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Live Feed Updates-August 12-Day 56

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 12-Day 56

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    3:50 BBT

    James, Jackie, and Meg in Have not room talking about Becky beimg upset if Vanessa is not voted out. It won't matter because she's a target now and she has 10 Gs. Alot of laughing, giggling, talking about the 10 Gs and keeping Vanessa. Laughing about Becky going downstairs and telling Clay and Shelli what they were talking about in HoH.

    James is talking about looking like a dumba**. Being ratted out by Becky, giving her 5Gs, taking Clay on a steak dinner. He says he's the dumba** of the season. Meg and Jackie tease him, say awwwwwwwwww.

    Rehashing the Generals thing and more of the things Vanessa said that they know are true because of things she's said in the past.

    Becky and Steve talking at the hottub. Becky was telling Steve that she thinks he'll be viewed like Donny was last season. Then they are talking strategy of the double eviction. Becky saying that people will want big fish out, like James, Austin,. Shelli. If they can't get the big fish they will settle for someone else in the group. She talks about the three groups that exist, James/Meg/Jackie/ Becky, Austin/Liz/Julia. and Steve/John,Shelli. She thinks that she will be taken out if they couldn't get James. She says she and Steve and the twins aren't primary players and will just be taken out if the primary can't be taken out.


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      8:06 No one is stirring, not even a mouse.


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        8:44 One mouse is stirring

        James is tossing and turning. Otherwise quiet.


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          9:53 Cam 1/2 Becky and John game talking on BY couches -- not happily


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            9:54 Becky likes Shelli, wanted to work with her, tried to help but she knew Shelli wouldn't last long. She tried to tell Clelli that Clay had the best chance of going far in the game because too many people wanted to get Shelli out.


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              9:55 Becky says I worked on them (ADC) for an hour last night and all they would say is why would be vote to keep the person most likely to take us out in the DE. All we want is to get through the DE.

              Becky is making cartoonish yelling noises in response to that.

              She knows that Shelli has to make the case to them and if Shelli doesn't then Shelli is gone. (And earlier John let it be known that he realized this could mean he is out next after that.)

              And this ends my drive by. Meep Meep!


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                * Oh dear, lots to catch up on. Stay tuned while I flash back*

                11:33 AM BBT

                Becky and Johnny Mac sitting outside. They are talking about DE and what comps they could have to play. Becky says that as much as she likes Shelli and would rather move forward with Shelli over Vanessa, Becky is not going to risk her game anymore than she already has for Shelli. Becky says that Clay and Shelli played their game wrong last week, and if Shelli had buried the hatchet with James, the plan would have worked this week (to get Vanessa out).

                12:25 PM BBT

                Austin and the twins outside talking about how Steve has to be the one to go next. They talk about working with James, Jackie and Meg until the end and then it's a fight to the final.

                Meanwhile, Becky and Jackie are in the HOH talking about the changing winds in the house. Becky doesn't understand why any of them would want to keep Vanessa.

                1:05 PM BBT

                Jackie joins Meg and James in the H/N room. Jackie fills them in on her conversation with Becky. Jackie says that Becky is coming around but Becky would prefer that everyone vote out Vanessa. Becky also told Jackie that she wants to talk to Jackie with Austin to see where he stands. Becky knows that if Vanessa stays, Becky will be up on the block, but she knows that the house has to do what's best for them.

                1:35 PM BBT

                Jackie joins Austin and twins outside. They talk about working together after they vote Shelli out and wonder if Shelli is going to campaign today. Austin says they could always lie to Shelli and pretend that they are keeping Shelli just to shut her up. They talk about the DE and Jackie says if Austwins win and they put up Johnny Mac, her group will vote him out. By the same token, if her side wins they will want Vanessa out and hopes Austwins would support them. Talk turns to everyone going after Johnny Mac next. This convo is very fluid with lots of "what if" scenarios being mulled over.

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                  Catching us up quickly ...

                  10:48 AM BBT

                  Becky and Johnny Mac discuss votes...

                  Becky- if it's a 4/4 time.. I'm keeping Shelli ... I will not keep Vanessa

                  Becky- I highly doubt Austin would vote to keep Shelli over Vanessa.
                  Johnny Mac- this changes everything.. I gotta win.

                  Becky- yeah, I'm a sitting duck.

