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Live Feed Updates-August 11-Day 55

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 11-Day 55

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    4:10 BBT

    Becky showering and all other HGs sleeping.


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      Flashback to 1:38 BBT

      James, Jackie, and Meg talking about it being better to vote out Shelli and keep Vanessa.


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        1:38 a.m. Trying to flashback to get these conversations but I can’t get any further back than this time as I can see them on camera but all I get is FISH on the big screen so please bear with me.

        Meg/Jackie/James in HN room talking about their options. They believe that if they vote Shelli out this week they will be in a better position to protect their group as Shelli will be coming after all of them and Vanessa will only be coming after Becky and they will have the votes to protect her.

        Meg is of the opinion that it will be easier to evict Vanessa in the upcoming DE than Shelli and they will both have their bags packed. Meg: I’m telling you this is our chance. Jackie and James agree. We don’t want to regret it if one of us goes. James thinks they will control the votes.

        They talk about Vanessa being worse at physical comps than Shelli. Shelli will be a much better threat at all types of comps. They are worried about not getting another chance to put her on the block.
        James says that he had been thinking about this move all day and the “sweater incident” put him over the edge. She is still salty about Clay going home.

        They talk about how uncomfortable they are with Vanessa in this house. She is crazy but they think that Shelli does not have anyone else going after her. Now they discuss how they are going to broach the subject with Becky. James talks about how the house flipped last week and sent Clay home over Shelli when he wanted her gone. They think that Becky’s game is good right now and they can keep her safe. They talk about the fact that Steve has told people that he really likes Vanessa and that Becky is snowed by some of the things they are saying. Jackie: They tell you what you want to hear.

        They are counting votes and realize that they need two more votes to get this done. They run down their options. They have to have Austin because the twins will do what he says.

        Jackie seems to be wavering and they go over the options once again. They work on what kind of a deal they could work with Vanessa. (Earlier Vanessa and Julia were in the comic book room and Vanessa says this is a game and she is going to see what she can do to turn this around. Julia tells her to go for it.)

        Becky talks about how Shelli didn’t do well in the last two comps but if we let her stay she will get over being emotional and get pi$$ed and start winning comps.

        ************************************************** ***********************************

        At the same time Steve has been up in the HOH with Becky and Becky is pointing out how Vanessa made deals with so many people and goes over what her deal is. She says that when they started to compare notes with others it was a verbatim offer. Steve laughs and says he got the same speech, not verbatim but close enough.

        Steve is telling Becky that Austin came knocking to talk to him today (I think he indicates that this is a first but not sure). Becky tells him that she understands if he wants to vote for Vanessa to stay. It is going to be an intense campaign. Vanessa can be intense and she can move votes. Steve says she is a great speaker. Becky goes over what Vanessa was trying to do with her. The plan to put up Steve and Johnny Mac and it didn’t matter which one of you went home. I talked to the twins and they confirmed this with me. She was ok with me putting Shelli up because she knew she could save her and send one of you two home. She is playing every side. It is scary to take her out this week because she has a deal with everyone. She is working everyone.

        Steve says that Vanessa was the bridge for him to Austin and he will lose that if she goes. Becky says he can build that bridge for himself because only one person will be left on the island. Becky leaves and Steve is listening to her music.

        ************************************************** ***********************************

        Becky, not realizing that her group might be changing the plan, goes to the kitchen and talks with Shelli going over her most recent conversation with Steve. She assures Shelli that she has made it clear what her target is with Austin and the twins. She tells Shelli that she believes that the twins and Austin will vote to keep Vanessa, but she is hoping that Johnny Mac/Steve need to be on their side to vote Vanessa out. Becky says she is ready to vote if needed. Becky talks about it possibly getting down and dirty this week if Vanessa thinks she has an option. It will be interesting.

        Becky goes on to talk about how bad she feels about Vanessa taking this so hard. She doesn’t want her to feel bullied, she thinks she will probably not even talk to her after the game. She won’t forgive or forget this. Becky says this was game, not personal. Becky says she wants to reach out to Vanessa tomorrow. She isn’t going to go over all her reasons because Vanessa won’t get it even if it’s on a video.

        Becky tells Shelli had hard it has been to sleep after she became HOH.


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          James has been up to go shower, but can't because Shelli is in. He heads back to the HN room to wait and says "Every time I go to shower Shelli is in there. She has to go." Shelli took about a 20 minute shower this morning.


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            2:05 -- All Cams -- James and Meg are in the HN coming up with good reasons to solidify their plan to vote out Shelli -- such as remembering that Becky was going to take Shelli off the block if Becky had gotten the PoV. (A sign of how close Becky is to Shelli.)

            Not sure when this convo started.

            Just a drive-by. Meep meep.
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              2:15 Cam 3/4 Kitchen

              Meg and James letting Jackie know that DR confirmed that Shelli took James' shirt (or Clay's shirt from James). DR was asking James questions about it. Sounds like they asked Jackie also. Meg hopes she gets some questions from 'em about it.


