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Live Feed Updates- August 8- Day 52

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  • Live Feed Updates- August 8- Day 52

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    BB woke them all up about an hour ago ..

    But as you can see, the lights are on but...


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      10:05 BBT

      Becky called to the DR.


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        10:08 Becky goes downstairs and then goes back upstairs puts on long pants and jacket and then goes back down to DR.


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          10:20 BBT

          Jeff clips


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            Today's Power of Veto Players are:

            Head of Household - Becky Burgess
            Nominees - Shelli Poole and Steve Moses
            Picked Players: Austin Matelson, Meg Maley and Vanessa Rousso
            Host - Johnny Mac McGuire

            Shelli pulled a House Guest Choice chip and picked Vanessa.
            She told Johnny Mac she's sorry ... but Vanessa would be blowing up if she didn't.


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              • Johnny Mac to Shelli- it's a gamble.
                Shelli - if I didn't pick her, she would be blowing up right now. That's the last chip I wanted to pick. I didn't know what to do.
                Johnny Mac- I get it.
                Shelli- I'm so sorry.

                Johnny Mac- It might be the smarter thing to do.
                Shelli- I was praying that I didn't pick that one.
                Johnny Mac- I have a back up plan, if she ( Vanessa ) wins... alright?
                Shelli- okay. I'm so sorry.
                Johnny Mac- yep. Win it. Please.
                Shelli- I know. That the only option.
                Johnny Mac- don't let her win.

                Shelli- she's going to try to win it today. But I am too.
                Johnny Mac- yep.
                Shelli - I'm so sorry.
                Johnny Mac- it's a gamble, but it might pay off, okay?
                Shelli- yeah.


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                Johnny Mac Shelli/Steve- you guys have to win it .. Vanessa and Austin ran into the dental room right after


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                  Vanessa to Shelli- I give you my word that if I win.... I'm taking you down and I'm trying very hard to win.
                  Shelli- awesome.
                  Vanessa- and so it if comes down between the 2 of us ... I'm telling you .. you should make an outlandish guess and let me win. I give my word on my mother, I'm taking you down, okay. That way we can save both of us, which is excellent. So, if it comes down to the 2 of us, it takes a lot of trust ..
                  Shelli- yeah it really does.. oh my god
                  Vanessa- yeah, I know .. but think about it. I would never give my word on my mother, and lie. My mother is literally everything to me.
                  Shelli- and on Mel

                  Vanessa- and on Mel . I give you my word on Mel
                  Shelli- and on your dogs....
                  Vanessa- on on Bear and Maverick
                  Shelli laughs and says "okay, I feel better about that now"

                  Vanessa- and I'm not a douche ... so there's that .. so yeah okay cool... so counting
                  Shelli- I hope it's the counting one ..
                  Vanessa- I've always wondered how I would do on this one .. on TV I always pause it and try to look...


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                    11:42 AM BBT

                    Becky talking to Meg, James and Jackie ..

                    Becky says she is going to tell them that she really likes Johnny Mac, doesn't want him to go home, wants Steve to go. And, she knows they all will promise to vote Steve out and she, with Vanessa in the room, will say ,, okay since everyone is promising to vote Steve out ... who wants to volunteer to go on the block.

                    Becky- If Vanessa's going to use it on Shelli, we've got to make sure Austin and the twins are ****ing pissed at her


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                      Becky and Meg try to work out a hold/fold plan..

                      Becky tells Meg to keep passing while Becky will guess each round


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                        11:51 AM BBT

                        James to Meg- if Vanessa wins the POV... all Becky has to do is tell them (Austin/twins ) that if Vanessa uses the veto on Shelli... one of them is going up.... then they will be like "Vanessa don't use it"

                        Meg- If I win, it's like ****.
                        James- it's time to get your hands dirty.
                        Jackie- Be like "Shelli, if I take you down, you don't put me up"

                        Meg - if we keep noms the same, there's a risk Shelli would still stay. If I take her down, Vanessa goes up and we should be fine


                        • #13
                          Meg- I want to win
                          James- Meg, you have got to win. This might be the only comp you can win

                          Meg- We can be like Vanessa, we know you weren't going to follow the plan anyway, you bitch!

                          They all laugh ...

                          James- We already know she is planning to **** one of us as soon as one of them get power


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                            James- but if Shelli wins.. that's okay ... then BOOM ...
                            Jackie- yeah it's going to be okay ...


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                              12:10 PM BBT

                              Jeff loops


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