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Live Feed Updates - August 16 - Day 60

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  • Live Feed Updates - August 16 - Day 60

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    Catching us up quickly on some events that went down last night...

    9:00 PM BBT...


    Vanessa - Is our Final 2 still good?
    Steve- Yes.
    Vanessa- So if it comes down to me or him (Johnny Mac), it's going to be me?
    Steve- Yes
    Vanessa- 100%
    Steve- Yes
    Vanessa- okay I trust you with that... you are my only Final 2

    Steve- People are telling me you made the eight person alliance
    Vanessa- Me? First of all, there is no alliance.
    Steve- I know .. and if I thought there was any truth to it.. I would not be sitting here telling you ...

    Vanessa goes on to explain how "hand to God" she was the last person in the room and how she was lucky she was included in it ...

    Steve keeps says " I know .. I know" ... you don't have to convince me of it ...

    Vanessa tells Steve that she really believes that Johnny Mac, thinks she t
    old him something that I didn't
    Steve- there's some kind of miscommunication going on ...
    Vanessa- that's what it is ..

    Vanessa - if it gets down to the Scamper Squad, how do we get to the finals?
    Steve- That's a great question

    Vanessa asks Steve if he thinks it's stupid to try to get to the F5 with Austin/Liz/Julia
    Steve- what do you think?
    Vanessa- I honestly don't know .. that's why I'm asking you ...

    Steve tells her they need to take things "one step at a time" and that he would like to try to mend things between her and Johnny Mac... He tells her his job this week is to get Johnny Mac " out of his funk" ...

    Steve tells Vanessa that he wants to "build a bridge" between her and Johnny Mac

    Steve tells Vanessa that he loves Becky
    She says she does too...
    They both agree that she's gone this week...

    Vanessa tells him that she has a target in mind for next week
    Steve says he doesn't ... but thinks her's is James..
    She tells him she's not going to tell him .. until he tells her his...
    Steve- please tell me Vanessa.. so I can sit on it ..
    Vanessa won't tell him...
    Steve- Vanessa, you're killing me
    Vanessa- when you're ready to give me a name .. I will

    9:10 PM BBT

    Steve - so Vanessa's targets for next week are... me, John, .. I'm listing the choices..
    Vanessa- you're not a choice.. you ****ing ****tard ...
    Steve - me, John, James or Meg
    Vanessa- we're not going to talk about it until you are ready to give me a name...

    Steve tries his best to get it out of her ..
    She won't give it up ...

    Vanessa- What would you say is the percent chance she (Liz) keeps noms the same?
    Steve- 100%
    Vanessa- That's what I thought

    9:15 PM BBT...

    ( after Vanessa leaves )

    Steve to camera- You are lying to my face, Vanessa. You made the alliance and you know it. I'm not telling you my target. I don't trust you ....I need our Final 2 cause you are going to take the blood for everything I do and no one will vote for you... As long as I play the blindly loyal minion, you will never get rid of me. ...I'm finally skeptical of you but I will never let you know that....

    That's when we can hear the shouting of ALCOHOL... ALCOHOL ...


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      11:30 PM BBT Johnny Mac/Becky

      Johnny Mac- This threesome ( Austin/Liz/Julia ) is going to be a powerhouse. I need James or Meg to win an HoH right now. Becky- Meg won't

      Johnny Mac - She (Vanessa) keeps playing like this.... she might be a good one to take to the end... ( just what Steve was saying ) ....
      Everyone is going to want to take her to the end because no one likes her.
      Becky- I don't think so

      Becky agrees that Austin/Liz and Julia are going to be hard to beat, if they aren't split up ... But she also thinks they will be huge targets...
      Becky - everyone thought they were at summer camp... but they can play ...

      They talk about being on the block together ...

      Johnny Mac - We didn't hang out this whole time, cause we didn't want this to happen

      Johnny Mac- They (Clay/Shelli) were so sloppy.
      Becky- They shot themselves in the foot in every direction they could

      Johnny Mac- I can't stand being around anyone.. .that's why I'm so quiet now...

      He tells Becky that he doesn't feel bad about stabbing anyone in the back now... except Steve.

