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Live Feed Updates-August 17-Day 61

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 17-Day 61

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    3:15 BBT

    Becky, John, and Steve talking at the hammock. Becky talking about what she would like to do when she gets out of the house, She's telling them why she likes her job and why she doesn't like her job.


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      9:04 AM BBT

      All cams are on sleeping houseguests.


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        11:20 Jeff clips for veto meeting


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          11:14 Cams 3/4 Liz and Julia in HOH room

          Liz rehearsing her Veto ceremony speech, saying the decision is especially difficult because they've all been having so much fun together this week. However, as she said before the reason both of them are on the block is because of purely strategic reasons. They're two of the best and strongest competitors seen in the competitions thus far and she firmly believes that one of them will be coming back from jury. And for this reason she has decided not to use the power of veto.

          Julia has some plan she wants her and Liz to do in order to get more information out of Becky but before she can fully explain herself Liz is called to the DR.

          Jeff clips start at 11:15.
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            Liz did not use the Power of Veto

            Johnny Mac and Becky remain on the block


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              Austin - Becky basically said....I'm coming after you.... if you don't save me.... in her speech. Steve- Speeches don't mean anything

              Meg to John- That speech did not help her (Becky).... I can tell you that ...


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                Johnny Mac tells Meg that he doesn't want to campaign against Becky ...

                Johnny Mac to Meg - I think you and James should vote to keep he

                Meg- Don't say that. Who are you, Clay? Stop it.


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                  Meg to Johnny Mac - I think you will be fine this week
                  Johnny Mac- I'm just going to lay back
                  Meg- I think that's the best thing you can do


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                    Johnny Mac tells Meg that she and James can " talk it out and do whatever the hell they want to do"

                    Johnny Mac to Meg - I've already gone through the grieving stage.... whenever it's my time to go, I almost don't care anymore


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                      Vanessa tells Austin that Johnny Mac needs to be the next target.
                      She tells him that he could align with Shelli or Becky, if one of them comes back...

                      Vanessa- and we don't want to be in finals with Meg....all her friends are going to be in jury. If she gets to F4.... everyone is going to take her.

                      Austin - you know who I feel is almost guaranteed top 3 right now .... Julia

                      Vanessa- Do we throw HoH?
                      Austin- I've been thinking about it.. because we have deals with everyone...

                      Austin - Johnny Mac and Steve will put up Meg and James. Meg and James are going to put up Johnny Mac and Steve


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                        Becky to Meg- I honestly don't know if I am the target or not.


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                          Vanessa to Liz/Julia/Austin - Steve's loyalty to us is always limited when Johnny Mac is in the house


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                            Becky talks to Austin and Liz ...

                            Here's her laundry list of why she should stay over Johnny Mac...

                            If I stay in the house.... everybody knows my target. It's not even a question
                            I like you guys in this game. You guys are straight shooters and so am I

                            I 100% still have Vanessa as my target.. it's either she takes me out or I take her out

                            I'm not a well rounded player.... Johnny Mac is well rounded. If we don't have running shoes on, it's not my competition.
                            I don't sacrifice those around me to get further in the game....

                            If I were to win HoH next week..... I would really heavily incorporate you guys

                            Austin to Becky- What if Vanessa won veto?
                            Becky- I know who I would put up..... you guys would still be safe


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                              After Becky leaves...

                              Austin to Liz/Julia- I love how she just sells out Meg and James so quickly

                              Austin- the only reason we are going to get rid of her is because of Jackie...... if she ( Jackie ) comes back, we're ****ed

                              Austin- Johnny Mac having that conversation with us about what he wants to do.... sealed Becky's fate


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