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Live Feed Updates-August 10-Day 54

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 10-Day 54

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    Becky in the HR talking to Steve about her perspective on Vanessa and why she wants to get her out.

    They also talk about why James put up Shelli and Clay after promising them on the wall. Becky says that she thinks it's because Shelli didn't make a deal with James, she threw a deal at him as she was about to fall. What was he supposed to say.

    Becky coaching him on how to talk to the others.

    Steve is finally called to the DR.


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      9:14 AM BBT

      We had FISH! at 9:00 AM as BB was trying to wake the HG's up. When we return we have Steve and Johnny Mac outside chatting. Steve says he still can't believe he won the POV comp. Johnny tells Steve that they will just let this thing blow up today and then they will see where everyone lies. BB tells them to raise the outside awnings. As they are putting down the awnings Steve says he just doesn't like yelling. They both agree that there will be a lot of yelling today. They also say they will be able to say they had no idea what was going to happen (putting Vanessa up). General chit chat and Steve heads in to take some Advil for his tooth.


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        9:34 Cam 3/4 HOH

        Becky is breaking the news to Austin about putting up Vanessa


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          9:28 AM BBT

          Becky joins Johnny Mac outside. She tells him about Vanessa coming into the HOH last night being paranoid and that Becky had had some wine so she was having fun telling Vanessa not to worry and to just relax. Becky says she wanted to pull Austin into the HOH to tell him about her putting Vanessa up but Austin was the first to go back to bed (after getting new batteries). Becky asks Johnny to wait until Vanessa gets in the shower and then to wake Austin up and tell him Becky needs to talk him. They head inside.

          Steve is told twice that he is not allowed to talk about production (apparently he was telling someone that they told him the POV ceremony will start in 45 minutes).

          Austin heads up to the HOH room. Becky tells Austin that she is putting up Vanessa. She gives Austin all her reasons why. Austin seems to be pretty cool about it.


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            The gist of the conversation is that Vanessa has been using both sides of the house to protect her, all the while, using everyone to do her bidding and being able to say she had no blood on her hands.

            Becky is called to the DR, Austin is a bit nervous about going downstairs because he knows Vanessa is going to corner him. Austin is supposed to say that the plan is still on (to backdoor Johnny). Austin says he is going to try to lay low and talk to Liz about it.


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              9:59 AM BBT

              Austin sees Meg in the H/N room. They start whispering about Becky's plan and Austin is stressing a bit about how Vanessa is going to blow up (and his sort of guilty feelings that he knows about it). Austin says he feels bad because Vanessa is his friend, but yet she was going to backdoor him. They talk a bit about Shelli and what they think she would do if she wins HOH next. They circle back around to how bad and ugly it is going to be. Meg says she's scared.

              James comes in and Meg tells him that Austin has been filled in about what's going to happen. James says that Steve told him that Vanessa has already cornered him in the bathroom. Austin leaves and James and Meg talk about how things are going as planned and all they have to do now, is win.

              Vanessa comes into the H/N room to look for something. After she leaves, James says he doesn't think that Vanessa has a clue. He thinks that she believes Becky is putting up Johnny Mac.


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                10:12 AM BBT

                Austin and Jackie are whispering in the bathroom. Austin lets her know that he knows what's going on today. He says he is not going to warn Vanessa, so that they (the other side) that he is on board with whatever they want to do. They both talk about how scared they are of the aftermath.

                Meanwhile, Vanessa is back in bed.


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                  10:19 AM BBT

                  Liz and Austin go outside to get the laundry. Austin tells Liz that Vanessa is going home and that there is nothing they can do about it because they don't have the numbers. He said even if they (Austin and Twins) voted to keep her, it will be a tie and Becky will send her home. Liz is sad but not throwing a fit.

                  ...and here we go!



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                    11:04 Cams 3/4 Shelli and Vanessa are talking.

                    Vanessa is calling Becky the biggest hypocrite in the house and using as her evidence the fact that once upon a time -- back when Shelli and Vanessa were making a fake alliance with her (The Generals) -- Becky said that Shelli and Vanessa were the two people she trusted most in the house and now she has put them on the block.

                    [ZOMG. My irony meter just broke. I have to go buy a new fuse. Bye for now.]