      Johnny Mac- He ( Steve ) does have my back until the end.. but I think he screwed you ( Becky )


      Austin and Liz tell Steve to "monitor" Vanessa this week..
      They are confident that Becky is going home this week...

      They tells Steve that Vanessa knows all their secrets, so they can't be the ones to take her out...

      They tell Steve that they think it's best if Johnny Mac wins HoH next week... he can take out Vanessa...


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        Steve/Johnny Mac

        Steve tells Johnny Mac that they can retain a friendship with Vanessa the "strike when the opportunity presents itself"
        Johnny Mac-
        If we take out Meg and James, you and I are the next pair and we only have you playing in HoH
        Steve - Are you suggesting we throw the next HoH?
        Johnny Mac- yes.. as of now.... but things can change


        Austin to Meg/Julia-Vanessa is going to secure herself with everyone left here and then she is going to throw it (HoH)
        They tell Meg that it's best to evict Becky this week...

        Meg tells them that - Steve "scares the **** out of me right now"
        Austin- Final 5, Final 4, nobody is beating him

        Talk turns back to Vanessa ... with Meg saying that they can't keep her in the game too long...

        Julia- I think Vanessa needs to go by next week.
        Meg- I think next week she needs to go.
        Austin- Next week is her week to go


        James/Meg/ Austin/Julia

        James agrees that Vanessa has to go next week.. can't risk if Shelli comes back.. Shelli and Vanessa teaming up again.

        Austin- Would Vanessa be put up straight up by us?
        Meg- I think you have to
        James- Yeah

        Austin tells them he thinks that it would be best to nominate Johnny Mac and Steve and then back door Vanessa...

        Austin tells Meg and James that he would like to be the one to get Vanessa out ...



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          2:00 AM - James is back to working his aluminium foil magic ......

          This week... Mrs. Voodoo is now Mr. Voodoo and he has the "Power of D" ...

          Meg has joined in and made "Blanket Man" aka Audrey


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            Julia pranks James...

            James in return pranks Julia...


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              2:45 AM Liz and Austin talk...

              Austin tells Liz that he's going to try to win HoH .. doesn't care if Vanessa tries to out their secrets...
              They think no one believes anything she says anymore ...

              Liz says that she doesn't think that Julia should try to win HoH ...

              Liz says it sucks they have to worry about jury votes... she also says "Whoever comes back from jury, your ass is right back out. Your ass already left this house. Bye"


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                Currently -- 9:31 AM BBT

                Everyone sleeping...

                ( that caught us up as quickly as I could.. I'm out for a bit ... )


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                  Starting at 10:24 AM BBT

                  Cams 1 & 2
                  We had FISH and came back to Meg & James in separate beds in the Purple Room. James kept saying something about Meg trying to feed him crackers, must think he's a parrot.

                  Cams 3 & 4
                  Vanessa & Johnny Mac in the backyard putting the awnings up over the windows and then sitting down in the lounging area.

                  Messages from BB: Lights must remain on in the bedrooms during the day. Vanessa, please center your microphone.

                  Vanessa goes in.

                  Cams 1 & 2 on Kitchen

                  Vanessa asks Liz what was going on last night. Liz tells her about them pranking each other. Steve was in there too.

                  Cams 3 & 4 on HOH
                  Liz heads back up to the HOH room and gets back in bed with Austin. Austin tells her to warm him up.

                  Vanessa goes to the bathroom area and then gets called to the DR.

                  Cams 1 & 2 switch back to the Purple Room with Meg & James still in bed but talking about movies.


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                    Nothing much going on...

                    (Because I know everyone wants to see this. )


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                      10:51 AM BBT

                      Cams 1 & 2
                      FISH and then we come back with everyone (except the Have Nots) gathering in the Kitchen. James reads a card saying that the Live Feeders voted to give them cinnamon rolls. They thank the Live Feeders and start pigging out on cinnamon rolls.

                      Cams 3 & 4
                      Johnny Mac & Vanessa in backyard. Vanessa getting some sun. No talking.


                      • #12
                        Cams 1 & 2 on Kitchen still
                        Becky won't eat a cinnamon roll. They kept trying to get her to eat one but she says she doesn't like the frosting stuff.