                  Becky talks about how this week was perfect...
                  Johnny Mac- if I win .. I wonder what I do ... if Shelli does go home.. do I finish their fight for them .. or do I...
                  Becky- I dunno...

                  Johnny Mac- I hope it's not double eviction
                  Becky- it has to be ...

                  Johnny Mac- Vanessa is a threat to us personally, so I guess I would have to go after her ...

                  Becky talks about how Clay/Shelli hurt themselves in the game ( being "in love" ) ...

                  Johnny Mac- I picked the wrong people

                  Becky- I picked a side and stayed with it ...

                  Johnny Mac- they will sell you out in a second...

                  Becky - anyone in this house will....

                  Becky -you and Steve haven't threatened anyone... you are pawns... but you are not the target... I knew that I had to get the protection of a group.. if I am alone and strong.. it's not good...

                  Johnny Mac- I had a group... it's been destroyed...

                  Becky- James/Jackie/Meg were not in an alliance.... but because Shelli and Clay were so frightened of them.. they became one... I truly know this.. they were not a group ... Shelli/Clay and Vanessa got paranoid... and built of that ( Meg/James/Jackie ) group...

                  Austin and Liz come out .. so that convo ends...


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                    12:00 PM BBT

                    Austin and the twins talk about lying to Shelli..... telling her that she's safe so she will calm down

                    They also say that Steve needs to go soon ...

                    Julia says she can't stand Johnny Mac...

                    They agree that Johnny Mac/Steve and Shelli are in an alliance....
                    Austin - and Becky is the 4th ... she has 3/3/3 and wherever the power is .. she ( Becky ) goes...

                    Becky - If it's a tie, I'm voting out Vanessa
                    Jackie - Oh 100%.....

                    Jackie- If I win this double HoH... I'm putting up her (Vanessa) and either Steve or Johnny Mac

                    Becky is trying to convince Jackie that Shelli needs to stay ... and Vanessa needs to go ...

                    Becky tells her that Vanessa can rally a team... Shelli can't... she ( Shelli ) is alone.. she has no one .. she just wants to lay low
                    Jackie says she feels like they need to get Shelli out now... doesn't think that they will get another opportunity to get her out ...

                    Jackie- I feel like this is the perfect time right now ( to get Shelli out ) ... but believe me .. I want Vanessa out just as much as you do ...

                    Becky- Vanessa has fire in her eyes... she wants me done. I'm going next to Meg if she wins ( HoH )

                    Becky- we could have avoided this all...

                    Becky says she doesn't want to be selfish ... but now she feels like she's shot herself in the foot...

                    Jackie- It just came up in the past couple of days... it's not like we were planning it and didn't tell you ...

                    Becky- If Shelli gets a hit on us, she will not have a group. If Vanessa gets a hit, she will get a group to finish us off

                    Becky- I'll be sitting next to Meg, waving goodbye, and Vanessa will be laughing...

                    Jackie tells Becky that the only reason they are questioning it ( who to send home) is to ensure everyone's safety.

                    Becky tells her again.. she wishes they had thought about this earlier ...

                    Becky continues to tell Jackie that Vanessa lies... she won't target Johnny Mac and Steve.. she will come after them...

                    Becky to Jackie- If I don't get taken out by Vanessa.... you or James will.

                    ( I didn't see Purrwing up there saying she was going to Flashback.. I have to run an errand.. if she doesn't catch us up while I'm gone.. I'll do it as soon as I get back )


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                      * Still in flash back*

                      2:01 PM BBT

                      Twins are talking to Vanessa. Vanessa is telling them that she talked to Johnny Mac earlier and told him that she meant no disrespect to him by not talking to him, but she knosw that he is voting to keep Shelli so Van didn't want to put him through her plea. Austin comes in and Vanessa tells him that Johnny Mc told her that his vote is still up in the air.

                      Meanwhile, Shelli has gone into the H/N room to talk to Meg and Jackie. Shelli tells them that Vanessa has a huge bond with Austin and the twins and that will never be broken. Shelli says that she only had Clay and he is gone so she is all alone. Shelli says she doesn't understand why Meg and Jackie would be afraid of Shelli because Shelli is not coming after them. Shelli says if Vanessa left tomorrow, Shelli would never go with Austin and the twins because they are together and she would be at the bottom of the pile with them. Shelli tells them that if they keep Vanessa in the house with the intention of putting her up later, Vanessa has 3 votes automatically (Austwins). Whereas Shelli has no one.

