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Live Feed Updates-August 13-Day 57

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 13-Day 57

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    3:45 BBT

    Steve was wondering around the house alone and has settled in the lounge.

    James, Jackie,and Meg talking in the Have not room

    Meg gets up and goes to the bathroom and Austin is there. They're talking about Becky starting to accept it. Jackie won't say anything bad about Becky. Austin says Jackie needs to feel better. They say they need to talk tomorrow.


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      Happy Eviction Day

      It's time to wake those hamsters up.



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        9:38 AM BBT

        Everyone is trying to shake the cobwebs out of their brains. Austin is spooning Liz in bed. She is holding his hand (!). James, Meg, & Jackie are chatting and laughing in the H/N room. Julia, Steve, Vanessa and Shelli are getting ready in the bathroom. Austin and Liz join the bathroom group. Idle chit chat going on.


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          9:44 Cams 3/4 switch to Becky and JMac.

          Starting with JMac saying he'll go with "you guys".

          "I'll go whatever way, because I think I'm protected as long as I vote with you guys."


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            9:50 HN Room, Cam 1/2, and then all four cams. Becky with James and Meg.

            I think James and Meg have been talking about post HN sleeping arrangements -- no, wait, they're probably talking about what part of the HOH room they'll stake out for lockdown. Earlier -- before the switch to Becky and JMac -- James had said he wanted his half of the couch and Meg said she wanted the bed for sure.

            So now that talk is continuing down in HN -- just small talk -- and Becky offers Meg something -- maybe an article of clothing -- and Meg gushes with gratitude and Becky says she's looking out for Grandma.

            Soooooo ... small talk and bonding.


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              9:51 Still Meg, James, Becky

              Meg asks Becky "How you feeling girl."

              Becky sort of sighs and says "It is what it is."

              Then she says some more detailed stuff about how she's going to deal with having an enemy still in the game, but I'm missing most of the words. I think James and Meg are both trying to reassure her, but I get the idea that her part of the conversation is more spot-on than their contributions. And I'm not going to keep listening or typing, but maybe someone else will want to try to hear what is said at this point.


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                9:46 AM BBT

                Johnny Mac thinks he is covered tonight and Becky says she is dead in the water if Vanessa wins (HOH). Becky thinks that she will be drunk in jury with Shelli tonight. Vanessa and Austin in the bathroom and Austin is telling Vanessa that everything is good (as far as keeping Vanessa tonight).

                Becky is in the H/N room talking to James & Meg. Becky is telling them that she is resigned to the fact that she is going to have an enemy in the house (Van & maybe Austin). Meg says the twins are getting kind of pissed because everyone thinks they are with Austin (and will do what he says). Becky says she may try to "make nice" with Vanessa and Austin later.

                Jackie is with Johnny in the H/N room. They are talking about the vote tonight, how things changed and what they think the HOH comp will be tonight.

                Didn't see you CnC. I will let you have them since I need to run a few errands!


                • cutencuddly
                  cutencuddly commented
                  Editing a comment
                  And I didn't see your note before now -- I was off doing errands myself. We need more drive-by-ers.

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                Oh, one more note, then -- Still Becky, Meg, James ---

                9:52 Meg says that the twins are starting to get pissed that people assume they're Vanessa's people. (Someone tried to finish her sentence and said "Austin's" but she said something like, "yeah, but not even Austin's people -- Vanessa's people.")

                So that ends my drive-by. Meep meep.


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                  When I came back at 10:00 it was like nothing had changed. Still Becky in the HN room. She seems to be fixing her hair. Meg and James are still in the dental chairs. Becky is talking mostly to Meg. She's saying how she's resigned to the likelihood that she'll end up on the block by night's end. I'll assume that Meg is reassuring her that she has protection -- like she was doing when I left.

                  That's on Cams 1/2

                  On Cams 3/4 JMac is talking to Jackie in HOH. JMac makes some comment about knowing where everyone is sitting for the wave ???? (Is that Jedi-training?)

                  Ah, Steve is in there too and at 10:00 Jackie asked "are you guys good on the studying -- do you feel good?" JMac says he didn't study as much as he should have but he'll go over it right now in his head. Then he and Steve will have a discussion later. But he thought he got as much as he could from just watching it. So Jackie says, yeah, it is what it is. Then he says, "I'm pretty sure I know where everyone is sitting for the wave, so if I know that ....." [LOL, I still don't know what he is talking about, but whatever! It's Fishtime!]

                  Fish -- I mean Jeff Highlights -- happen moments before 10:01.
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                    2:44 Cam 3/4 HN Room Becky, Austin, James

                    Becky is standing. Austin is sitting. James is lying in a chair. Becky is talking to Austin about how she has tried to reassure herself about whatever may happen tonight. She says to him, I've always liked you and the twins, and Jackie and Meg, and I know I have your support.

                    [I thought her leaving James out while James was sitting right there might be worth a drive-by.]


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                      ^^ That was a trivial comment. There was something much more dramatic going on earlier with Vanessa acting like Austin was making mistakes on purpose and Austin storming out on Vanessa and saying he was tired of her conspiracy theories. Then Julia tried to talk Vanessa down and Liz dealt with Austin. And Vanessa wondered if Austin had a backdoor plan for her while Austin was saying that even though Shelli had wronged him she didn't treat him badly on an ongoing basis like Vanessa does. But I don't have a start time on that.
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                        2:48 Cam 1/2 Julia, Liz

                        Julia is saying that she will never trust Austin. Liz is saying that Austin is why the twins are still there. That the reason they have gotten so far in this game is because of him. He made them a triple, turning them into a powerful block.

                        (Julia was also saying that earlier -- when she was talking to Vanessa -- about how she would never trust Austin, never forgive him for what he did to her.)


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                          2:49 Julia says Vanessa told her not to say anything, but Julia is telling Liz of Vanessa's concern that Austin would put up Steve and Johnny Mac but then backdoor Vanessa. Julia sounds like she believes it. Liz says no way and Vanessa needs to stop thinking that way. And she needs to stop saying that. And if Vanessa ever puts Austin up, Liz is done with her.

                          Julia says Vanessa didn't plan to -- that it's Austin who is acting questionably, trying to be best friends with [I'm guessing James].

                          Liz says that Austin has been fighting for her all night and she tries to pull this with him right now.

                          Twins seem to agree that's not a cool thing. [Sorry, I zoned and lost some words.]

                          Liz: I'm not even saying this because I like him. I'm literally just saying this as an outsider looking in.

                          Julia: Okay

                          Julia: I just want you to understand that I will always be apprehensive with him, because I feel like he will easily go to them -- the minions -- and tell them "Look, I only care about Liz. If you put Julia up and send her away, I'm not coming after you."

                          Liz: I know.

                          Liz wonders what she's supposed to do. Julia says don't do anything -- just understand it's a possibility.

                          Julia mentions the parallel of how James would save Meg over Jackie. She mentions Austin being rude to her. She appreciates that he is looking out for them but she'll never trust him.

                          Liz says that Vanessa is the one to worry about having side deals.

                          Liz knows that Austin would choose her over Julia but they don't have to worry about that right now because Austin knows how having the block of three is to his advantage.

                          And some people would put Vanessa up tonight but Austin isn't one of them, and so Vanessa needs to quit talking like that.

                          At 2:52 they go back to Jedi-training.

                          [Ending this driveby now]
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                            3:10 Jeff Highlights


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