it might be.
              Clay/Shelli tells them that whoever is HOH should nominate James/Meg and backdoor Jackie. Clay says James is the head of that group. Vanessa says I would put up Steve with James and they tell her that would be bad because Steve would go home. That others in the house are afraid of James. Clay tells her that now that there isn’t a BOTB you put up the people you want to go home and don’t worry about backdooring.
              Vanessa asks if the remaining member is ok with a F5 with Austin and the Twins. In defense of Austin she explains that there were two targets in their group (Austin and Clelli). So Austin had to protect himself.
              They continue to talk but as Vanessa leaves, Shelli says that we should have voted out Becky last week and saved Jason.


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                Julia tells Liz that if Austin goes she is ok, but if anyone tries to take out Liz she would go after them. Also, if anyone tried to take out Vanessa....she doesn't know where she would be without Vanessa in this game. She is worried that they will come after the other "power couple" Liztin.
                They talk once again about Shelli and the fact that Shelli was upstairs throwing Austin under the bus.


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                  My feeds are messing up so I am out for a while and hope that they will start working later.


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                    1:37 Cams 1/2 Vanessa and Twinstin appear to be starting strategy talk. One twin just said it sounds good to vote to evict Shelli and next time it would be Clay. Austin says he likes Vanessa's Becky strategy since she keeps floating to power. Vanessa says she doesn't understand why, if one of Vaustwin wins HOH, they don't take out one of the ADC. 1:38 Austin says they could ......

                    1:38 He sounds like if it's DE he wants to go with the strategy they came up with last night but if it's not a DE then they can work on the Becky strategy ....

                    Vanessa: here's the thing that worries me. They could just pretend to keep the plan. If it's not DE they could decide to work with Clay if he's not the one evicted ....

                    Austin: Why can't you trust Clay? Do you think he is that sketchy?

                    Vanessa: It's not that I don't trust Clay. I do. I just know it's possible. Out of self-preservation ....

                    Austin: We have four people and .... [missed it]

                    Vanessa: But he could make the deal and the deal would be to go after you guys.

                    Austin: But then he's lost four jury votes -- why would he do that? And he's not going to go after the person who took out his girl? You've seen the look on his face ....

                    1:39 Vanessa: But he might tell them that so that he's not the one to go on the block.

                    Austin: So he throws everything to them and he's useless? Is that what you're saying?

                    V: No, he's going to try, but if he doesn't win ....

                    A: Oh, he'll tell them that ...

                    V: He'll say anything to avoid going up.

                    A: Have you already talked to them about the Becky stuff?

                    V: Yes, they're down to to that, but they think another strategy is to go to Becky beforehand and bring her onto the SS side.

                    Twin whispers that Becky is going to go where the power is. Austin says yeah he doesn't think she's f****** malicious but she'll go where the power is.

                    Whispering twin says: Okay, here's another angle. Shelli's a really strong player. Why not get a strong player out when the opportunity presents itself?

                    I'm just listening in the background but that will give you a time to flash to. <-- LOL I keep saying that, but then I keep coming back to fill in the blanks. But I'm definitely taking a break now even though I'm leaving mid-whisper.
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                      2:26 Cam 3/4 Jackie and Meg just left the HOH and I see that a minute later they'll be talking with Austin in bathroom with Jackie present.

                      2:27 Meg to Austin: So, I confronted them about you.

                      Austin: Oh yeah, how did it go?

                      Meg: Not good .....

                      Not transcribing. Not not not! Just giving a convo start time.


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                        Seconds before 2:50, Cam 3/4 Liz and Austin start game talk. Mentions convo he just had with Meg.

                        2:51 Austin says he's leaning toward keeping Clay. For several reasons. Why make move now? If we go along with the plan for another week the ADC's defenses will be down going into the HOH .....

                        STILL not transcribing. STILL just giving convo start time.


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                          1:28 a.m. They girls are talking about who they should keep (out of Clay/Shelli).
                          They go back and forth with the pros and cons of keeping each one. They think that Shelli is a bigger target and has won a lot of HOHs. Clay would keep them and he hasn’t won anything. Also, if they keep Clay and go with the house the person who wins HOH next will put Clay up.

                          Julia tells Liz that when she comes into the room and sees Austin lying and trying to touch her she’s like ewww.
                          Julia: I would be so annoyed if I was sleeping there and his head in on my thing.
                          Liz: it was, that’s why I sleep down here.
                          Julia: and his hair smells so bad.
                          Liz: Oh, I know. You know how I feel about him. He’s a shield in front of me. My knight in shining armor and then they wink at each other.
                          Liz: I’m going to have to break the news in the jury house that I’m just not that into you. They make some movement with their hands and then Liz says you like Ryan better. Liz says yeah, but when I get out and get home I’m dumping him and we get FISH.

                          When we come back it is all Clay and Shelli and they aren’t talking about anything in the game.

                          1:36 p.m. Vanessa is in the HN room with the twins and she no sooner gets set down and Austin comes in and breaks the news that they are HN’s until midnight on Thursday. (Read this part with your best whiny voice please) Liz keeps telling him no and that it’s not fair. He should have questioned that, they started Friday morning. The last time the HNs started on Saturday so it’s not fair.
                          He explains that since the BOTB is over everyone is starting on Friday.
                          The girls say they are on strike and they aren’t eating. Vanessa says you don’t have an ounce of fat on you, you need to eat to get your energy.