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                1:40 p.m. Meg and James in the HN room. James tells Meg that production confirmed that Shelli had taken the shirt that James had that was Clay’s. James says I knew from the beginning that it was her. Meg says if we vote and don’t vote her out this week and she doesn’t win HOH she is dead man walking.
                As they talk about flipping the vote (to vote out Shelli) James says he didn’t hold it against them when they didn’t vote Shelli out last week.

                James asks Meg how long Becky has been working with the other side. Meg: A long time. They talk about how Jackie had been close to her but they (James/Meg) weren’t until just recently. Meg says she is ok with risking Becky’s game (and voting out Shelli this week). James says that Becky is good as long as Vanessa goes this week because Shelli and Austin won’t be coming for her (they will be going after them). James tells Meg that Becky wants us to do her dirty work while she comes out looking sweet. $10K, HOH, no HN, no blood on her hands. Come on.

                Meg says that’s what I was saying last night. I would be fine with $10K. James says that his Granny will be kicking his a$$ because he gave up $5K and a trip. Meg laughs and wants to meet them when they are all done. James can’t get over the fact that if Becky was a part of the Shelli/Clay, Austwins, Vanessa group how come she gets to be a part of our group now and be 100% safe. Meg tells him that she is on the same page, but Jackie is a different story. James: Jackie thinks that Becky is perfect. Meg once again says she isn’t worried about protecting Becky but she is a vote for us. Meg says Becky got scared the week she was on the block because she realized that she could go home. That’s when she chose our side.

                James says Becky is telling me all this information now and it would have been helpful earlier in the game. She told me that Clay/Shelli and Vanessa were always gunning for me. I don’t know when they said that, but it was before I put them up, and she told me that Vanessa wasn’t as threaten by him as Clelli. Becky didn’t feel like she was in a solid group and so she took the chance to get out.

                Meg asks if Becky knows that they know about “the generals”. James said she wanted to use that name week one when I was up in the HOH. Meg says she wasn’t fully on board with us until she won HOH. She realizes that we have less dirty work within our group. They have figured out who the Sixth Person Alliance was. Meg: We blew that up. James: They tried to pull Becky in when Jason went home. Becky’s hands aren’t clean either. She is playing a really good game. Meg: But guess what, we aren’t letting her run our game this week. James: We have to go with our gut. When Shelli came in here and stole my shirt I knew.

                Meg thinks that Becky wants them to keep Shelli so that Shelli can take us out and Becky won’t have to do the dirty work. James says that’s why she wants us to keep her.

                Meg is worried about Jackie with the Becky situation. Meg: She isn’t being played by Becky, but I’m worried she will feel bad for Becky if we don’t vote her way. I tried to explain that we have to focus on the money and not on upsetting a friend. James says that Jackie has to focus on protecting our group, even if that means passing up $5K.

                James says that he hates that it always comes down to Austin all the fricking time. They wonder if they can pull Vanessa over to their side. Shelli is trying to backdoor him. James says that Becky has been working on Steve. She told him that Vanessa wanted to put him up on the block. Meg points out that Becky was going to pull Shelli off the block, but we were going to pull Steve off.

                After continuing to compare notes Meg and James come to the conclusion that Becky never intended to send Shelli home. She is working with her and she never asked what was best for the group.

                Meg tells him that they have to win this game. They think that if they can get rid of Shelli and Vanessa then they can just throw grenades at each other’s groups. Meg wants the boot order to be Vanessa/Shelli (one or the other) with the other going on in the DE on Thursday. Then Liz, Becky, Austin, Johnny Mac, Julia. She says we have to break up all the groups first and then go after ones within it. They know that Becky and Johnny Mac are very close.

                Meg tells him that they have to watch what they say around Jackie because she is closer to Becky. James asks if Jackie will leave their group. Meg says that the other side doesn’t like Jackie so she can’t go there. James: Jackie and I are the red-headed step-childs of this house.

                Meg says she needs to win, James says she needs to. He will pull the pins on the grenades and she can roll them at them.


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                  2:24 Cam 3/4 James, Jackie

                  Not serious game talk, James missing Jason and "the good old days", Jackie expressing pleasure about the progress they've made in the game, James planting a seed about a Shelli - then - Vanessa boot order -- followed up by a Steve HOH.


                  • #10
                    4:58 p.m. Backyard
                    Vanessa and Julia. We come in while they are in conversation. Vanessa is telling Julia that there is a 3 person alliance (Jackie/James/Meg) and I think she is talking about another alliance (Johnny Mac/Becky/Steve) and that Steve is in with them because he feels he will be on the block next. And someone (?) wants to leave Shelli in there so the twins will have to go on the block next. The three of them made an alliance and it is bad for everybody. Julia asks Vanessa how she knew.

