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Live Feed Updates - June 26 - Day 9

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  • Live Feed Updates - June 26 - Day 9

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    9:17 AM BBT
    Still sleeping.


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      10:07 am, Cam 4

      Audrey and Clay talking strategy. She tells him that “the group” wants Clay out of it due to his closeness with Shelli.

      Clay indicating how strange it is that James is sleeping in the HN room (sounds like he IS NOT a HN.)

      James has told Steve about the “BD Jace” plan. Clay is now questioning if it would be better to keep Jace.

      Audrey is subtly playing matchmaker advising Clay to give massages (to DaVonne?), to reel her back in to the group. Also how to give his first kiss to (Shelli?)

      Clay has told her that he played FB. He was a defensive back.


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        10:38 am, Cam 4

        It looks to me like Audrey is so flirting with Clay and it is going right over his head.


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          10:48 am, Cam 1

          Audrey and Shelli talking alone. Audrey briefing her about her convo with Clay.

          Audrey, based on one of her vivid dreams that usually come true, thinks Clay is gonna turn on her.


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            11:25 am, Cam 4

            Clay and James in the SR discussing alliance names. Looks like they want a 7 person alliance of Clay, James, Meg, Audrey, Da, Jason and 1 other person.


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              11:27 am, Cam 1

              Austin and Liz in the HN room. Talking about Jace and bringing Becky into the Jactin/Liz alliance.

              Interesting comment my Austin – He said that James has all the power this week. Sounds like some kind of twist where the dethroned HOH still has some power greater than the HOH??


              • jules242
                jules242 commented
                Editing a comment
                I believe James dethroned Jason

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              i was just about to mention that Audrey is quite the "chatty kathy" playing all sides of the house. Then....

              Cam 2, 12:29 pm

              Jason and Da in the HN room finally putting together that Audrey has final deals with everyone in the house and she is the root of all the speculation going on in the house.

              Everyone wants Audrey out now...maybe even BD her instead of Jace.


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                jeff interviews


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                  Looks like in may be time for the POV competition-feeds are on Jeff interviews.


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                    12:05 p.m. BBT Cam 1

                    Austin, Liz Audrey, DaVonne & Jackie in dentist room talking about doing Yoga. and cleaning their teeth.
                    Austin is dizzy from slop.

                    austin, Jackie and liz leave

                    12:08 p.m. Audrey & DaVonne talking about someone having a long converstaion
                    DaVonne says Austin & Liz are nervous about Steve - they think he threw the BOB
                    Audrey and DaVonne agree that he actually tried hard to play.

                    Steve walks in. he's just trying to see where people are. tells them they are about to do yoga if they want to go.
                    asks DaVonne how she slept and Audrey how she's doing

                    Audrey tells steve his timing is awful walking in there. Warns steve that his walking back and forth between rooms is making people suspicious when they watch him from HOH spy cam and to be careful when doing that. Steve says he just walks around because they've had no physical activity
                    Steve asks if he's creeping people out. Audrey says yes, they are concerned about him but it might just be they are trying to protect "you know who" (Jace, I think)
                    Audrey says he is easy to target

                    she warns him not to pace around where the HOH cam could see.

                    she tells him people are saying he threw the BOB

                    She says Jace may try to convince him not to use the veto on himself.

                    Steve says he was doing everything he could to try to win.


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                      12:50 p.m. BBT - Jeff Loops.


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                        2:42 PM BBT

                        Still watching Jeff Interviews

                        ( remember it takes them much longer in the beginning of each season to get production set for comps )


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                          3:11 PM BBT

                          Feeds are back

                          Jeff/Audrey in the lounge

                          Da’Vonne, Meg, James, Jason, in the HOH room


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                            We're back


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