                          Vanessa is telling them that she is so confused. She doesn’t know what to do. There are only two of them (I assume she means that can play in the HOH comp). She thinks Becky won’t and will just float to power (Hmmm, I think I’ve heard that statement float to power more than once today). So we just do what the f*** we want. Austin starts hemming and hawing and she asks him “What are you scared of?”.

                          The twins explain that if they vote out Shelli, Clay will go up with Johnny Mac and that will keep them safe for another week. Austin likes Vanessa’s deflection strategy about Becky since she will “float to power” (ACK!). Vanessa says we need to take one of them out (James/Meg/Jackie) if we win HOH.

                          Austin of course in his muddled way is saying that if it isn’t DE they can do the Becky strategy. DE is too hectic. A lot of things can happen, so put up Clay/Johnny Mac. Vanessa is trying to mist them into keeping Shelli. (She is spreading so much mist) She tells them that Shelli/Clay think they can get Becky to vote with them if they go to her prior to the vote and tell her they will exploit her.

                          The twins and Austin are telling Vanessa that Shelli is a very good player so they need to get her out and Austin says “she threw me under the bus to save herself”. They say that she dug her own grave and she sold us three out and for us to keep her well….

                          Vanessa keeps misting…..she thinks Clay is a better player than they think. They all think that Clay will want to work with them.
                          Julia says that if they don’t vote to keep Clay then Jackie/James/Meg will come after the twins. They explain to Julia that Shelli and Clay are up because they lied to James. They hear a noise and Austin runs out to see who it might be. He doesn’t come back in so they assume that someone was out there. Austin comes back in and tells them he is making slop for them, no one was there.

                          Vanessa: What is your gut telling you? If I win HOH I don’t mind going back on the deal if you can confirm that they made a deal and left me out. Austin says well they kinda did and then well we (Austwins) will go up tonight and see if that happens.

                          Austin says if JohnnyMac/Steve/Clay win HOH we don’t have to do anything. We can just sit back and not do anything. Austin thinks that Meg/James/Jackie will stick with the plan because they will lose jury votes if they go back.
                          Vanessa wants to know who will go after her as their target.
                          Austin talks like he is running the show and Vanessa keeps asking him why he is willing to go with the bullies. Austin says that he is 50/50 as to who he wants to keep. Vanessa wants to know why this group is doing their work for them (voting Shelli out).
                          This conversation keeps going but it doesn't seem like they are coming to a consensus and I have been on a phone conversation for about an hour so I wanted to get it posted.


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                            Vanessa is complaining about not being able to sleep last night because everyone was up. James tells her to go up to the HOH and sleep if she would like.


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                              3:15 p.m. Becky and Johnny Mac in Comic Book Bedroom. She is filling him in on the meeting. She tells him that the plan is that they will send either Clay or Shelli to go home. They have a deal that they made not to go after each other for this week. They will put up the one who stays with either Steve or Johnny Mac. That was Vanessa plan, and John says we are expendable.

                              She tells him that no one wants to do what Vanessa is telling them to do because they fell like she has done a lot of sh*t in the house and gone against everyone and no one trust her. They all said “yeah, yeah sure Vanessa”. She thinks the votes are swaying to keep Shelli because Austin is really upset at Clay and the twins like Shelli. She doesn’t know for sure. She starts counting votes to see who will stay. She tells Johnny Mac that James reminded them that at the end of the day Shelli wins everything. That is what Clay is telling everyone as well, so for her personal game and for John’s it is better to keep Clay in the game. Shelli is going to go with Vanessa and Austin and the twins. She doesn’t think that anyone will stay with them (John/Becky, et al). Vanessa is everywhere.

                              Johnny Mac fills her in on the conversation he overheard in the bathroom this morning. She tells him about the eight person alliance that Shelli made and then she puts up Austin. She sits us all in the room and looks at each of us and points her finger and says “do I have your word”, etc. and goes right around the room. (In this ladycop’s book that could be bullying haha). She doesn’t stay with her word and then she goes down to you and says she is worried that they (James/Meg/Becky/Jackie) are coming after her. They have told her that they aren’t. We talked about the deal not to put either one up on the block. Vanessa took out Jason, she has blown up Shelli and Clay’s game and now she is coming back with them. I am super weary of her, and if she wins, Shelli wins. If Shelli stays in the game they will pair up and win, win, win. Vanessa is convincing and switching sides all the time. That’s the same thing that Audrey did. She was able to talk her way around Shelli.

                              Becky asks J Mac to keep their conversation quiet and he tells her that he won’t tell anyone. He asks if he votes Shelli out will that seal the deal and she says no that they need one more vote so they need Steve, the twins or Austin. She says she likes Shelli but she will go with Vanessa and that will end others games.

                              John says he is going to talk to 3 people today (I’m not sure who). She says to be careful and mostly be careful about Austin because she thinks he is closer than they think with Vanessa.


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