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                      11:05 AM BBT

                      Becky is in the HOH explaining to Austin, Liz and Julia why she put Vanessa up.

                      Vanessa and Shelli in the comic book bedroom. Vanessa is interrogating Shelli on what Shelli did or did not know about Vanessa being the backdoor plan. Shelli denies, denies, denies, ever knowing about this plan, but concedes that Becky had told her that Becky didn't know where Vanessa stood in this game. That tidbit makes Vanessa even more determined that Shelli knew something.

                      Steve comes in and tries to talk to Vanessa, but she is being short with him.

                      Meanwhile, Johnny Mac, James, Jackie and Meg are outside yucking it up about the POV comp.



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                        11:26 AM BBT

                        Vanessa is being a bit whiney saying that Becky has attacked her integrity. Becky is still in the HOH telling Austin and the twins that they can vote however they want, she doesn't care. Austin says he just doesn't want Vanessa to think they came up and said anything to Becky that made Becky put Vanessa up. Liz says Vanessa is going to blame Austin because she blames him for everything and thinks he owes Vanessa because Van didn't put him on the block.

                        Cam switches me to the H/N room. James, Jackie and Meg are whispering. James points out that Vanessa still has all her clothes in the H/N room so she will constantly be coming in and out.

                        Austin and the twins come into the comic book room. They tell Vanessa that Becky just had them up in the HOH room explaining why she put Vanessa up. They say they had no idea that Becky was going to do that. They tell Van that this was Becky's plan all along, it was never Shelli. Shelli asks them that if one of them (Austwins) win HOH, should she expect to be put on the block since that was all, each and everyone one of you, your plan? No one says anything and then Vanessa says yes, plan on it.

                        Awkward silence and then Vanessa says that she (Van) has always had the best intentions. She lost faith in Austin 1 day when he lied to her.
                        Austin goes to find and talk to Steve.


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                          11:02 a.m. Comic book room.
                          We come back to Vanessa and Shelli talking about the ceremony. Vanessa asks if she wants to know what the biggest irony was (but doesn’t go on to say anything). Well, whatever.
                          Vanessa: You knew.
                          Shelli: I had a feeling.
                          Vanessa: Why didn’t you say something?
                          Shelli counters with the fact that she told her last night that she had a bad feeling. She couldn’t imagine her putting up Johnny.
                          Vanessa wants to know why Becky would lie to her then. She told me 100% I wasn’t going up. Why wouldn’t she just tell me? She doesn’t know how risky that is. I have a lot of information on her.
                          Shelli ask what good will it do for you to expose it right now.
                          Vanessa says what good does it do we’ll see. I mean it doesn’t do anything bad, I’ll tell you that. It’s on. I don’t like hypocrites and she’s the biggest hypocrite ever. If you want to be a hypocrite fine but don’t think that you are a hypocrite in hiding. Everyone is going to know that you are a hypocrite. It’s as simple as that. And we’re the too people she said she trusted the most and we are sitting on the block at her hand.
                          Shelli: She said that?
                          Vanessa: To us. She said she wanted to make jury. You don’t remember that. (Shelli is whispering something while Vanessa is talking and I can’t make it out without going back). She is a big hypocrite. I don’t know where I stand. I’ll tell you where I stand on the opposite side she stands on. Ok, that’s where I stand (laughs). And we all know, so what do you mean you don’t know where I stand. I find that very funny.
                          Shelli: Well listen this is going to be another couple of bad days. You got to do what you to to do, say what you want to say. Let’s…I want to say right now you’re my friend. I adore you. I don’t want this week to like, um, tear us up. So just on a personal level like I just want you to know that this is um not going to change my feelings toward you. You know.
                          Vanessa: Yeah. I hope you didn’t know because if you did I would take that as the biggest betrayal because the only thing that she would have to justify that speech is things that I have done….
                          Shelli: I have no idea what you have done.
                          Vanessa: No, no, no. Out of loyalty to you. The irony of it.

                          Shelli goes on to tell her that it is two weeks in a row that my best friend is on the block. I didn’t tell her anything. It didn’t come from me. Vanessa tells her it is funny and tells her that she will explain it to her later. Shelli says that she totally believes in Vanessa and their game together. The speech didn’t come from her. Vanessa is denying that she ever said anything bad about Austin, the twins or Shelli.

