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Live Feed Updates-August 9-Day 53

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 9-Day 53

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    4:35 BBT

    Steve and Shelli and have been in the bathroom talking about life, school, and general stuff for a while. Becky came through briefly on her way to get some Ibuprofen from the store room.

    They finally go to bed.


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      12:44 AM Cam 3/4 Vanessa in HN room where she went after Becky's Oscar-worthy performance. This is almost where she leaves that group, so Becky will be able to talk to Jackie/Meg/James about that epic conversation in the HOH room earlier where Becky completely snowed Vanessa into believing that Becky was down with the plan and always was and always would be with Vanessa, sister-warriors to the end.

      In these final minutes of Vanessa's conversation in the HN room, V is explaining her version of why she went against James' plan last week, of course in a way which is supposed to exonerate her of charges of subterfuge.

      Then Vanessa talks about the camera freaking out just now and she and Becky talk about how it went crazy in the HOH room.

      Oh I just noticed Austin is in the HN room still. But he'll also be leaving soon. Becky will get to talk to her group soon.

      Vanessa and Austin and one or more of the twins will be having a conversation in the bathroom about how Vanessa is 100% safe and after the noms they'll be deciding what to do between JMac and Shelli. (I think I heard a snippet of that.)

      So, at 12:45, it's still a group of five in the HN room. Talking about cameras. Then fish.

      We come back from fish 10 seconds before 12:49. The HN door is swinging closed. Someone is jovially saying, "I said leave." The HN door is now fully shut and Becky leans over looking like she might want to say something but sits up

      12:50 James: Oh ****

      And then muted laughter and whispering among the group ... and this is the beginning of a long confab between Becky and the ADC, which will soon be moved up to the HOH. About what Vanessa has been saying, what Becky will be doing, the big blindside coming, how the twins think they're at summer camp.

      After awhile they will be joined by Austwins.

      Then when that breaks up -- a little after 2 -- Becky and Jackie will continue their talk one-on-one in a way which makes it look like Jackie might be a preferred Becky-partner, possibly more than Shelli. Maybe. Among the things Becky and Jackie talk about will be what Becky should say to others and what she'll say in her Vanessa renom speech.

      At 12:49 on Cam 1/2 Vanessa and Austin have joined one of the twins in the bathroom, and that might also be an interesting conversation to flashback to.

      At 1:37 on cam 3/4 one of the twins says "OMG, we're so boring, where is everyone? Is everyone upstairs?"

      So twins and Austin climb the stairs while Liz says "we're coming to play" and Austin says "I wonder what they'll zing Julia with" and Julia says "what would they zing me with?".

      1:38 Steve and JMac are still downstairs. But obviously HOH room talk has to shift with the non-ADC-ers there. The HOH people will continue to have fun for awhile until this group breaks up around 2 o'clock and Steve and James will go to play chess and then Jackie and Becky are left alone and Jackie and Becky will resume game talk.

      Still 1:38 on Cam 3/4 Steve climbs into bed with Shelli. Shelli says she's smelly. Steve says she smells nice.

      Then he says he likes farts. And now they're talking about how James and Steve have bonded over farts.

      Then Steve laughs and says, "I'm a great Clay replacement so far," which cracks Shelli up.

      They're still talking about farts.

      Right about at 1:40 the conversation drops to whispers -- I think they switched abruptly from talking about James farting to what James and the other side of the house are doing gamewise. Ah, by the way he's waving his hands and one or two syllables coming through I realize he is repeating how Meg was relieved that Steve had won so she wouldn't be in an awkward spot. Shelli says, "that's actually kind of true though".

      Some more whispers I don't understand. Then Steve says, "This whole Vanessa thing is so strange." Shelli: "Why?" Steve: "Why her? I haven't figured that out yet."

      1:41 After some more "why her? why not someone else?", Shelli says "Becky has her reasons." Steve says "okay".

      Shelli: It's gonna be another ****ty week for me. It's gonna get emotional. She's gonna get emotional. I think she's gonna take out, there's gonna be some guns.
      Steve: I think so too.

      Shelli: She's gonna point some guns for sure.

      Steve: Can I tell you something?

      Shelli: What?

      Steve: You have the votes. No matter what she does. The gremlins are going to support Becky. [Yes, Steve said "gremlins".]

      Shelli: Okay, you're right.

      1:42 Shelli: Okay, that's what I keep telling myself.

      Steve: Can I say something else? I'm not sure I've said this before. Let me say it again.

      Shelli, smiling: Where are we?

      Steve: We're in a parking lot. Something-something that way.[pointing with his thumb] And then there's some rivers and tennis courts.

      Shelli: Nooooo, I don't even know what rivers and tennis courts are, Steve. This is life.

      Steve: This is life.

      [smiles and then fish]

      When they come back it's "that's what I need to keep telling myself and that's what my mom said and so I do it" and stuff about being in such a different stage of life from other people in the house. Steve starts talking about being a dorm resident.

      [I click ahead to 1:48] Steve is still talking college. Vanessa is in the room now, says she's just eavesdropping.

      [I click ahead to 1:53] Vanessa and Shelli and JMac are in bathroom. The rest of the house minus Steve are in HOH. All talk is fun.

      Still 1:53 on Cam 3/4 JMac is walking out of bathroom leaving Shelli and Vanessa together.

