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Live Feed Updates - August 15 - Day 59

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  • Live Feed Updates - August 15 - Day 59

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    8:02 AM BBT

    New Home Page Article HERE


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      10:08 AM BBT

      Liz was called to the DR, other expected that they would be picking the POV players ..
      Liz returns tells Austin .. no not yet ..

      Becky is stressing that even though they ( Liz/Austin) have told her she's a pawn...that she might not be.. especially if Johnny Mac wins the POV ...


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        Catching us up quickly ..


        Austin- Becky is worried about one thing...if Johnny Mac wins
        Julia- If she doesnt win, it is sealing her fate


        Austin - If you put up Meg or James and don't send them home ( over Johnny Mac ) .... Steve is going to be like ,,,what the ****?


        Austin - We are the center of everything and the only person that can ruin that is Vanessa

        They talk more about if Becky stays on the block, she's gone

        Julia says she thinks it would be easier to get Johnny Mac to work with them .. rather than Becky.

        They all agree that if Vanessa wins PoV next week... they are the targets. ( for replacement nom )


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          Feeds went Jeff Clips about 2 hours ago.. and we are still watching them...

          There is speculation that the Zingbot could be involved in the PoV Competition this week.. "could" explain what's taking so long, since we assumed that when we went to the Jeff clips that it was simply for the PoV players to be picked... of course that shouldn't take 2 hours ... so perhaps the players were picked, Zingbot came in and we're moving on from there... or they went straight into the PoV Competition due to the heat index there today ... ( all speculation on my part, of course )

          Currently it's 12:49 PM BBT and we're still looping with Jeff and Clay


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            1:10 PM BBT - Feeds are back .. everyone ( that we can see) is sleeping ...

            So .. we don't know if the POV was played.. or if the stupid person with the key on the "turn the feeds back on button" didn't do it after the PoV Players were picked... and the PoV will be played later.. we don't know..


            • beckyd30
              beckyd30 commented
              Editing a comment
              Is someone sleeping on the couch in the HOH room, in the bottom left pic?

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            Here's some action for you ...

            ( sorry )


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              Julia comes in says - It's like one..what the **** is going on?

              Liz- it's the weirdest thing.. it's never happened before...


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                Steve there now...

                Julia - this is weird .. what do you think is taking so long?
                Steve- I couldn't tell you ..

                BB - Liz, please come to DR

                They all cheer...

                and we go back to Jeff Loops

                ( so it "sounds like" the Veto players haven't been picked yet .. otherwise the they would have been excited by the "host" not Liz being called to the DR... but who the heck knows... stay with us )


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                  1:45 PM BBT

                  Feeds Back

                  Austin, Meg and Steve are playing in the POV
                  James is the Host

                  Julia isn't happy

                  Julia - Whatever.... F**k this. I'll just sit there and look pretty


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                    Johnny Mac to Austin - I don't care if I win or not.
                    Austin- As long as Becky doesn't win, everything is fine
                    Johnny Mac- yeah .. no one else is going to use it ..


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                      Julia tells Liz that Austin needs to talk to Steve about not winning it or not using it
                      Liz - he is.. that's what he's doing right now .. he make everything easy for me...

                      Austin comes in tells them that he knows that Vanessa is freaking out.. because she's not playing...

                      Austin - she probably thinks everyone wants to back door her.. she tried to do it to me.. she probably thinks I would try to do it to her ...


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                        1:53 PM BBT

                        Johnny Mac to Austin- I don't care if I win it or not ..
                        Austin- if you want to throw it .. you're safe with us... as long as Becky doesnt win, everything is fine


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                          Austin- I'm going to go hard for it.
                          Johnny Mac- okay
                          Austin- hopefully, Steve will too, as long as he doesn't use it
                          Johnny Mac- yeah
                          Austin- I think he thinks you would be disappointed that he didn't use it .. but I think just having it in our possession, would be good.
                          Johnny Mac- yeah
                          Austin- and if he doesn't use would throw off people, they would be like "oh I thought Steve and Johnny Mac were working together" ..

                          Johnny Mac- right .. right... I trust you guys a lot after our talk
                          Austin- oh yeah .. so glad we did. We trust you....
                          Johnny Mac- no one else is going to use it


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                            2:02 PM BBT

                            Johnny Mac to Becky- the only way that both of us can stay here is .. if I don't win it.. so I think I might throw it..

                            Becky- Meg and James are safe.. so Meg's not going to play for me..
                            Johnny Mac-
                            I'm not going to win it.

                            Becky- No. Win it, Johnny Mac I know I'm most likely going home this week.
                            Johnny Mac- This is your shot
                            Becky- yeah ... and if you go down, Meg goes up is my guess. I for sure seal my fate. And, for sure no one is sending Meg home.. if you sit next to Meg on the block, you're done.

                            Becky- Maybe we can both win the veto at the same time. We'll go all Hunger Games and we can both win


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