                        Cams 3 & 4 switch to HOH Room
                        Liz & Austin take their cinnamon rolls up to the HOH Room. Chowing down in bed. Austin talking about them going to the beach and then out to dinner. They kiss. And then quiet. Going back to sleep.

                        Everyone talking about how delicious the cinnamon rolls are and wondering where they got them at.

                        (That's my drive-by updating for right now and I am out! If anyone else wants to jump in, please do.)


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                          The feeds are very boring....KennyERJ told you the most exciting news thus far....the cinnamon rolls. Becky was in the BY talking to Johnny Mac about Germany for a while but she decided it was too hot to sit outside so she headed back to bed. It appears everyone is sleeping except for JMac. I guess the alcohol was just too much for them last night. Now their sleeping pattern is completely off and will probably stay that way for the rest of the season.


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                            2:00 p.m. and finally some of the HG are finally getting up again. JMac is still out on the couch in the BY. Austin gets up and fixes an omelet for both himself and Liz. Vanessa is sitting at the kitchen counter but not much talking at all.
                            Now Austin talking about what he will do when he leaves the house. No one in his family really has a job that they have strict hours. They are always hanging out together. He had to decide what he was going to do and then BB came up and he decided that his plans for the summer were set.
                            JMac talks about living at home to save his money because he is in debt. His mom had empty nest and she was happy that he came home.
                            Austin tells him that he needed a college degree to do his job, but it didn't have to be in the health field. Now they need to have it, but he was grandfathered in.
                            Liz comes out and let's him know that she thinks he is rude so he jumps and runs. His reasoning for eating downstairs was that he didn't want to carry his plate upstairs. She tells him how good her omelet is and gives him a kiss and a hug.
                            He wants to go down and work out. They see Vanessa on the feeds and make fun of her wearing towels on her head. (She apparently washed her hair.)


                            • #15
                              Catching us up quickly...

                              Vanessa and Johnny Mac chit-chatted outside for a bit... ( they were the only ones awake at the time )

                              Liz and Austin talked about Vanessa and Johnny Mac

                              Liz says she hopes Vanessa doesn't brainwash him...
                              Austin tells Liz that "Johnny Mac can't be brainwashed"

                              Liz told Austin to "officially" grantee Johnny Mac his vote.

                              She also told him that he should tell Johnny Mac that ( in the next HoH ) competition that if it comes down between the 2 of them... he ( Austin ) will throw it to Johnny Mac

                              ( we know that Johnny Mac, told Steve he doesn't want to win this upcoming HoH )


                              Liz and Julia say they are "over Vanessa" ...


                              Vanessa tells Liz/Julia that if Shelli comes back.... she's a "number on their side" .... if Jackie comes back... she will work with Meg/James.... and same with Becky, if she comes back.. she will work with Meg/James and Johnny Mac

                              Vanessa says it's better to target James next, as both Jackie and Becky ( whoever came back ) would work with him...

                              Vanessa to Liz/Julia- All my deals are dead with that side of the house. I have no more deals.... those were only for double eviction.

                              She tells them she would never go against them ( twins ) and that she trust them MORE than anyone in the house ...

                              Julia tells Vanessa that they have her back.. and they want Becky out .. because she's coming after Vanessa...

                              Julia - Becky has already made $10,000. It's time for you to go
                              Vanessa- I hope she doesn't come back

                              They ask Vanessa if she thinks Shelli was upset/mad at her ..
                              Vanessa tells them she doesn't thinks so .. she also tells them ( again ) that Clay and Shelli were the reason she went after Jason ....

                              Vanessa- her ( Shelli ) and Clay wanted it a million percent....more than anyone


                              Julia tells Liz no making out in the house with Austin ...

                              Julia to Liz - Sucking on someone's neck...I really hope you are not doing anything.
                              Liz- We're not

                              Liz tells Julia that she "really does kinda like him"

                              Julia tells her that they can wait until the Jury house ... not now...
                              Julia - we're on TV.

                              Oh and...

                              Becky tells them that a dime fell out of someone's pocket... on a ride at an
                              amusement park and it hit her in the head while she waited in line

                              ( note to self, if the sky is ever falling .. find Becky, stand next to her, because whatever is coming down, isn't going to hit you) ...


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