      Shelli asks Vanessa if she just came from the DR. V confirms.

      V says she's staying out of the mix ... doesn't want to do the wrong thing.

      S says that's why she's not making a big fuss either.

      They mention the others upstairs now laughing.

      Shelli says something about one of them going to talk to "her". V says she's not talking to me. Shelli says she's not talking to me either. V says, coz she told me she's not putting me up. S: okay.

      1:54 V: Unless she's lying ... I told her about how keeping my word to her was important. Launches into spiel.

      I'm not sticking around here. Just wanted to get a time for the Shelli-Vanessa talk. At some point Vanessa will be assuring Shelli that the votes are there to save Shelli.

      P.s., My feed blanked out so I reloaded and see that the Vanessa and Shelli talk ended just before 2:01. At 2:00 and 40-or-so seconds Vanessa is telling Shelli to keep buttering up Steve and pretend like she's interested in everything he has to say. Shelli says, Oh I am interested -- he's my little buddy. Vanessa says, Great. And says Okay. And says Goodnight. Shelli says she's headed to DR. Vanessa says goodnight and have fun.

      Steve has found his way up to the HOH by now. That group will be breaking up very soon. James will be going to play chess with Steve. And Jackie and Becky will get to do their planning session.

      Flipped forward to 2:04. Jackie is listening to music. Becky covers her head with a blanket. Then fish.

      2:05 Steve setting up the chess board. Julia playing with magnifying glass. She says she's gonna place bets on winner. James orders her to play the game. She refuses. Julia goes to escape downstairs. James tries to restrain her at the top of the stairs. Laughter. Julia says I'm going to pee, and escapes. As she flees Steve says he's gonna follow up on some conversation with her. Julia says there's no conversation. James says "blackmail". Steve says, "So tell me more, Mr. James." James says, "So let me tell you, Mr. Steve, about this conversation." Steve asks if that's all he's going to get and then there's silence and Steve announces he's going to share James' life philosophy, which according to Steve is "White goes first". James says, "That's racist." Steve says it's what James always says.

      It's 2:06 and Cam 1/2 are on the start of the chess game.

      Cam 3/4 have been elsewhere in the house. One or two seconds before 2:09, Cams 3/4 move to the HOH and Jackie and Becky are in their game talk session.

      Okay that is ALL for me. That's my contribution for the day! Have a good Sunday!
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        11:47 AM BBT

        Cams 1 & 2
        Austin & Liz sleeping

        Cams 3 & 4
        Meg, Becky & Johnny Mac by/in the hot tub trying to figure out what date the finale airs.


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          Megs laying out in back yard
          In kitchen Austin, twins, & Jackie talking
          Austin says he's not feeling good after last night.
          Twins talking about football and gronk.

          Bathroom shellie drops something on her toe. Comments that Its been awhile since they called John in..dr?


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            I'll catch us up ...

            In the meantime... you can catch up with some of the drama from today's articles on the Home Page with this one This Game Is Easy Said The Spider To The Fly and this one I Did Make A Deal With You But...


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              12:29 PM BBT

              Becky tells Meg that Steve is like Dan Gheesling ... it's "throw, throw, throw"

              Becky- The 3 times he's been on the block, he's pulled off serious wins. Steve is way more of a threat than we realize. He acts like Ian ... and plays Dan Gheesling's game.... without the social aspect

              She also tells Meg that she thinks that anyone sitting next to Shelli in the end, will lose to Shelli.

              Becky- Shelli
              has played so hard from the beginning.... she has everything going for her

              They both agree that either of them ( Becky/Meg ) could sit beside Johnny Mac in the F2 and win over him.


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                3:47 PM BBT

                Becky brings out the inflatable shark from "you" the live feeders.


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                  Julia is the first to try him out ...

                  She can't hang on .. so Jackie is going to give it a try ..


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                      For whatever reason ... talk turns to 9/11 and Columbine ... how old they were,,, where they were when they happened... and then what to name the shark...


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                        Liz says she will ride the shark in the hot tub...

                        Julia spins her around...

                        Julia jumps into the pool on the shark...

                        BB - there is absolutely no jumping into the pool...

                        Julia- Oh My God, they hate me.. I'm so ****ing sorry.


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                          Shelli to Julia - By the way.... Steve totally believes that you like him
                          Julia- Oh my God.... .you're ****ing kidding me. I hate James!

                          Shelli- he ( Steve ) told me that it's awkward... and he doesn't want to "get into that" .. he really believes it.. I didn't want to tell him that you really don't like him like that.. I told him that I thought you were just messing around... but for him.. he was serious.. he was like " I don't want to go down that road"

                          Julia- what do I do ? Help me. I don't want him to think that I like him like that .....

                          Julia - James thinks I'm serious?

                          Meg- yes

                          Julia- Oh My God ...


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                            Liz to James- Where's Steve? I need to talk to him. He thinks Julia likes him for real... because of you. He's telling people. he feels uncomfortable that she (Julia) likes me


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                              Austin- So Steve is trying to blow her (Julia) off? .... maybe he's playing some weird mind game

                              Julia- I don't really like him ... This is absurd. How would that even go through his mind a girl like me would even like him? How is he going to feel awkward around me... This mother****er thinks I like him!

                              James says he will talk to Steve.. tell him they ( twins ) think of him like a little brother ...


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