                          Vanessa keeps working her and asking her if she knew prior to the meeting that Vanessa was going up. Shelli is trying to deny any knowledge. She gets into a little jam when she talks about a conversation she had with Becky and Vanessa pounces and wants to know when it was. Shelli deflects by saying it was after the veto meeting when she went up to talk with her about how bad she had done. Vanessa wants to know why Shelli wouldn’t tell her about Becky’s concerns so she wouldn’t have worked so hard to get
                          Johnny up there to save Shelli. Vanessa: Why wouldn’t you tell me? She keeps saying that she will feel so betrayed if she finds out that Shelli knew and Shelli keeps saying that it is not her fault. She didn’t say anything about Vanessa to her. She wants to know why Shelli didn’t address Becky’s concerns with her so that she could have addressed it with Becky prior to the comp. Over and over we go with this conversation and denial until Steve enters the room.

                          Steve wants to know if he is interrupting something. He comes in and sits quietly on the opposite bed and Vanessa just stares at him. Finally she says what and he says nothing. He just wanted to check on her. She tells him it’s a game, she didn’t understand the speech, she did the best she could and that’s it. Vanessa then tells Shelli she wishes her the best of luck. Shelli: You too.

                          Shelli asks Steve if people scampered about. Then Vanessa says that she knew she was going up in a blindside because when there is one they (production) do it early so that is why she dressed up. They did that with Jason and we get FISH


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                            11:44 Cam 3/4 Vanessa talking with a twin

                            She's saying she doesn't think she can get JMac. Her best shot is to try to get James, since Shelli will go after James for evicting Clay. So Vanessa sees her path to safety being James + Steve + Twistin.

                            On the other cameras, Steve lets Austin know that he realizes that next time around it is him and Shelli on the block if Steve or an ally such as Austin don't win the HOH. Austin says and then after that it is A and the twins. Steve says he, Steve, is first though before Twistin, and Austin agrees. Austin says, And I think that's why they're trying to play nice with me. Steve says, Have you seen how James is sorta playing me? What's up with that? A: What do you think is up with that -- you could win. S: Have you noticed how many times they're inviting me up to hang out with them? They're playing me hard. I think they're scared of me because they think I can win these memory comps. So they're just covering their ass in case I win this HOH. A: Yeah, coz then they'll throw us under the bus and say you should put up Austin and the twins. S: yep. A: F***.

                            Steve: Can I tell you what the difference is? We've shaken hands. We've made plans. We're the Freaks & Geeks. They're nothing but being nice to me. And I've noticed that. And I know that.

                            Austin: Good. And don't think that I don't remember all that too.

                            Steve: I know. .... I just don't like fighting and arguments and when it's all tense out there so I want to get away.

                            A: I'll get out of here

                            S: That's okay. .... Is there anything ... was anything established up there with Becky?

                            A: She just said, don't worry, you and the twins won't be targets, we all like each other

                            S: Right, because it's me and Shelli

                            A: Right. And she's saying that if something goes wrong Johnny Mac would be the replacement, but I don't believe that for a second. Easy thing to say. So I'm just like yeah, yeah, yeah, sure, sure sure.

                            A: So until Thursday just bite the tongue.

                            S: Coz I don't think there's anything we can do.

                            A: There's nothin'. Unless a special power comes out and cancels out a vote.

                            They continue to talk a little about ways they might possibly get someone over on their side. They're thinking about how they could possibly get Johnny Mac in spite of him being close with Becky.

                            I'm wandering away now.

                            BB clock says 11:47:42
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                              11:41 AM BBT

                              Julia is left alone with Vanessa. Julia is telling Vanessa that she thinks that when Jackie and Shelli talked last night, that Jackie told Shelli about Vanessa being the plan. Julia said she swears she did not know. Vanessa tells Julia she believes her. Julia says they can't lose Vanessa because they need her. Vanessa says they don't need her and that it was really a good strategic move by Becky.

                              Meanwhile, Steve and Austin are talking in the hammock room. Austin tells him some of what Becky told him about how Vanessa was always her target. Steve is worried that he will be the next one to leave the house because he was close to Vanessa. Austin thinks that it's Shelli that the other side is gunning for next. They talk about the double eviction and how they need to win, because they are the next ones out the door.


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