                      2:13 PM BBT

                      Johnny Mac joins them in the H/N room. Shelli had just been telling Meg and Jackie that Shelli needs a group to hook up with. James walks in, everyone laughs and James kids around about why he walked in and then says he will go to the bathroom. Johnny Mac tells them that he walked into his bedroom where Vanessa, Austin and the twins were talking and their conversation completely stopped. Johnny Mac says like what the **** did I do? Shelli agrees that things are so weird in the house. She says why did James act so weird and then walk out? Jackie says that Shelli really does need to talk to James. Jackie says that James knows what he did last week and that Shelli will be after him. Shelli says she is just going to start saying stuff to people, otherwise Austin and the twins will be f-3.

                      Shelli says she doesn't understand why they think that keeping that side of the house together is smart for their game. She says at some point the 4 have to be broken up. James and Austin are in the kitchen looking at the Memory Wall and making up stories about what everyone really does in real life. Next they start talking about DE and Austin wants them all to agree on who they are going to put up and vote out in the DE and James is agreeing with the Johnny Mac eviction. Austin says they should just let Vanessa and Becky duke it out with each other and they can all skate to final 6 together. James says then we will go to jury with no hard feelings. Austin says yes, we just play the game no backstabbing needed.

                      2:40 PM BBT

                      Shelli is still talking to Meg and Jackie in the H/N room trying to get their vote. Jackie and Meg are listening and say they understand what Shelli is saying to them and that they are well aware of Vanessa's game. Shelli says she will talk to James and hopes he comes back in the H/N room so they both would feel more comfortable talking. Jackie says she will go get him. James comes in. Shelli tells him that she wants to cut to the chase. She says she is not a scary being and he shouldn't be afraid of her. She says she understands why James feels like he does and tells him that she is all alone in this game. Shelli says that she wants to bury the hatchet where she can. James says he personally didn't want to split her and Clay up but "brass tacks" came into play and he heard some things. He says he felt that he was close to Shelli and Clay and then he won HOH and everyone was coming to him and airing their dirty laundry. Shelli says this is all starting to become clear to her and she can only think of one person who would have said that Clelli was after James. James said he didn't hear that Clelli was after him, but that there was a pecking order and James was on the list. He says he was told that he would be put on the block and even though it wasn't by Clelli's hands, Clelli would do nothing to stop it and they would vote him (James) out. While this is playing out....

                      Steve and Austin are whispering in the bathroom. Austin is telling Steve how great it is that (someone) said that Shelli and Johnny Mac were going to go after James and that pissed off Jackie and Meg. Austin says they've got it made (as far as keeping Vanessa). Steve says it's great that the other side thinks that Austin and Steve hate each other and will be going after each other. Steve tells him that Vanessa asked Steve for his vote and he had to say he couldn't because he needed to vote with the house and it made her mad. Austin says that's great, it pushes Steve further away from their group. Steve says if Vanessa has 4 votes and Steve could be #5.....Austin says he thinks it will be 7 or 8......Steve says Johnny Mac would never vote for Vanessa and Austin says he would be the only one.


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                        *Still in flashback*

                        2:52 PM BBT

                        Shelli still trying to get James, Meg and Jackie's vote. She is trying to point out that Vanessa is the head of the other side (head of the snake). James says as far as he is concerned, Shelli and Vanessa were both equally the head of the other side. He says that it's because their sides dirty laundry got aired that now everyone is throwing each other under the bus. Shelli says that she feels bad that she and Clay were the casualty of helping someone else with what they wanted (putting Jason up instead of Austin) and Shelli is still paying for it while Vanessa goes scott free. Shelli says that she's even leary that what she is saying in the H/N room won't get reported to the other side by James. James tells her that he is not the one who told Austin all of the stuff that Clelli said to him, Shelli did that herself. Shelli says that Vanessa is the one who approached her and told her that James just told Austin everything. Shelli says that Vanessa is the one who told people that James was bullying people for their vote last week (to get Shelli out).

                        Jackie, Meg and James try to explain how they are basing their decision on who might be coming after them after this week. Shelli says she doesn't know what else she can say other than she is alone in this game and is coming to the group that sent Clay out and asking if she can ride to the end with them.

