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Live Feed Updates-August 6-Day 50

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 6-Day 50

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    3:30 BBT

    1&2 Becky and Steve talking in the kitchen. Talked about why Becky is keeping Clay. Talked about Jason and the differences between his and Jason's BB knowledge. Talking about Season 8, Dick and Zach marathon endurance comp.

    3&4 James, Meg, and Jackie talking in the HoH. Talking about past weeks and how the other side has been playing dirty, putting them up against each other (gasp). James went downstairs for food.


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      Jackie tells Meg not to count on Austin and the twins voting for Shelli to be evicted. Says Steve is their hope now.

      1&2 Clay and Shelli making out in the dark. Lots of slurping noises. Shelli says she can't even with the cameras.


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        3&4 talking about if the vote goes the way they think it is going to go tomorrow, the deal is off and they are going straight for Vanessa and Liz. Talking about why Vanessa makes deals that she doesn't intend to keep. Talking about Jeff f-ing Jackie's game.

        Meg says she's going to bed and Jackie decides to go with her. Meg tells her to have hope. Jackie says no matter what she's f-ed.

        They go downstairs

        Steve says he's going to bed too.


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          Happy Live Eviction Day!

          9:25 AM BBT

          All peeps counting sheeps under their sheets. (sorry, that's as original as I can be today, and yes, I know that sheep is already the plural)


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            10:16 Cam 1/2 Vanessa talking to Steve

            Vanessa opens with saying [someone] was whispering to Johnny Mac [that someone's name was cut off by fish]. Steve says JMac is on board. Vanessa says JMac is tricking you, saying he's on board, in reality voting the other way. ....

            Cam 3/4 Becky and JMac

            Becky opens with: The twins tell James they are voting Shelli out, but we do believe Austin, Vanessa, Shelli and Clay had an alliance ....

            Now and then fish.

            Giving a start time for someone else to maybe flash to.
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              10:16 a.m. Bathroom Vanessa and Steve talking. She is telling him a story about someone coming in and talking to Johnny Mac.

              Vanessa says that James is trying to tricked Steve by telling him that Johnny Mac is on board (with voting Shelli out) but he is voting the other way. He promised Clay he would vote him out but told him he have to look sad that he was going home. Vanessa is sure they have the votes. Steve isn’t so sure.

              Vanessa asks if James thinks that something is going on, why are they pushing so hard. She sits down and tries to figure out what might be going on.

              Johnny Mac and Becky in comic book room. Becky says that Vanessa is trying to keep the strongest one in the game and it will be too late to get her out when we want to. Becky tells Johnny to ask Steve who he would keep between Amanda and McCrea and he will tell you McCrea any day. Johnny Mac tells her that they (JMac and Becky) have to win today or they are in trouble. She tells him that the quiet people have to make the decision as to who goes home. Clay won’t be mad. He has a relationship with you but Shelli doesn’t. She isn’t making deals. Clay cornered Steve in the bathroom for 20 minutes last night and bullied him.

              Johnny Mac says there will be a huge blow up either way. She says that she gave Clay her word on Saturday but after thinking about it and in walks Vanessa and all talk stops.

              Becky leaves to make breakfast. Clay passed Steve in the hallway and Steve once again says he is voting him out because he gave him his promise.


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                Seconds before 10:54, feeds switch from fish to jeffloops.


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                  Meg and James are in the HOH room and Meg feels like it will be a disaster today (I think they are sure Shelli is staying). James says win or lose we are going to hold our heads up high. Meg says she needs to win today (you think). Johnny Mac says that his stomach is upset.


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                    1:37 Cams 1/2 Vanessa to Jackie: I've stayed out of it so I don't know.

                    Pretty sure she's talking about staying out of the vote finagling and not knowing how the votes will go.

                    I clicked around in that general area and it sounds like Vanessa threatened Jackie about James -- saying that if James acts like it matters which of Clelli goes home, then James will have made himself a target.
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                      1:39 PM BBT

                      Catching us up a bit. Clay has cornered Meg and telling her to vote him out. Austin breaks it to Meg that they are voting Clay out instead of Shelli. Vanessa is talking in circles to Jackie trying to convince her that Van has been asleep and has no idea who everyone is voting for. Clay telling Shelli that he expects her to get him/one of them out next week. Meg talking to Shelli and telling her that she feels bad for everything that has happened this past week, but Meg just doesn't think she can vote Clay out. Johnny Mac telling Clay that he will vote Clay out but he doesn't feel it's the best decision for his (J-Mac) game. J-Mac also tells Clay that he thinks Vanessa is in Shelli's head and that if it's a double eviction, he is sending Vanessa out. Vanessa tells Jackie that someone has been feeing them info but won't tell Jackie who. Austin and the twins talking about James and his group bullying them to get them to vote out Shelli.


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                        1:57 PM BBT

                        Austin talking to Jackie and Meg in the hammock room. He is explaining why he is going to vote Clay out. He is saying that he still plans on keeping his deal to protect them if he wins HOH (fib).

                        James comes in and says he feels that something weird is going on in the house. James says he hopes he's not getting blindsided. Austin tells him that he's not but Clay asked him man to man to vote him out because he doesn't want to be in jury for 2 months.

                        James says the house will vote how they want, but he wants to point out that if it were up to Shelli, Austin would have gone home last week. He also adds that Jason didn't have a chance to say how he wanted to spend his summer.


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                          2:01 PM BBT

                          James tells Austin that Shelli has known all week that she was staying. He says she has been prancing around not trying to change anything up. James adds that if he had known that people would change their mind on getting Shelli out, he would have taken the $5,000 or used the veto on Clay.

                          Austin says he just can't do that to Clay (keep him and Clay spends the summer in the jury house) because he begged Austin and he cried. Austin keeps saying he is going to try and win HOH and he will keep his word to James, Jackie and Meg to not put them up.

                          Jackie says that they are going to look like assholes at the end of the day. Meg is laughing.

                          James is quiet, Austin keeps sighing, Jackie is frustrated, Meg is amused.


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                            2:11 PM BBT

                            James says he heard that people were saying they were trying to bully people to vote how they want. Meg says she heard it too and Jackie says Vanessa told her people should be able to vote how they want. Austin says that no one has bullied him or the twins (as the twins said earlier they were bullied for their vote).

                            Shelli in talking to the twins. Sounds like Shelli is worried about Austin's vote because he is in talking to the other side. Julia (I think) is explaining that Austin is telling them about Clay's plea to vote him out.

                            Wash. Rinse. Repeat. I have to run now. Please lend us a hand at keeping the updates flowing.

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                              2:23 Feeds are blowing up.

                              Confrontations between Vanessa and James, Vanessa and Johnny Mac, James and Clay, then most of the whole house ... with the rest of the house in the next room listening in on the fireworks.

                              Went to fish for a bit when Clay got up in James' space.

                              Specifically at 2:23 that's when James leaves Vanessa to go see Clay and Vanessa goes to see Johnny Mac.

                              2:19 is when Vanessa asks James if they can talk and this whole things kicks off.
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