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Live Feed Updates-August 7-Day 51

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 7-Day 51

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    4:05 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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        ( I'm out the door ... if anyone can jump in when they wake up and start scheming that would be awesome )


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          6:32 AM BBT
          All Cams​

          All houseguests are sleeping.


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            8:24 hamsters still sleeping


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              Fish! Maybe the house guests are getting up for the day . .


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                10:15 People are getting ready. James is talking about a 4:30 call to the DR and then fish and then he says they sure are cranky, all he was saying was he was called ... and then more fish.

                He was talking in a friendly manner with a twin.

                Becky was puttering around the kitchen and now is lying on the living room floor. Stretching a sore body?


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                  11:02 Cam 3/4 Becky, Austin, Jackie, kitchen

                  Some talk about hosting and live show versus other shows

                  Now Becky asking who has not been a host so far. James is one of them. Liz is one of them.

                  Jackie says, Oh my G-d, you have to pick James.

                  Becky is leaning Liz because James got to do [something].

                  This is just a driveby. Done now.


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                    11:47 a.m. Vanessa has been sleeping and apparently TPTB are ready for everyone to be awake.

                    Julia and Vanessa are in the same bed in the comic book room. Vanessa is telling her about her slip and telling Shelli about the Freaks and Geeks alliance. She tells Julia to use that title if she is asked. She made a boo boo.

                    She goes on to ask Julia what Becky told her last night during their talk. Julia tells her that Becky told them they weren’t her target.

                    Vanessa says she wouldn’t say that to me, it was hostile. I’m her backdoor, she wouldn’t backdoor Johnny Mac. She figures that if Steve stays up she will go home, but if Shelli stays on the block with her she will be safe because the other side of the house wants Shelli to go. If Shelli wins POV, I’m going up 100%. She tells Julia that Becky said no more deals, and asks if Becky made deals with the twins.

                    Julia tells her yes but I really can’t hear as I am sure she doesn’t have her mic on as she is just waking up.

                    Vanessa tells her about Becky refusing to make any deals and then launches into how much of a bit*h she was to Vanessa. Who says no deals? This is BB. My word is good. I wouldn’t have gotten so much blood on my hands for her.

                    Julia: You could have sent her home when Jason was on the block and Steve walks in to get some clothes. After he leaves she continues her conversation.

                    Vanessa says she is looking at us as being weaken. She told me about her group (James/Jackie/Johnny Mac). She then talks about what a terrible player Becky is because who admits to being in a 4 person group. Julia says if they play in the POV she will be safe.

                    Vanessa is saying that Becky went back on her word. She wasn’t going to put me on the block. The twin says something that I don’t understand but suffice it to say, Vanessa is really hot and talks about there being a deal, and we 4 (Austwins and herself) aren’t on board and it’s not ok. She made a deal and it was not to backdoor us. It’s not ok and we need to let her know that. She is playing her game for DE. That was not the plan. She changed the plan.

                    Julia wonders if maybe that was the plan all along. She is freaking out and can’t believe it. She asks if Steve wins the POV and you are up against Steve I know you will be safe. They count the votes.

                    I’m really sorry I can’t understand the twin but Vanessa keeps going over the same terrority about it being a hostile conversation, etc. She then says that Steve will be good at endurance and we get FISH.

                    They are now on Jeff Loops.


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                      They got the HN food for the week....hamburger buns with slop meat.
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                        12:41 p.m. Vanessa/Austin/James in the living room. Austin is doing what he does most…..talking about why they are so sore because of the comp. (He also spends a lot of time talking about what people should eat.)

                        Julia and Liz are in the bathroom and Julia tells Liz about the Vanessa talk. They talk about the fact that if they win POV they need to keep the noms the same. Next week we need to win because it is starting to get down to numbers. They go on to complain about Austin and how they are sure that he threw the comp. His bowl was lower than Meg’s. Liz: You are big and have all those muscles. Use them motherfu*ker. She joins the group in the living room and continues to complain about the way Austin is lying on the couch.