                        More chatting about who would put who up and who said what about the others. Shelli says she feels like Vanessa's throw away garbage. James tells Shelli if only Clelli had stuck to the plan, none of them would be in here. Shelli says at one point she asked Clay why they ever went with the "dark side" when they had been with the "light side". They all say that this was a good talk.

                        3:05 PM BBT

                        Shelli still talking to the H/N group. Most of it is just repeating what they all have already said.


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                          4:08 Liz (I'm pretty sure that's who it is) in the SR with Austin.

                          Liz is not happy with Vanessa getting mad at Austin for not telling her stuff when she (Vanessa) fails to keep Twistin informed. "But I don't want to be a rat," they mock her saying. Well, it wouldn't be a rat for you to tell us stuff (if you're really with us).

                          Austin seems fully on board with the six-person alliance.

                          Austin was calling JMac a liar for separately telling both Twistin and TBM plaintively that he just wants a group to be part of.


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                            *Still in FB but almost caught up*

                            3:17 PM BBT

                            James, Meg and Jackie alone in H/N room. They are talking about everything Shelli said. Jackie tells James that Becky had told Shelli some info (not sure what it was) and James says that that is ****ed up. Meg says all Meg is concerned about is going with whomever keeps her side safe. Meg says she feels that Becky is going to throw them (James and Meg) under the bus at any time (but probably not Jackie). Jackie says how everyone was so against them and now they are realizing that they are the good side. She says even Johnny Mac said "I want a group". Jackie says she thought well it's too late now. Meg says that Johnny looked like he was going to cry. Jackie agrees and says he looked really mad too. She said when Johnny first came into the H/N room he told them how Austwins and Vanessa stopped talking when he walked into the room. James says Austin wants Johnny out bad. Meg says that she would rather keep Shelli on a personal level but she knows that keeping Vanessa will keep a bigger target in to deflect people from going after them.

                            They are talking about the pros and cons with keeping Shelli and Vanessa. It's mostly Jackie and Meg talking and James just agrees occasionally. Meg feels like it's a huge leap of faith to keep Shelli. They wonder why she didn't come to them earlier? Meg says when it comes down to it, they could beat Austwins and Vanessa easier than Shelli. James says he is down for whatever the group wants to do.

                            3:33 PM BBT
                            Johnny Mac goes up to the HOH room. He tells Becky that "they" are thinking about it because Vanessa is going around telling people that Becky ratted them out. Johnny asks her if he should go and tell them (JJM) his story about how Vanessa told him and Steve that nothing happened up there. He says he didn't want to do that without talking to Becky first because it might look like he was just trying to save Becky and Shelli. Becky asks him when Vanessa said that because Becky had been. Johnny says he doesn't know about that but Shelli had just told him. Becky says, "so ****, my team caught on?" Becky says she should not have gone after her (Vanessa). She heads down to talk to her team.

                            Becky tells Meg and Jackie that she is scared of Vanessa. She says that she is not talking to anybody and she hasn't even spoken to Shelli. Becky says that Johnny Mac told her that Vanessa will try to make it look like Becky is working with Shelli and that your group shouldn't trust you. Becky says she is just terrified that Vanessa will end up staying in this house. Meg says that they aren't stupid, they see through Vanessa's game and don't believe anything she says. Becky says she was just sitting outside with Johnny Mac this morning and now it's going around that he, Becky and Shelli are working together. Meg says that Johnny Mac is freaking out too.

                            Meanwhile Austin and Liz are talking in the storage room. He is telling her that they are going to team up with James, Meg, and Jackie and the 6 of them are not going to go after each other especially not during the DE. He says Vanessa is driving him nuts asking if they are still going to keep her.


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                              Tiny FB

                              4:09 PM BBT

                              Shelli and Becky go to the HOH room. Shelli says that after talking to people today, she is realizing just what type of game Vanessa is playing. They talk about all the deals Vanessa makes with everyone, how she makes everything that has happened be everyone else's fault and Vanessa is innocent. Shelli thinks that's why BB made Vanessa the madhatter in the comic POV competition.

                              This conversation goes on forever, but it's just a repeat of what everyone has already talked about for the last several hours.

                              Now I am out because it's showtime!!!


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