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Live Feed Updates-August 14-Day 58

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 14-Day 58

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    3:55 BBT

    1 & 2
    Austin, Liz, and Julia talking in the HoH. They're talking about putting up Becky and John with John as the target. They'll talk to Becky to let her know that they have no choice but to put her up, but she's not the target. If she tells John, then they will target her.

    They keep talking about the Brasstacks Alliance with Meg and James and sounds like they want to ride with that and let Becky and Vanessa fight it out. They hope Becky takes out Vanessa. They talk about seeing Vanessa's tricks and all the drama she tries to cause. They have doubts about Vanessa but will let her come up and spin all her plans.

    Wow, one of the twins called Vanessa a witch.

    3& 4
    Steve and Becky were in the kitchen talking about last season.

    All cams
    The twins and Austin go downstairs, Becky is gone. They ask Steve what he is up to. He says his usual night stuff.

    James is now there getting a drink of water.


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      Twins go to get their laundry for BB to get in the morning.

      Johnny Mac now in the kitchen too and Becky comes through to go to the bathroom.

      Just chit chat now with so many people in there.

      They're talking about emojis of last years houseguests that were on the walls in the backyard.


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        John now upstairs talking to Liz and Austin. Liz wants to know about what happened last week.

        Liz and Austin want to know what happened with the Clay/James/Vanessa/John fight. John goes over it.

        Julia comes up. She's in and out.

        They talk about not knowing what Vanessa was doing, she didn't need to get in the middle.

        Liz tells him that she doesn't know what she is going to do. She has to talk to people.

        He talks about other people telling him he was safe with them and Liz and that group didn't. He was with Clay and Shelli, but now he's a free agent.

        Liz um, um. Need to talk to people. um um. Would like to work with you. Liz says she knows John isn't a flip flopper.

        Says he's not reallly with the Goblins.

        Liz is just scared about next week, every HoH is.

        Talk about tomorrow the Have Nots being officially named (I guess Vanessa and John have volunteered this week)

        John doesn't like to force alliances because he doesn't like others to force them on him.

        John leaves.

        Liz comes down too, gets water and goes in the bathroom to talk to Julia.

        Liz is taking all the bathroom stuff upstairs.


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          Liz and Julia talking in bathroom, Liz starts to leave but then goes in to lounge. Wants to know if she's doing the right thing. Becky didn't put her up last week. Liz says James is not touching her block because he didn't put them up when he could have and he also didn't use the veto to get them up. Sounds like they're committed to Brass Tacks.

          Liz is whining about John and putting him up. Whining about she hates being HoH, she can't trust anybody.

          They're going to ask Becky who the Goblins were going to put up.


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            9:13 AM BBT
            All Cams

            All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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              9:34 Fish.

              Thank you for my live feeder button. But I may be too depressed this week to spend a lot of time on the feeds.


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                10:47 AM BBT

                Cams 1 & 2
                Sleeping houseguests.

                Cams 3 & 4
                Liz in the HOH bathroom doing her makeup.


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                  1:06 Cams 1/2 HOH

                  Liztin smooching after a morning of wheeling and dealing.

                  They had productive meetings with the other side of the house. Comparing notes about Vanessa The plan is shaping up to be keeping Becky to go after Vanessa, and seriously working with Meg and James. Liz likes Steve. JMac could be in trouble.

                  Cams 3/4 HN

                  Vanessa and JMac talking about the 8-person deal and the issues which arose before Clay left. Vanessa is probing. JMac explaining how he put stuff together. Vanessa is denying that things happened as JMac remembered them happening.
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                    1:09 Cam 1/2 HOH Austin and Liz

                    Liz says James is so funny and she's obsessed with him.

                    Austin says he wouldn't mind if either James or Meg won HOH next week because they could put up Vanessa and Steve and then Vanessa would go.

                    Everytime Vanessa is up there, he says, he sees her wheels turning and she knows that she's the 4th person on the totem pole.

                    [That ends this drive-by ... I'm enjoying Twistin starting to break away from Vanessa's influence.]
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                      1:24 Cam 1/2 HOH

                      Twins, Austin, James, Meg conspiring

                      ... and comparing notes about Vanessa.

                      Some "Are you kidding me?"s about what they want to say to Vanessa over her maneuvering.

                      Appear to be having a good time and bonding over this.
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                        Austin: I want to see how she acts before the noms. She wants to be a part of all of this and it's driving her nuts that she's not up here. If she starts melting down ... She could become an Audrey and "blanket it".

                        They laugh about how she has suddenly she's all into the Bible.

                        Then James and Austin share their frustration about how she is turning on them. James says he's been nothing but honest with her. Austin says J**** f***, I'm trying to help you. (you being Vanessa)

                        [End snapshot]
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                          1:27 Liz brings it back to her plans and summarizes the situation. She wants Becky around to take out Vanessa. She likes Becky. She doesn't know JMac. He's moping around the house. AND winning comps. She's keeping it to brass tacks.

                          And the room joins in with laughter and a chorus of "brass tacks".

                          Then Liz directs the conversation to talking about how to bring Becky in and reassure her that she is merely a pawn so she won't go after them.

                          [End shapshot]

                          [wandering away now]
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                            Okay, I'll wander away after this.

                            The talk continues. Lots of good moments. Including much more information sharing and Austin mentioning a backdoor possibility for Vanessa.

                            At 1:35 they say they're going to get Becky and they encourage James and Meg to stay up there to help Becky feel comfortable. They send James to get her.

                            The talk with Becky and the other five goes on a long time.

                            Becky has been promised promised promised promised no flip flopping. She says how scared she is of Vanessa but they swear she is safe. Even Julia has broken away from her allegiance to Vanessa and feels "so betrayed by her" because of the information she learned last night. Whether Becky gets pulled off the block with PoV depends on how Vanessa acts but Becky is safe safe safe safe.

                            Becky leaves at 1:50 and Meg suggests Becky will be reassured just to know she's not going to be backdoored. Then Austin moves to "what do we tell Johnny Mac"?

                            Meg says, "he knows he's going up".

                            Austin asks, "but what do we tell him as far as his position?"

                            They suggest telling him the truth -- they laugh about "you mean tell him he's our target?" -- but no, they mean to tell him that he hasn't talked game with them and it's coming down to the wire. There aren't that many people who can go up. Meg reminds them of when Shelli put Jason up and said it was because of things she heard and she hoped that would open a dialog, and Jason went up and had a talk with her and smoothed things over. So that will put a positive touch on the basic facts and won't insult him with nonsense that he wouldn't believe. The group are liking the idea.

                            All five are engaged. It's quite a balanced group. The time is 1:52.

                            [.... I'm not going to keep listening to this. Hopefully someone else will catch it if there's something good.]

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                              2:07 PM BBT

                              We're on Jeff Highlight Loops... must be Nomination time!


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