                        Meanwhile in the HN room, we have Becky/James/Jackie. They are talking about having to win and study for this next week’s HOH.

                        Becky tells them that she told Shelli about their target being Vanessa. How Vanessa thinks she is playing such a great game and her word is good. Steve came in and told her that he understands about pawns and how that made it easier to tell him he was going up. She told everyone she was sticking with the plan and it’s Steve and Shelli. When I told them they all thought it was perfect.

                        Except Vanessa who came in and went right into so you know me, I’ve always had your back. I’m good with my word and I want to make a deal. I told her no deals because when I was on the block they wanted me to come with her/Shelli/Clay. I told them what they wanted to hear and then she blew up Clelli. That’s the evidence I am going to use when I put them up. You were ready to put Austin up. The people on the other side, you tell them this is the plan and then you change it. Nobody is safe with you, nobody is safe against you. At the end of the day no one knows where you lie. My goal is to show them all how unsafe they are. She says she stayed true to her word which was that they would get to the jury.

                        Jackie asks if she wants to make a deal and Becky quickly says no and they laugh.

                        James is telling them that every time something happened upstairs Clay and Shelli knew about it. She told them everything.

                        Becky starts talking about Johnny Mac and how he sees how emotional Vanessa is. She is talking about how Johnny Mac did say the thing that Clay then blew up. James reacts and says that John lied to him. Becky is trying to explain that John said it but he never said James told him. He can’t really explain himself, he is awkward, etc. She tells them that Johnny Mac is shaken up and thinking WTF.

                        Jackie says that Vanessa has been in a confrontation with everyone in the house. How can that be?

                        Becky says that Johnny Mac is so easy going and she pi$$ed him off. She downplays her relationship with John to them. She tells them that they didn’t really talk very long because Shelli was waiting to talk to her.

                        Jackie is concerned that they might flip this again this week. She is concerned that if Shelli is left on the block Vanessa will flip the vote and Shelli will stay and Steve will go home. Becky says the only way that could happen is if Vanessa wins veto and takes Shelli down but we’ll cross the bridge when we get to it.
                        They agree that Vanessa can’t win the veto and pull Shelli down.

                        Meg, who has been in the DR, comes back. They need to make sure that Austwins are on board with their plan. Now Becky goes over everything so Meg is caught up.

                        The twins are in the bathroom and they are talking about how they don’t feel sorry for Shelli because she didn’t have a relationship with anyone except Clay. Julia says that she would feel bad if Steve had to go home. Liz: Better him than us.


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                          1:03 PM BBT

                          Meg, Jackie, & James laying down in the H/N room and Becky is telling them about Vanessa and Vanessa being weird because Becky wouldn't make a deal with Vanessa.

                          The twins are in the bathroom talking about Shelli losing her Clay and now all of a sudden, Shelli wants to be best friends with them. They say no way.

                          Twins in bed and Austin climbs in bed with Liz. He istalking to her about some nerve pain in the legs.

                          Back to H/N room, Becky is telling them that Shelli was crying because Vanessa told Shelli that Clay had been playing her and that everyone thinks Shelli is mean. James asks Becky how her talk with Shelli went and Becky says she tried to smooth things over with her because if there is a DE next week, Shelli has the best chance of winning it. Becky wants everyone to be really nice to Shelli because she is not their main target this week. With Shelli staying, Becky is just wanting an insurance policy that Shelli won't come after her/them.

                          Becky leaves and James whispers that they are not out of the woods yet, they are in the middle. James says the DE is scary as **** and then they start whispering about Austin going out in the DE.

                          More talk about what they hope happens, what can happen and then


                          Sorry, Ladycop, didn't see you there. Carry on and thanks!


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                            Jackie tells Meg and James that she is so over playing with girls. She is going to play with the boys. She does not play with emotion. She is black and white. She is tired of all that cattiness.

                            No problem, Purrwing, I'm going to have to get ready to head for supper so I'm leaving. Be back later tonight.


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                              3:40 PM BBT
                              Feeds are back..

                              As expected... Becky nominated Steve and Shelli


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