                    Julia: So Steve is for sure. He said no?
                    Vanessa: He said if I can get a gremlin he will think about it. Ok, so if he** freezes over, I’ve got it. They both laugh.
                    Julia: When did you talk to Steve?
                    Vanessa: This morning.
                    Julia is concerned and wants to know if he would vote them out. Vanessa is trying to tell her that Steve is now aware of the 8 person alliance. If he’s not going to vote with our alliance there is no loyalty. She wants them all to talk to him. Her deal with the alliance is over now because they put her up. It’s done, you know what I mean. Vanessa says she is the most likely person to go next if she stays just like Shelli did this week. Julia is starting to get the picture and Vanessa says don’t say anything.

                    Vanessa says it is stupid. It’s shi**y. She tells Julia that is why she is depressed (Steve is no longer with her).
                    Julia: Don’t you have your huge plan (LOL).
                    Vanessa: I do have one.
                    Julia: So he is going to vote to keep Shelli because it’s best for his personal game. I get it.
                    Julia thought he would be loyal to them. Vanessa says unless you tell him you are pi**ed because of it. That might convince him because he will make three enemies.


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                      James and Austin on the hammock in the backyard. James is waiting for Vanessa who wants to talk to him. She said she just needs 10 minutes.

                      Austin tells James that she is going to make a play to stay. James tells him he doesn’t care who goes.
                      Austin is trying to convince James that they aren’t mad that Becky put up Vanessa and went against the plan. Again, if you guys want to vote Vanessa out, there is nothing I can do about it. I’m just worried about the DE this week. So as long as everyone is on the same page and we can get through Thursday then I’m good.

                      James agrees with him.

                      Austin says he would rather be in the house until the last five are left because that is better for his game. He and the twins are on the same page. He tells James that Vanessa told him that since they (Becky/Meg/James/Jackie) were doing this to her that Austin is the next to go, but he feels safe with them. I think she is just talking because she is pi**ed. Vanessa is upset because Becky won’t talk to her.

                      Austin tells him to hear her out and then let him know what they are doing. He is worried about voting and making people look bad because they voted against the plan. If Vanessa stays she will be going after Becky. He goes on to tell James all about his conversation with Vanessa last night and how she was crying and saying they weren’t friends. Austin says I am just trying to enjoy myself. These are the good old days (which was a saying TPTB said over the PA system earlier this week).

                      James says that Jackie and Meg just wants to figure out things and get through the DE.

                      Austin: The two queens are on the block. He thinks they will both perform well in the next comp. Austin doesn’t think that Vanessa will come after him.

                      James wants to know where everyone is leaning because they (JJM) want to get the feel for what the house is going to do.

                      Austin wonders what Johnny Mac and Steve know, because he knows that Shelli is aware of all the information because Vanessa has already told her.

                      They talk about two 3 person groups (JJM and ALJ [haha what happened to Vanessa or Shelli]) so if they can come together they don’t have to worry about Johnny Mac or Steve’s votes. Austin is telling him that they can work together.

                      Austin: What’s the safest move for everyone? Who is the most likely to band together with the other side? Who is more likely to wheel and deal? Can you trust their deal or their word?

                      James and Austin think Vanessa and Shelli both are friends with everyone so….

                      James points out that Shelli and Vanessa wanted to throw Steve/Johnny Mac/Austin on the block. Both of them. Austin says he is aware, that he hasn’t forgotten how he felt when Vanessa threaten to put him on the block and then how he had to grovel to her and he won’t forget that.


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                        5:48 p.m. HN room. Meg/Jackie/James.

                        He reports to the girls that Vanessa wants to talk to him for 10 minutes. She says she has a lot to tell me. He talked to Austin to see what he could find out from him. Austin told him they are both his friends. Austin wants James to hear Vanessa out and figure out how they are all going to vote.
                        Jackie asks if he said they are both his friends, when did Shelli become his friend. He is going to vote Shelli out.

                        James reports that Shelli/Becky/Liz/Julia are all out on the big hammock in the BY and if Shelli stays James says they (JJM) are fuc*ed. They are beginning to believe that Becky is going against them.

                        Meg and Jackie tell him to talk to Vanessa alone but don’t make any deals until we can talk.

                        I will be back later to post the conversation between James and Vanessa but right now I have to help out the hubby.


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                          5:53 BBT Flashback

                          James and Vanessa talk in the bathroom

                          6:25 BBT Flashback

                          James and Austin were talking in the backyard about the six of them talking tomorrow. vanessa comes out and tells them that Steve just told her that he, John, and Shelli were the only three not in the 8 that were upstairs so they have to work together, basically telling her that Steve, John, and Shelli are in an alliance. They keep talking. Vanessa spills more beans.

                          That's what they were afraid of. That pretty much solidifies the flip.


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                            6:59 BBT

                            Three Blind Mice to the have not room to compare notes. James filling them in on what Vanessa told him in the backyard.


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                              7:12 Cam 3/4 Austin with the mice. Been there a little while already

                              Now talking about how important it is for the two groups of three (Twistin and the mice) to stick together because Steve/JMac/Shelli/Becki would make a formidable foursome.


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